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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Caught the landlord drinking out of a vodka bottle in the back of his car before he drove away. Confirms already firm suspicions that he is a raging alcoholic. Strongly dislike our living situation right now, but hate the fact that moving more than likely means leaving DC (cost and dog constraints).

    Rant 2: Church parishioners who park illegally or rudely all over our block. I know they don’t ticket on Sundays but it is REALLY annoying when we walk out and hear two people discussing how to park their cars far enough apart so their friend can have a spot when they got there. Not only did said friend never show up, but they left their cars parked in a way that wasted at least two additional spots on a block that is hard enough to find parking on. And it’s not just a one hour service, they were there ALL day.

  • Rave: That picture is gorgeous!! I hope the Monument opens up again soon!

    Rant: Newspaper stealers- someone in my condo building has stolen my Sunday newspaper the past two weeks. Seriously people? That’s shitty… go get your own newspaper. Or at the very least, once you’re done reading it, give it back!!

    Rave: I had a wonderful weekend – back to the daily grind now.

  • rant: i feel like i was jolted out of a coma this morning when i woke up. i feel like sh!t. just another monday.

    rave: i think i’ve made up my mind to relocate. i can’t even explain how excited i am.

    rave: had a pretty damn good weekend.

  • Rant – downtown “union” picket line that uses plastic buckets, cow bells, and other noisemakers to cause disruption. The people on the picket line are homeless people, not union members, and they cross their own picket line buy buying food from the restaurants in the building they are picketing. WTF is the point?

    Ugh….this is now in its 5th week! Please go away!!!!

    • +1000

      Those “protestors” are sooooooo obnoxious. I tried to call the union to have a rational discussion about them and was essentially told to take a hike. The receptionist wouldn’t even put me through to anyone.

  • Rave: I spent a beautiful Sunday at Eastern Market looking at art, furniture, food and old prints. It was like Pinterest but real!

    Rant: The vendor, whose works include primitive paintings of the US and DC flags, who yelled at me when I took a picture from a distance of his work displayed outdoors in a public place paid for by DC taxpayers.

    Rave: Posting the picture on Foursquare. And Pinterest.

    • Ah! His stuff is pricey!

    • If he makes a living off of his art it is pretty jerky to post photos of his work everywhere, especially if you don’t credit him (maybe he could sell to a few people then). Also, I’m fairly sure vendors pay for stalls at Eastern Market, so he isn’t some leech on society.

    • if you like his work, buy it.

    • Pictures of his stuff are already all over the internet. So what’s one more? On the flip side, why bother taking another?

    • This very colorful display is one of the first things you see when approaching Eastern Market on weekends from the south. I hardly think that taking a picture from 15 feet away using a camera phone of all his works stacked on top of each other and leaning on his van is robbing him of his ability to make a living.

      If vendors object to having pictures taken they should exhibit in a private space that bans photography, not in a public outdoor space.

      And yes, actually I was interested in purchasing a DC flag but after being admonished I decided not.

    • pablo .raw

      Interesting; I was there a while ago taking engagement photos of a couple and he even moved away so that I could take some photos of them near his work.

    • This makes me giggle. “There are places in real life that are as cool as the internet!” 😉

      Though I have to agree with others, photo hunters in DC really get annoying/rude sometimes. I wouldn’t take a picture of someone’s products/store or of another person (as I recently saw a photographer doing to a very uncomfortable looking woman on the bus recently!) without first asking permission.

  • Rant: My husband’s job and ridiculous commute are sucking the life out of him, and sucking the life out of our marriage. I find myself daydreaming about the things I would do with my life if I were single again, and I feel so guilty. He is so out of it all the time and I am getting to the point where I don’t like spending time at home because he is such a downer. Some days I’m past the point of even caring about what happens to us. I don’t want to live with this for the rest of my life.

    • Money doesn’t keep you warm in bed at night.
      I try to live by this and it has worked so far.

