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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • rant: feeling wrong, like i may never be right.

    rave: thursday

    rave: pay day

    rave: the weather

    rant: even though there are plenty of things to rave about, i still feel wrong.

  • DOUBLE RAVE: Wawa planning on expanding into DC. Another reason to stay! http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-buzz/post/more-wawa-stores-to-creep-closer-to-dc/2012/02/22/gIQAlnFvTR_blog.html (Maybe they’ll move into the gas station at 15th and U??)

    Rant: Haven’t been sleeping well all week. 5.5 hours a night is not enough!

  • Rave: it is my beloved’s birthday

    Rave: going to Galactic with him tonight.

    Rant: nothing!

    Rave: nothing to rant about!

  • F*** FREDERICKSBURG POLICE. I CAN’T WAIT TO GO BACK TO DC. I WISH UMW WAS IN DC. F**********************CK. i love you, dc. i miss you so much. i hate these close-minded, narrow-minded, culture-less imbeciles.

    • Sorry to hear that. As a DC person who graduated from UMW a few years back, I know how far away F’burg can feel from DC at times, but I still love both places. For all the lackluster Frednecks, it’s still a college town with a ton of really interesting people and great local culture. Just like college in general, you just have to be open to it to enjoy it.

      • I know, I love Fredericksburg as a college town but it has changed so much in just the few years I’ve been here. Residents continue to complain about us to the police because the school is expanding therefore many more students are living off campus. The police used to just break parties up if there was a noise complaint but now they arrest everyone they can. There were nine of us in court this morning, and that’s only a sixth of us. All for parties on Saturday nights and it’s not like we party every night or nearly as hard as JMU or Radford…

  • rave: recently learned i’m pregnant!
    rant: waiting another month before the first prenatal visit; really, i’m just impatient 🙂
    rave: enjoying the precious time before the exhaustion and nausea kick in!

    • Congratulations! Waiting for that first prenatal appointment (and the next few successive ones) can be really tough. Hang in there!

    • congrats and if you haven’t already, make sure you read the NYT Magazine article about how Target markets to pregnant women! It was in last Sunday’s paper.

    • Thanks guys! I have read the NYT piece on Target; it’s pretty crazy. I’m pretty used to stopping into Target on my way home as needed when I just have a few things to grab; I can’t imagine switching to all grocery shopping from there since the Giant is practically across the street. So I’d be thrilled to get a bunch of coupons if they end up being worthwhile 🙂

      And indeed on the waiting for the prenatal appointments. I imagine the wait will seem long for quite awhile, especially when there are sonograms involved! Fortunately I have plenty of work to keep me busy, especially with the new 8-month deadline for getting things done.

    • I wish I could find somebody to get pregnant! Women got it made. Surely there is a nice lesbian woman that wants to make babies with a great gay man in this city. (any takers?)

    • Congrats! We just started trying. Crossing my fingers it doesn’t take very long…

  • Rave: Beautiful weather, getting out of work a bit early to soak up some rays and get in a workout.
    Rant: Early morning at work and stuck inside all day in order to leave work early.
    Rant: It’s days like these that make me wonder why I didn’t go into a line of work that involves movement and being outside!! (But I sure don’t mind the freezing days when I’m cozy in my office!!)

  • rant: I’m sick of ranting. Where does it get me? What does it accomplish? From now on everything will be revel.

    Revel: I revel in the stupidity of my clients, the inability of my team to meet deadlines, the lack of resources to meet client requirements, my crappy range, unpainted walls, scratched up floors, needy cat, my head cold, acid reflux and so much much more.

  • claire

    Rave: Last day of my work week!

    Rave: Going out to Annapolis after work to buy cheap alcohol (great store having a $1 above cost sale) and get dinner with my best friend who I don’t see nearly enough!

    Rant: Meeting an ex for lunch tomorrow. Even though our (on-and-off 4-year shitshow of a) relationship ended over two years ago, seeing him typically dredges up a lot of bad emotions. But I am really curious what he’s up to…
    Rave: My life has gotten a million times more awesome since we broke up, and I’m excited to casually discuss all the amazing things I’m doing now.

