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  • That mustang was only made in 1978

  • It’s a 67-68. I think it’s a 68 with the chrome taillight bezels. They could have been added later though. While they had a shelby KR serious “king of the road” there was no king cobra until the mustang II in 78. It came into the world as a 1968 mustang fastback (same as the famous bullet car) with a v8 (duel exhaust cowl in the rear). more than likely a 302 windsor just based on numbers alone.

  • It’s a 1968 Fastback (base model, not the GT). The Kind Cobra lettering is an after-market add-on and not appropriate for this vehicle since it’s really a reference to what was a far inferior product.
    The car in the movie Bullitt was also a ’68 Mustang Fastback but it was the GT version hence the slightly different look.

  • I don’t see any turning lights on the side – which was standard for all cars from 1968 onward – but I’m no Ford expert.

    • ya know your right. I did not see the ford letters on the hood and that makes it a 67. in 68 the mustang had side reflectors in the back that were an afterthought bolted on with sheet metal screws and often collected water and rusted behind the lenses. When most fords were restored they left the reflectors off cause it looked better and no rust issues.

  • “Anyone know what year?”

    It’s 2012. Have you gone off your meds again?

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