      • Sorry but that sounds pretty frockin’ selfish to me… As a guy who works a lot myself, it sounds like the guy is working to pay bills where you both live because he cares about you… Leave a guy for cheating, leave him for hitting you, but the fact that you’re giving up on him, because he “works too hard and has a long commute” despite your vows, sounds unfair and selfish.

        I am so tired of people taking marriage vows lightly when they claim to be religious…

        Maybe you should put more work into helping him to find a better job or into motivating him to be more energetic before thinking of an easy way out just because he is working hard… Forgive me if you think I’m off base, most guaranteed, you likely will…

        • Miserable and Married: That’s what God wants for you.

          • Well the vow does say FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE… He wasn’t miserable when you married him, that can change if you put in work. It may be just as much her as him that needs to change to make the situation better.

        • me

          Thank you for that response. I work long hours and have a disgustingly long commute (that changes throughout the year, depending on what contract I’m put on), and would be absolutely horrified if I found out my husband was saying these things about me. I am working this job to help build a life for us, which includes being able to actually make our mortgage payments, pay other bills, etc. These feelings are only going to get worse on your end- you need to talk about it with him.

        • I must have missed where this poster claimed to be religious.

      • That’s exactly what money does. Without money I wouldn’t be warm or have a bed. I don’t get it.

    • Did you have a “Rave” to go with your Rant?

    • Don’t just be passive and quiet. Talk to him and make him understand and see if you can work something out. If you can afford to, have him quit.

      • +1

        Or, if he makes a lot more than you (and its mainly the commute, not the job) maybe you should quit and ya’ll can move near his job.

        But yeah tell him how you feel.

    • i hope you’ve talked to him about this.

    • Time for marriage counseling?

    • claire

      I guarantee you he feels even worse about this than you do. Just echoing others’ sentiments of talking to him about it. Hopefully together you can think of a solution that will leave both of you happy – maybe he can telecommute a couple days a week, look for a new job, etc. At the least, it might be to both of your benefits to schedule one day a week (Saturday or Sunday probably works best) for a fun date where neither of you is allowed to discuss work; having an exciting activity (whatever the two of you find “exciting” – even if just ordering delivery and watching a movie at home) to plan and look forward to always does wonders for my mood.

      • I’ve been that guy before and I agree with Claire – he probably feels worse than you, and there’s a really good chance that he’s sensing your vibe which is making him feel worse again. AND, if he’s beaten down and feeling bad then he’s unlikely to muster the energy and creativity need to “solve” the situation too. But if there’s an end (or any kind of reprieve) in sight, I would be patient and compassionate for now and really tackle the issue when he’s not feeling crushed and you’re not feeling resentful.

    • You only have one life. Live it.

    • You need a job, but do you need the commute? One of the worst decisions I ever made was to move from DC to Virginia in the late nineties due to a temporary crime spike in the city. One of the best decisions I ever made was to get rid of the house in Virginia and the stupid car, too, and buy downtown. Ignore all of the typical excuses, kill your commute before it kills you. Having to go through hell at work only to face the miserable stampede of mass-humiliation among suburban sociopaths in SUVs is intolerable for a lot of us.

    • I’m in pretty much the same situation–just not married. We work opposite schedules and he basically works 7 days a week. I’m tired of being a work widow. But believe me, he definitely knows.

  • Mild Rant: Has anyone else noticed an increase in settlement cracks in their houses since last Summer? I’m concerned that this might have started with the crazy amount of rain we had starting last August. The house I bought was renovated, and I’m already replacing all the caulk in the upstairs bathrooms due to separation which appears to be the result of settlement damage, but I’ve noticed this in other building in the area as well.

    • I think there is also the small matter of that earthquake we had …

      • Ahh, the ignorant bliss I had before I took my interior drywall down… I had a LOT of loose bricks back there from the earthquake, it was damn scary. I have to get pointing done now on the front side too, but be warned: looking from outside at my brick work was no indication on how bad the interior brick was… It was good on the outside, but mortar-less on a lot of brick walls inside!

      • Didn’t see any damage until January, five months after the earthquake. There’s still a possibility, but I think that earthquake damage would show up sooner.