    • I had the same kind of ex. 3 great years, 1.5 subsequent shitshow ones, and now even thinking of him makes me anxious. I halfheartedly tried to hang out with him a couple times about a year ago, and it made me anxious. I thought at some level he still cared about me as a person, in light of our being each others’ first loves, but no. He is still bumming around our college town, not doing anything, engaged to a radical feminist. I gave up trying to be friendly with him, although I too am curious. Good luck- I hope your confidence can win over anxiety 🙂

      • “engaged to a radical feminist”

        why is that bad? makes him a catch in my book.

        • I didn’t say bad! Actually I think she is a nice girl. I just always thought that wasn’t his type (I’m obviously a feminist, being a smart female) since he would go on and on about how he loved my long hair and smooth legs. This girl has a green buzz cut and doesn’t shave her legs or armpits. But hey, people change.

          • “(I’m obviously a feminist, being a smart female)”


          • gdopplerxt, smart women are feminists, obvs.

          • My definition of feminist is supporting equality for women. What smart woman wants to be told she gets paid less, can’t do XYZ, etc.? I don’t mean bra-burning, armpit-hair-growing, etc. That’s fine. That’s what this girl is like. But that isn’t the implication of feminist I meant. Good day to you, sir.

          • No need to take umbrage, I just thought your statement was unclear. You used the word “obviously” in the middle of a statement whose meaning depends on how you define “feminist” (and maybe even “smart”.) It was, however, clear that you were distinguishing between “radical feminist” and “feminist”.

          • I’m not sure he necessarily changed. Lots of men like women with a strong passion for something. That can overrule cosmetic differences. I’ve dated a woman who didn’t shave — I think it’s okay if she really believes in the statement it makes. Also, it’s certainly possible to like a variety of “looks” in women. I’m a big fan of women getting haircuts that do them justice — long hair is nice, but not everything. Some women don’t look their best with long hair.

        • Because he was an ass?

    • Sounds to me like you are meeting the ex to throw how well you are doing in their face. Are you trying to prove something? I don’t get why people do this, you said the relationship was a shitshow, it is over, move on, why all the extra stuff?

      • Well, she’s stocked with cheap liquor. When Sir Shitshow brings her back into the dredged up muck, she can wallow in alcohol.

      • Yeah, it kind of sounded like that to me too. I understand the desire but I just don’t see any positives in it.

      • claire

        Well, there’s a bit more to it. Part of it is that I’m sometimes too nice for my own good – so when he contacted me asking if I wanted to hang out and catch up, I didn’t feel right blowing him off. And also I feel bad not being friends (or at least friendly) with him. I was kind of in jest saying that I want to rub the awesomeness of my current life in his face. So I’m kind of thinking, okay, well, a last shot at establishing something friendly before I completely write him off.

        Worst case scenario, won’t be wallowing in alcohol afterwards, but rather drinking some and telling my current boyfriend how great he is and how glad I am to be dating him. 🙂

  • Rant: people who don’t shower before using the pool. That’s gross.
    Rave: the weather.

    • I feel the same when I see people from my exercise class at the gym go directly into the hot tub. Ugh! There is a huge sign saying to shower before you get in there, but I guess they think their sweaty crotch sweat is OK for everyone to enjoy.

  • Rave: Got to use my brain at my job today. I feel like that’s rare. Also learned a little bit more about my company.

    Rave: Got in my first 3 mile run yesterday outside around Lincoln Park- it was beautiful! I’m quite sure my outside speed is slower than my treadmill speed though, maybe I need one of those contraptions that tracks your speed.

    I can’t think of a rant, so it’s a good day. Underlying, nagging insecurities still there, but I guess there is no point whining about that every day 😀

  • Rant: At Ontario and Columbia Rd last night around 6:30 pm, I saw approximately three cyclists run the same red light. Only one cyclist waited at the red light. That can be a confusing intersection as a pedestrian and driver–almost as bad as the Mt Pleasant St/16th Street/Adams Mill Rd cluster-section–and I’m damn sick of how cyclists treat the rules of the road.

    Rave: Beautiful weather–can’t wait for our work happy hour to have a crisp beer outside!

    Question: Anyone know about the incident that spurred the Reward flyers on Euclid St? I saw a bunch of flyers on every tree from Ontario to 16th Street from a detective about an incident around Christmas?

    • I used to live near Ontario and Columbia, and I always saw cyclists (and pedestrians) ignoring red lights AND the “don’t walk” signs.

