Stabbings at 13th and U St, NW and by L’Enfant Plaza Metro

From DC Alerts:

13th and U St, NW around 3am:


@DCPoliceDept tweets:

“1300 blk U Street NW // Female stabbed in leg // conscious and breathing”

By L’Enfant Plaza metro around 7:45 6:45pm:

“A Stabbing_400 Block of 7th Street, SW_no lookout available at this time DO NOT TAKE ACTION CALL 911”

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  • Ask any kid who goes to school in the district…the Green line and L’Enfant Plaza stop in particular is ground zero for trouble. How long does it take MPDC to not know this?

  • The stabbing by L’Enfant was at 6:45, not 7:45 and it looked like 20-30 year old woman, not a kid. I work at HUD and was leaving the building as the police started putting up tape and the ambulance arrived.

  • At least the perp didn’t use a loaded gun. Wonder if this involved the soon infamous police angle that the big rise in crime is really just theft of electronics?

  • L’Enfant Plaza and and pretty much everything in the surrounding area needs to just be leveled and rebuilt. I know that wouldn’t by itself have stopped this stabbing. But, at least the neighborhood would have chance to be known for something other than drab office buildings and fights/stabbings at the metro.

    • mosdef level everything surrounding l’enfant plaza, the DHS, the FAA bulidings, oh yeah the brand new office building on 7th…that’ll show the neighborhood what’s up

      • Not sure if you are joking or not. But, yes level them all. Turn it from a quasi-urban office park into a real urban neighborhood. Replace with higher density mixed use development. Get rid of the deep set backs that just add dead spaces, add a few thousand market rate housing units, line the streets with retail (not 9-3 lunch places), create a street market on the weekends. Make it a place people would actually talk about on PoP outside of the random story on whatever bad thing has happened at the metro.

        • I like this idea. Location-wise I always thought l’Enfant Plaza would be a great place to live (close to the monuments, the waterfront, and Penn Quarter, plus you can’t get much closer to the National Mall). If the area were better developed it would also tie SW and the Eastern neighborhoods like Capitol Hill to downtown– right now I feel that the overpasses and office buildings cut off the vibrant SW/SE communities from the rest of the city.

    • There are plans to eventually do at least some more mixed-use redevelopment around there; look up Southwest EcoDistrict for more. It’s such a missed opportunity given the great transit access.

  • What is meant by, “no lookout”?

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