    • If you bought an old home that was just reno’d before you moved in it is very common for cracks to appear. Old homes will continuously settle and modern sheetrock plaster whatever else will crack and open. General rule of thumb I have heard was smaller horizontal cracks not a big problem vertical cracks pose a bigger problem and might want to have them looked at

      • Thanks, the plaster cracks are small, very few and all horizontal. The shower/tub area cracks are only occurring along the caulked seams. That much I can fix myself, but feel I should get some advice first. It would be a shame to re-do all that caulk and possibly some grout, only to have it continue to settle.

    • I also bought a newly reno’d house and am seeing cracks everywhere: crown molding, bathtub, windows, etc. They’re all small and all on the seams, and I’m guessing as Brookland said that there’s a certain amount of settling that happens to a newly reno’d house. I figure I’ll wait about a year and then think about tidying things up.

  • Rant: came back to work for vacation to find that my boss had traded his crappy desk chair for my nice fluffy new one. Sigh. I guess he is my boss though.
    Rave: A nice 10 day trip home to see my parents. My mother fed my copious amounts of food and I still lost 2 pounds somehow. Must be the running!

  • RANT: Everyone’s stressed out at work with too much on their plates, but my coworker (who is responsible for managing the creation of and delivering reports) wants to leave at 1 pm this Friday to get away for the weekend. Asking people to work extra-hard and meet earlier deadlines so you can leave work early? Give me a f*cking break.

    Rant: All work and no play makes squish a dull girl. I need a vacation.

    Hard to find a rave for today so far, so let’s look forward a few days…

    Rave: PoP happy hour this Wednesday!

  • Rant: I really, really need a new job. It’s such a daunting and discouraging task to find one, though.

    Rant 2: I also need to find a new apartment. Equally daunting and discouraging.

    This city is kicking my ass, and I’m not sure if I’m resilient enough to make it here.

    • I’m with you! I’m also job searching, been searching for quite a while now and the sting of rejection just does not get any easier. Best of luck with your search, keep your head up!

  • claire

    Rave: Really relaxed this weekend. Didn’t let the thoughts that’ve been weighing down on me even enter my mind.
    Rant: Now it’s Monday and I’m thinking about all the things I should’ve worked on this weekend.

    Rave: Lunch with my ex on Friday was not disastrous – was mostly just really funny. My favorite part was him talking about how he’s been giving advice as a dating coach. Thought I do feel kind of bad for whoever he’s advised…

    Rave: Happy hour to celebrate a friend’s bday after work today!
    Rant: No present for her yet. Usually do a group present with a few friends, but no one could think of anything! She’s about to quit her job and embark on freelance work doing creative video and text editing… anyone have ideas for a good present? A class that could help her out maybe?

    Rave: Sent in an application for single-course enrollment to take online graduate courses to later apply towards a masters.
    Rant: Suddenly worried that I’m being really foolish by sending in the application so far ahead of the due date – I’m planning on starting classes in the fall, and the due date for fall single course enrollment application isn’t until September 1. I had this strange desire to get in the application by the same time the masters’ applications are due (March 1). I suppose I’ll just have to follow up confirming they received the application and then contact them closer to the due date to check on everything…

  • Rave: Ran 11.2 miles this weekend! Longest run to date and was more difficult than I thought given the strong winds Saturday but I pushed through and made it!
    Rant: Many more and longer runs yet to come for marathon training
    Rave: pushing myself to do something I never thought I would/could do (a marathon)
    Rave: an amazing boyfriend whom after more than a year and a half together still plans “secret” dates where the whole event is always a sweet and thoughtful surprise…another one on the horizon this Friday
    Rave: going to see Act of Valor this past weekend with my dad (a former S.E.A.L) and getting his take on the movie/accuracy…and continuing to be impressed by how badass my dad was and still is
    Rave: having so many raves this morning!

  • Revel: I can run 10 miles! Without stopping! Up lots of hills!

