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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: I got an email from my downstairs neighbor, whom I have never met, complaining that my alarm clock has been waking him up every morning at 6AM. The alarm is a cell phone. On vibrate (and no, we don’t leave it on the floor).

    • Unfortunately, cell phones on vibrate are more disruptive than it seems they should be; I, too, hear my upstairs neighbor’s phone when it’s on vibrate (both as an alarm and every time it rings). A white noise device in my bedroom helps.

      • I had a similar issue with my upstairs neighbor — the vibration of his Blackberry was waking me up every morning at 6:15 a.m., even though I had a white noise machine.

        I noticed in an office setting that I couldn’t hear my neighbor’s phone ring, but I could hear his Blackberry vibrating. They’re louder than you think.

    • It is probably louder than you realize. I can hear my phone on vibrate in my upstairs bedroom even if it is on a table.

      • I too used to be able to hear my neighbors phone upstairs when it was on vibrate. I think it’s the iphone problem. Maybe have it on very quiet ring instead.

    • OP here. I’ll change the alarm, but I guess I am more miffed because this is the second email about noise I’ve gotten on behalf of this neighbor–the first one was a preemptive note before I even moved in. I want to be a cooperative and pleasant neighbor (I follow the rug rule!), but I can’t help but have the impression they’re difficult people.

      • I would be difficult too if someone were waking me up every morning at 6.

        • Oh come on now. Guy has to wake up doesn’t he? Unfortunately it is impossible to completely insulate yourself from the sound of your neighbors in an apartment building. Try to be courteous, sure, but you have to live and sometimes you make noise. Such is life in the city.

        • I wonder what will happens when he finds out that my alternative alarm is blasting Summer of ’69 at full volume.

    • How does he expect you to wake up in the morning?

    • I had the same request from a downstairs neighbor…it seems that the vibration travels down through the structure and sounds like it is in their condo. I tested it with my downstairs neighbor and it is very noticeable and intrusive.

  • Rave: I got married last weekend!

  • Rant: Why is rent/real estate in this area so !@#$ expensive?! My husband and I make (what I think is) a pretty decent salary, but there is no way in hell we can afford to buy anything, and rents–wow! We’re looking at $2500 for a one bedroom plus den almost anywhere in the city that is close to a metro and isn’t in a basement. It’s very frustrating.

    Rave: It’s Thursday! Almost weekend!!

    • Demoralizing is another way to put it.

    • +100000000000 You and I are in the SAME boat right now.

    • you’d be surprised that if you lower your expectations on space just a little bit what you can afford. My mortgage is about half that for a small 1 bedroom that is actually big enough for me, husband, and dog. We’re moving because it’s the right time, but think of how much space you really need and what you’d rather spend money on. Equity or rent? I’ll happily sell you my place in about 6 weeks 🙂 But really, if you say “I can live without an extra den”, your options expand.

      • But your life options are limited. My wife is pregnant and we’re looking to move out of our 1br because we need at least a small nursery. I agree that >2500 is about the going rate for a 1br+. Affording a 2br on my decent salary is going to be a challenge.

        • Check out Brookland. If you can get something there, close enough to the red line, you’ll get 3 – 4 bedrooms.

          Many pricey boutique buildings often have gyms. If you and your wife both plan on having a gym membership, I’d widen your search to $2600 + gym.

          If you’re going to stay in DC for a long time, I recommend buying. It’s not getting any cheaper. You can still get a 3 bedroom in Eckington or Brookland for about $2500/month PITI.

          • Thanks for the advice. I’ve heard too many mixed things about Brookland. I also think it would require us to get a car (expensive!) to get around, especially if we ever wanted to see our friends. As it is now, we walk everywhere so relying on metro and a car would be a bad lifestyle change. 2500/mo is actually too expensive for us. I’m hoping to find something less than 2200. My wife plans on staying home when the baby comes (and why not with the crazy cost of daycare?) which means we’re living on just over six figures. Most places we’d be considered loaded, but here in DC that makes money very tight.

          • Wow, that’s ferociously depressing. Pulling in 6 figures still won’t put you in a position to buy?! I can’t imagine myself ever making close to that, having graduated right in the throes of the crisis. I love DC and city life in general but that doesn’t bode well for those of us making much, much less. Good luck, anonymous.

    • Are you sure you cannot afford to buy? If you have good credit history and enough for a down payment (for an FHA loan, I think you only need 5%), your monthly mortgage payment may be less than you think. If I subtract what I pay for principal, what I get back from the mortgage interest deduction, and what I charge my basement roommate, I pay less in interest for my four-bedroom house than what I paid for a small one-bedroom apartment (paying rent is functionally equivalent to paying mortgage interest).

