Tasty Scuttlebutt: Former Mixt Greens Spaces to Possibly Become Taylor Gourmet Deli

1200 19th Street, NW

Some very tasty scuttlebutt has come my way from a reliable source. I hear that Taylor’s (nee Taylor Gourmet Deli) is looking to open more new locations in the former Mixt Greens spaces. Mixt Greens closed their remaining two DC locations in Dec. 2011 at 1200 19th Street, NW and 1700 K Street, NW. Taylor’s recently opened a Logan Circle location at 1908 14th St, NW. You can find their other locations here. I’ll update as more info becomes available.

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  • Work around here so hopefully it is true. Have never had one of their sandwiches.

  • Good sandwiches but for a company based off of “Philly-dom” they’ve missed the mark on their sandwich names! There’s not “Lombard Avenue” in Philly and two Taylors I’ve been in have misspelled Schuylkill! I know- not horrible but if you’re marketing yourself as Philly, at least get the streets right…

  • This is two blocks from my office. If it’s true, it’ll be dangerous for my waistline. The Pattinson Avenue is what dreams are made of.

  • DC definitely needs more sandwich shops. /sarcasm

  • Enough with the Sandwich joints – Jimmy Johns, Jason’s Deli, Subway, and Quiznos can handle it. I want a Chipotle that’s closer than 20th and M.

    • I’ll trade you the Chipotle going into Cleveland Park for this Taylor’s…

    • dude there’s a chipotle right across the street from that Mixt Greens. also, Chipotle sucks.

      • Yes, I know – a 5 block walk from 16th whereas just between 14th and 16th on L street I count five sandwich shops. A Chipotle on K Street would not be amiss.

  • totally bored with all of the dupont lunch options, especially because i work north of the circle. it would be nice to have decently priced options beyond a burger, salad, or sandwich.

  • Best hoagies ever. Cannot wait work around the corner. Our office gets catering twice a week everyone goes ballistic when we order from Taylor Gourmet. Saying a prayer tonight this scuttlebut is true. Other sandwich shops don’t even come close to Taylor Gourmet’s quality

  • With the level of attention Taylors gets in the blogs, City Paper and WaPo, you would think that the sandwiches they were selling cured cancer, fostered world piece and ruined ones tastebuds for anything else to pass over them.

    I’ve tried them 3 times and my response was “eh” each time. Better than Subway? Sure, but then again so are the sandwiches I get made to order in the Safeway deli.

    Any business is better than an empty store front but these folks and their sandwiches really aren’t anything special.

    • I’m glad I’m not alone. Overhyping mediocre food has become a pastime in this town. The excitement over mediocre (Taylor “Gourmet”) and bad (Chipotle & Potbelly) food is truly surprising.

      • Does the place get a ton of press? Yes.
        Your posts lack of substance (because Wendy’s is better than McDonalds and Rays Hell Burger is also better than McDonalds doesn’t put WEndy’s and Rays in the same category).
        I wish you’d list places you think make better sandwiches. In particular a mini-chain at that so that others from various areas of the city might enjoy. Given those parameters I don’t think DC has anything close to Taylor’s personally.
        Sure it’s a matter of opinion, but I’d love to find something as good and even better.

      • Better get your tastebuds checked, because Potbelly rules.

  • Please please please please be true. I cannot eat the horrible lunch options around here anymore. Taylor Gourmet if you are reading this please make this happen and feel free to chime in and let us know if you have intentions to move into this space. I promise to bring every one of my co-workers and every single friend I have (only 8) if you come to the neighborhood!

    • I too am pleading for Taylor to come 19th, but we need perspective on lunch options. My former office was on N Cap near Union Station. Our lunch choices were, within one block, Au Bon Pain, Subway, nasty sandwich shop. 5-6 long blocks away: Philip’s sandwiches, Taqueria Nacionale. And Union Station food court (this was before Pret a Manger, Chop’t, Chipotle, Roti, etc opened there). That was everything. We would routinely walk 15-20 minutes each way to get lunch in Chinatown or at the Taylor at 5 & K.

      Every day I am overwhelming happy about the enormous variety of lunch choices in the 19th St/Dupont corridor. Taylor will only add to that.

  • YES! Im going to eat a Broad Street every day. Best cutlet sandwiches around!

  • Taylor I hope your reading this…

    COME TO GEORGETOWN. We have five places to buy cupcakes but not one thing that compares to Taylor.

    Amazing they do so well, such a simple idea. Make good sandwiches, baffeling people have such a hard time accomplishing this in DC

    • This comment about Georgetown made my day. The Taylor’s at 5th & K is a five-minute walk from my house. I love the place, but try not to eat there too much so I don’t get bored with it. I’ll take Taylor’s over a cupcake place any day of the week.

  • T

    Here’s hoping they come to 17th and K!

    FANTASTIC sandwiches and salads. We regularly order delivery from the 5th and K location when we’re working late.

  • Mis-spell Schuylkill all you want. It does not take away the amazing taste of the hoagies at taylor gourmet. Our office is patiently waiting. Please come

  • Taylor Gourmet make it rain HOAGIES all over 19th and M!!

  • since when is 14&U Logan Circle?

  • Support local businesess!!!

  • So the trendy salad places are being replace with trendy gourment sandwich places. I’m kind of over all the gushing about how great the sandwiches are here. Let’s have something new, healthy, different. Or MORE FOOD TRUCKS near this part of downtown.

  • According to my APoPA style guide, the title should read “Tasty Scuttlebutt: Former Mixt Greens Spaces to Possibly Become Taylor’s Gourmet Deli”

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