    Rant: Despite all my training, my body is NOT HAPPY I made it run 10 miles. I felt great during the run, but within a couple hours of getting home I went into a semi-catatonic state, accidentally fell asleep, and woke up this morning in horrible I-did-not-stretch-enough, hobbling pain. Oops. My half-marathon is still 3 weeks away and now I’m worried I pushed myself too hard too early…

    • congrats on your run too!! Are you doing the DC Rock n Roll Half?

      Where do you typically run that you can get a lot of hills in? My marathon is in Colorado and while it is a downhill run, I’d like to beef up my lungs a bit with some more hills (my legs will hate me).

      I empathize with your rant, my hamstrings were on fire and made everything nearly impossible following my run…somehow I managed to power through for a booze bus birthday party that night though 🙂

      • I like running up through the zoo (from the Mt. Pleasant side to the Connecticut Ave side). A similar hill involves running up Tilden between Beach Dr. and Connecticut. A shorter, steeper hill can be found on 17th St from Piney Branch to Park Rd in Mt. Pleasant. Happy running!

        PS – I feel your pain; I went for an 8-mile run 45 minutes after a yoga class, and I was just dragging. Btw, I’ve got good 5, 8, 10, 11.5, and 13 mile routes in the Mt. Pleasant area if anyone is interested.

      • I do a lot of running around Rock Creek/the zoo/Cleveland Park/16th Street Heights, all of which have several big hills. I try to force myself up Tilden from Beach Drive to Connecticut Ave. a few times a month–that by far my least favorite hill in the area, haha. Running near the cathedral is also really hilly.

    • Nah – you’ll be fine! It sounds like you’re ahead the game to me. 🙂 Also sounds like your body needed a rest, which is only normal. Congrats on your awesome run.

    • I admire both of you runners! I just started running in November and I am taking it very slow but I am up to 3 miles. Hoping to run a half marathon in December.

      I recently read that it only take 4-6 months to train for a full marathon but man, that would be insane for me to try!

  • Rant: I want a new job. Actually, I’d like to not work but since winning the lottery isn’t likely (gotta play to win!), I’d like to be somewhere I’m more appreciated. Not that ranty, but still something I think about every day.

    RAVE: PROPS to Bang Salon and f.y.u.b.i makeup and brow studio for hosting the wives from our little Marine Corps Reserve unit (based out of DC) at a makeover day yesterday – it was great. Lots of people signed the welcome home poster, the women loved getting pampered, and it was great to see them smiling for a bit. Our husbands are due home soon. RAVE to the amazing folks who helped us.

    • THANK YOU to your husband and the other Marines in his unit for their service and to you and the other wives for your support of your spouses. Supporting a loved one/spouse in the military is very challenging at times and I love your Rave that Bang! and F.Y.U.B.I supported that event! Welcome home to them from me!

  • Rant: Fr. Marcel Guarnizo refused to give communion to my friend at her mother’s funeral this weekend because she lives with another woman. He actually covered the chalice. He also left the altar when she got up to eulogize her because he felt “sick” – what a putz.

    • This is disgusting and extremely disappointing.

    • anon. gardener

      How horrible. Fr Guarnizo needs to re-examine his calling. My father was Catholic, my mother and a lot of my family is not, and when he died last year we wondered what to do about communion at the funeral mass. wanting to be a part of it and honor him, but not break the rules. The priest said he could not give communion to non catholics, but would invite any who wanted it to come up to the altar for a special blessing in lieu of communion. it was a wonderful, gracious way of including everyone in the mass, and offering comfort to the grieving, no matter their faith. that priest was the real deal. none of us go to church, he knew it, but rather than use the opportunity to make us feel bad, he used it to help us cope with our loss. I am so sorry your friend had to deal with such a jerk.

      • With all due respect, he is simply doing what the church commands… which is why I left the church at 14. An institution which was fabricated to control and exploit people isn’t the only place you can learn and experience community.