      The reason the sign says “don’t walk” is because a car might be (and often is) coming! Gahhh.

    • That intersection is a little nuts. You will see pedestrians stand there, looking at the don’t walk sign, see the cars stopped at the red light and wonder why they can’t walk, and then start walking just as the red light turns green. Happens 100 times a day.

  • My dog has, yet another, bout of the runs. It seems like it happens every few months (although this time I know it’s because of medication he was on). I’ve got him on a bland diet and giving him a probiotic powder in his food one a day (per the vet). Anyone have advice to share?

    • me

      When this used to happen with my previous dog, we did two things. One, we’d give him an eyedropper full of milk of magnesia, which is safe for pets, per my vet. We would also cook him a bit of plain, white rice, which he would scarf up by itself. It seemed to help. Good luck.

      • I do something similar – unflavored Tums, some plain yogurt, white rice with an egg scrambled into it.

        This past week a neighbor’s dog had the runs and was diagnosed with giardia. You might consider getting your vet to test a fecal sample.

    • If you already know that it’s not due to some other treatable underlying condition, ask your vet if he/she will give you a supply of metronidazole (sp?). My dog is prone to GI “issues,” and after a series of vet visits and tests to ensure that it wasn’t something like parasites, my vet gave me ~ 50 tablets of this drug to keep on hand. When she gets sick, I start a 5-7 day course and after that she’s fine 99% of the time. If that doesn’t work, then I know it’s time for an actual vet visit.

    • anon. gardener

      FWIW, if the probiotic powder is really expensive, you can just use plain yoghurt instead. we give our dog and cat a tablespoon of plain yoghurt every day or two. they eat it right up. same difference, and maybe easier to feed than the powder.

    • GiantSquid

      When my dogs’ tummies are upset, we switch them over to white rice, plain yogurt, and canned pumpkin. Give it a day or two and it usually clears up.

      • I’ve been reading about the pumpkin puree. Does it really work?

        • GiantSquid

          Yup, the pumpkin works. Two years ago, my dogs managed to knock our very small jack-o-lantern out of the window and eat 2/3rds of it. They were quite regular for the rest of the week.

          It’s tasty and it has A LOT of fiber. Give it a try, just be sure you get canned pumpkin not canned pumpkin pie filling.

    • I coudn’t tell from your comment if you’re looking for prevention of the runs, or how to handle them when they are there, so I’m adding in my 2 cents about prevention. My dog has the same, I think it may be breed related (GSDs have horrible digestive systems) with her. We have tried to cut out things she possibly doesn’t tolerate well (some ppl say allergic to, but since she does not have a violent reaction to anything it is really only an intolerance to some things). We have put her on a limited ingredient diet (our other option was a hypo-allergenic food from the vet and then slowly introducing individual foods). There are special kibbles out there that cuts out grains, which is usually the issue. She also has problems with DC city water (go figure) so now we only use filtered water. She has been doing quite well, but has bouts of the runs every once in a while, still. We attribute part of it to her gross habit of eating things off the ground. We may one day have to go the hypo-allergenic route, or even the raw diet (which tends to fix evrything). Good luck, I fully understand this rant!!!

    • Yikes, do us all a favor and don’t take your dog on its normal walk to poop. I’m beyond sick of having to dodge smears of dogshit all over the sidewalk in my neighborhood. If you can’t clean it up, then don’t let your dog go in public. Not saying you have, but just remember that it’s an insanely awful thing to do to your neighbors. This is what makes people hate dogs/dog owners.

      • So we should walk our dogs on an abnormal walk instead of the normal walk? the poster was only asking for advice, not a sermon on neighborly conduct. get over yourself.

        • the fact that you think it’s totally okay to let your dog have diarrhea all over the neighborhood is astounding. “get over yourself?”, what? wow you’re defensive…
          and yes, the person should find an area right near their own apartment/house where they can responsibly pick up after their dog.

  • me

    Rant: It’s bad enough when people spray the toilet seat with their bodily fluids, but not flushing at the office? I thought we were all adults here.

    Rave: This weather! I will be washing my car and grilling out tonight! Woohoo!

  • Rave: Comedy shows and upcoming date with a cute new boy. Eep!

  • Rave: In the process of moving to an awesome new apartment in Petworth

    Rant: The washing machine isn’t working, and getting it fixed is turning into a giant headache.

