Shipping Container Market, ‘Fairgrounds’, Coming outside Nats Park this Season

Photo by PoPville flickr user future pop attorney

Last night ANC Commissioner David Garber (@GarberDC) tweeted some exciting news:

Bayou and Surfside are coming to Half and M SE in #NavyYard for duration of Nats season as part of shipping container “fairgrounds.”

And JDLand has all the details:

After three years of operating The Bullpen(s) on one of the empty lots just north of Nationals Park, landowner Akridge and Bullpen/Georgetown Events owner Bo Blair are opting to try something new for the 2012 season: “Fairgrounds,” a combination food, market and events space that will be open seven days a week from the beginning of baseball season through October 1.

This space will open at 11:30 am every day; on game days, the market and food trucks will remain open until two hours after the game ends; otherwise, it will stay open at least through Happy Hour, or later if patrons are still around. There will be a “spectator” deck built on top of the shipping containers as well as a music stage, with plans to continue to have local and regional bands play on game days. And of course there will be 20 HD televisions and plenty of cornhole sets.

This sounds incredibly awesome to me. Read all the details from JDLand. Will anyone miss the Bullpen?

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  • Nats ‘Park’

    Sorry, annoying pet peeve.

  • cornhole?

    • Sloped boards with a hole in the middle of them that you throw beanbags at, hoping to get them in the hole, on the board, or knock your opponents’ off to amass points.

      Or a bodypart…

  • Is there a really big demand for old shipping containers around here? Seems like an odd location for such an operation.

    • tonyr

      There’s a huge surplus of surplus of shipping containers in the US. Seems that China sends over iPADs, shoes and furniture over here by the, well, container-load, and since the US doesn’t export much (in comparison) they just stack up. Should you feel the urge take a look next time you find yourself in the Port of Long Beach.

  • Nice! Food at Bayou is great so I’m looking forward to this.

  • I won’t miss the bullpen. Practically the same price for a beer as inside the park. Was not feeling it at all. I hope this is good and I hope even more that they get off the ground the permanent development for this area. Seems like it is slowly rising, which is great.

    • This is basically going to be The Bullpen (same owners, same liquor licenses, same games, same bands, probably the same prices). It’s just going to be surrounded with shipping containers and food trucks. I’m fine with all that – it could be fun. The big difference is that it will be open on non-gamedays as a market for locals, which is cool.

      And this will be the last season that fans will rely on the Bullpen(s) for pre/post-game drinks. The NRG(Churchkey) brewery and a bunch of other bars will be open within a couple blocks for the 2013 season.

  • Very cool, like a permanent Truckeroo combined with the Dekalb Market in Brooklyn:

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