        • When I attended the funeral for my niece (who died with 4 other teens in a horrific car accident – no drugs or alcohol involed – just idiots) the priests were handing out the Host as if it was a Necco Wafer to people that didn’t know whether to eat them or stuff them in their pockets. To deny Communion to someone based on a preconcieved notion of the state of that persons relationship with God is wrong. How many known adulterers are permitted to receive – looking at you Newt?

        • anon. gardener

          in our case, my dad was old school, and wanted a traditional service, and we were determined to do it his way. i parted ways with the catholic church long ago, and was a little worried about how it would be. this priest, while being very traditional, understood his job: to offer comfort. to whoever. his attitude was, How can I help you? not I sit in judgment.

          It’s still possible to find good people, even in the catholic church. But I think we were pretty lucky.

    • I am so sorry for your friend, that is just horrible.

    • Go Methodist. We invite all faiths to our altar to share in communion together 🙂

    • The fact that he left the altar is DISPICABLE.

      • Yeah, sure, it’s despicable… but so is creating doctrine that states women are inferior to men, that homosexuals are evil, turning a blind eye to child abuse, denying healthcare to sexually active people making hiv rates skyrocket and back alley abortions commonplace, shaming and killing millions of people in the name of “god”, to name just a few. People, this priest is doing his JOB. I wouldn’t be mad at him… you don’t go to the KKK for a reasonable assessment of whether to hire a black person or not, why go to the church for reason?

    • Wow! This got picked up as a story by The Post but we heard it here first!

      Again, very sorry for your friend.


  • GiantSquid

    Rave/Rant: Finished watching Battlestar Galactica this weekend (second viewing). An amazing show with an eerily accurate social commentary. Now I need to find something else to watch while quilting.

    Rant: Both Mr. Squid and I are unhappy in our jobs. Sadly, most of mine is due to new boss. Cool person, still working out the kinks in the workplace and I’m not sure I have the patience to stick it out.

    Rave: We’ve been talking about our displeasure and trying to come up with solutions rather than stewing on it. Love me the DC but would also enjoy Boston methinks.

  • Rant/Rave: Short week but Thursday evening can’t come soon enough.
    Rave: Awesome weekend.
    Rant: Trying to cancel a gym membership is worse than any workout I ever sweat through while going to that gym.

  • Rant: “mother of the year” is at it again…an unemployed, angry, terrible (terrible as in verbally abuses her three small children on a daily basis and leaves them unattended at all hours of the night) women on my block is pregnant yet again. It makes me furious that people like that are allowed to have kid after kid when she clearly has no ability or desire to raise her current three.

    • me

      On behalf of everyone who can’t have children but desperately want them, I think that’s so awful. That just makes me so angry.

    • anon. gardener

      Reminds me of a pregnant woman i used to see on the bus, with two small children. She would pick fights and start dropping the f-bomb all the time, sometimes early in the morning. Once she went after the bus driver for not lowering the bus for her to get on. He told her all she had to do is ask. She said, Can’t you see I’m pregnant?? And the bus driver said, Lady, I ain’t your doctor and I ain’t your man, how do I know? Well, then it was f-bombs for ten blocks. I felt so sorry for those two kids, and the other on the way.

  • Rant: Filed a complaint w/DC Taxi Commission a few months ago when a driver refused to take me home. I just got an email that he was found responsible for “refusal to haul” and given a fine.

    Rave: Sunshine and longer days inspires me to get my garden growing.

  • Rant: Pulled a muscle in my bootie while making out on the couch last night. How does that even happen??

    Rave: Made out on the couch last night.

  • Rave: The weather!!

    Rant: Feeling very depressed about the job today. I know that I’m fortunate to have a good-paying job with insurance and that keeps the roof over my head (although things do get tight). But I’m seriously depressed that my job involves ordering supplies, answering phones, and coming in during events to make sure the catering guys get set up. I need to feel like I’m actually making a difference.

    Rave: Saw ‘Act of Valor’ this weekend. So incredibly grateful that there are men/women that are willing to risk their lives to keep us safe.

    Rave: Spent a few hours yesterday afternoon at Tryst. I love Tryst!

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