  • Well well…could it be? One aspect of the District governement functioning “gasp” efficiently?

    Submitted my DC income tax returns electronically Friday afternoon. They were accepted Tuesday morning and I just had my refund deposited in my bank account a few minutes ago. Less than 3 business days after submission???

    • Oh don’t you worry… I’m sure there was a mistake in the processing, which you will find out about months from now. Somehow you will owe money and be penalized with mysterious back-taxes. 😉 Just kidding, that is awesome and great to hear!

    • Filing solo for the first time. Any advice on where I should go to get my taxes done?

      • TurboTax. Unless you have really complicated taxes, you don’t need to pay extra to go see someone.

        • Yeah, I’ve used Turbo Tax online for 8 or 9 years. Works like a charm and beats the hell out of paying 3 to 4 times more to sit in (insert name of tax preparing company here) who simply sits behind their computer asking you the same questions prompted to them by Turbo Tax like software.

  • Rant: I keep falling asleep on my bed while watching TV, only to wake up sometime after midnight, still needing to do the whole nightly routine and then not getting to bed until ~12:30. So tired.

    Rave: The weather, coupled with the fact that I have an errand to run that will take me out on a beautiful walk through Georgetown!

    Rave: Going swing dancing on Saturday night!

    Rant: Think it might be a bad sign that I actually considered giving up the boyfriend for Lent. I’m tired of the drama.

    • I do that too. Every evening, I have a plan for the two hours between the kid’s bedtime and my bedtime. And three nights out of four, I fall asleep WITH the kid and wake up two hours later feeling groggy and unproductive. So I get into my PJs and brush my teeth, and then lie in my own bed awake for another couple hours. It’s not good. My TV watching is suffering.

    • Hahaahahah, giving up the boyfriend for lent. Definitely a bad sign! But the thought of it made me laugh. What a great comic that breakup speech would make.

  • Rave: Brought a pudding cup with my lunch today, yum. And it’s sugarfree so I don’t feel too guilty, the little things.

    Rant: Wish I had brought a change of shoes so I could go on a walk to enjoy this beautiful day. I don’t think my feet can handle it in these heels.

    Rant: Poor doggie has been sick 🙁

  • rave: I rode my bike to work today.
    revel: weather!

  • rave: i learned how to concatenate cells in excel, which saved me hours of work!

    rant: that my rave is about concatenating.

  • Rave: Gorgeous weather, even if it is a little chilly for my taste.

    Rave: Picked out a totally cute pair of new glasses.

    Rant: That stupid Ancestry commercial where the guy looks to Census records to see if his ancestor really was born on the voyage to America. The Census can’t give you a definite answer on that, buddy.

    And that’s why the world needs real historians, even if we don’t think we do.

    • Emmaleigh504

      That Ancestry commercial drives me insane! Actually, all Ancestry commercials drive me insane. The one where they find out they’ve been spelling someone’s name wrong b/c it’s different from what’s on the census is the worst. Really? You think the census is more invested in spelling your family member’s name correctly than your family? Morons!

      • me

        I do have to say that in looking up my family history, I found out that my mom’s middle name on her birth certificate is spelled differently than the way she thought. 🙂

    • Sounds like Newt Gingrich ad. He’s a “real historian,” right? : )

    • I *loathe* the commercial where the woman says she feels like a detective and then finds out her so-and-so relative WAS a detective. Ugh…

  • rave: just took a little break from work to take a walk in the goregous weather!

    rave/rant: found myself unexpectedly in Blue Mercury during my walk and spent too much money on new make up and skin care products 🙂

    to the person who’s dog has a sensitve belly – join the club! After too many bouts with the runs to count, I have switched my dog permanently over to boiled chicken and white rice, topped with plain yogurt and a varied mixture of dog-safe fruits and veg (blueberries, carrots, pumpkin, etc). He is in heaven and I don’t have to worry about him getting sick anymore!

  • rant: project managers. give a monkey a piece of paper from a PMP online course and you’ve got yourself a project manager!

    • me

      It’s bull. There are more than a few people I have come across at work that have their PMP and tell me to get mine. I tell them that I did too much analysis work on my own and didn’t manage a group, yet they tell me to fudge their records because a) they fudged theirs and b) the cert is all that matters once you get it and they don’t check your background. THAT is just one reason why my career sucks the life out of me.

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