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  • Great find, PoP! I live a block from there on 10th, and I could never quite visualize what the turnaround mush have looked like. The park is really looking good.

    I may be partial, but I feel like my corner of Columbia Heights is the best place to live period

  • Does anyone know when the park will be open? I know a couple of weekends ago there was activity on the CH List Serve that the park was open, but it was apparently just a one-day event.
    My 2 year old pretty much asks when it will be ready everyday when we pass by. And then he asks when the Open City space will be open, so he can eat bagels while I drink coffee. We all have priorities. 🙂

    • My wife called DPR last week. The work is complete, but they are waiting on a final permit. They assured her the permit would be issued and the park opened for use “soon”.

      The contractor hadn’t installed the permanent lock on one of the gates, which enabled a bunch of families (mine included) to play there two weekends ago. They have since chained that gate.

      @KevinDC: agreed.

  • Can’t wait for the DC streetcars. 2025 is going to be so awesome. Joking, I don’t really know when it wil happen. I just know Gray tried to kill it once before.

    • Why wait?

      If you want to ride those old DC (actual) street cars… They run down Market Street in San Francisco as the F line.

      • None of the F-Market streetcars are actually from DC, most are from SF , Philly, and Newark (although many are painted with other cities liveries, including DC and Baltimore), with other cars from around the nation and world used mostly on weekends and special occasions. But there are real DC streetcars that you can ride at the National Capital Trolley Museum in Montgomery County.

  • Last night’s PBS program on the Freedom Riders pictured buses that were so deco, like this streetcar; great details and lines. Why are most buses hideous now? (some improvements with these newer red ones & Circulators)

  • This is a great find! As a child I lived in the building in the photo (3rd floor corner left) and would watch the trolley cars and played in the rear of the buiilding. This brings back wonderful childhood memories. Thank you for posting it.

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