      • This is true. Especially with rates below 4%. I refied my houst at 4.85% a year ago and I pay 2188/mo (not counting tax deduction) for a 3 br house in Columbia Heights. You can get a percentage point less today. The trick obviously is the downpayment.

      • FYI, FHA loans only require you to put 3% down.

      • For FHA loans, you need 3.5% down.

    • Just be glad there’s two of you to share the rent. Try being single and paying that $2000+ rent by yourself. It sucks!

    • I’m right there with you. My boyfriend and I played the “we’re ready to buy a house” game last fall and realized that we can’t afford what we would want in the city. We’re still in a one-bedroom apartment while we save more money to try again, but in the meantime, there are some less expensive cities that are starting to look more and more attractive. I love DC and it would be hard to leave, but the amount of sacrifice required to live in this area is becoming harder to justify.

    • Hilary1121, have you looked near the Georgia Ave.-Petworth Metro?

    • People pay a large premium to be within walking distance of a Metro station in DC — you may want to expand your search to include places on a good bus transportation instead. Have you tried looking in neighborhoods like Park View, Petworth/Brightwood, Takoma, etc?

      • Wow–thanks all for your comments and advice! We are hoping to procreate in the next year or so, thus the need/desire for a “den” for nursery space. We haven’t delved into the purchasing of a home THAT much, because we keep hearing that we’d need at least 15% down to get a mortgage that is the same or lower than rent would be, which we just don’t have. Husband is in grad school at night, I am paying off grad school still, savings are on the low side. That being said, you all have inspired me to look into buying a bit more. Also–I have looked at Georgia Ave/Petworth, and NE, and Brookland, and all of the areas you all mentioned…there are definitely some possibilities out there for less than $2500, they just get scooped up SO fast. Anyways, thanks PoP community!

        • Keep up the good fight you will find something. I am single and after a year of looking found an amazing penthouse condo in Bloomingdale with two parking space, two bed two bath, loft and an amazing private roof deck with views of the city. I used FHA loan and only put 3.5% down and my monthly is only $2050 which includes my taxes. Best thing about home ownership other than the joy of owning your own place is I went from paying an extra $1000 a year in taxes to getting a $5000 refund every year. Get an agent to set up a MLS listing for you twice a week and check Craigslist ads, you will be a home owner in an amazing place before long!

        • Yeah, it should be no problem to find a place that is cheaper to own than rent, even with 5% down. Remember that gov’t refund!

          I’d look into buying, at least give it a looksie before the child comes. With two incomes, you’ll be a lot more attractive to sellers and lenders — even if you stay within your budget of $2200 – $2500. Plus, add in the benefit of no rent increases. Rents, however unbearable now, are only getting worse. If you’re ready to settle down in DC, it may be time to go all the way…

          • “Yeah, it should be no problem to find a place that is cheaper to own than rent, even with 5% down.”

            I don’t see how this makes sense at all. You can easily rent a nice 2br for 2500/mo, but a nice 2br condo in the same neighborhood will cost between 400-600… which doesn’t translate to the same if you take condo fees, insurance, etc. into account. Your mortgage payment would be between 3000-4500/mo plus condo fees.

          • If you take *1 minute* to do a search of 2 bedroom condos in 20009, you’ll find there are plenty that sold around or under the $400k price point. Of course, that would require some effort…

            This couples’ whole point is that it’s hard to find a $2500 above ground rental in an okay neighborhood somewhat close to metro.

  • Rant: The new person I recently hired kind of has a … hygiene problem. Extremely nice and professional — just kind of smells different. What can you do in that situation? I want this person to get along in the office. I’m afraid other people will notice what I notice. (We didn’t notice in the interview. Of course I’m noticing it now that the person works for us.)

    • I am currently dealing with this with someone that I just got placed on a project with (awful cigarette/coffee breath that overpowers small spaces). What is worse, I have to work closely with them, often times sharing a computer to discuss our work. It is the most off-putting thing and serious hurdle I’ve ever had to deal with in my day-to-day professional life. Oh, and they are a superier/primary feedback provider on my evaluation. fml.

    • claire

      Similar situation here: new co-worker (who luckily does not work in the same room with me (oh the joys of sharing a windowless room with 2 – 3 other people)) wears way too much perfume. When I walk past the room she’s working in, I can smell it in the hall. I sat next to her in a mid-day meeting, and when I got home that night, my boyfriend commented that I smelled like perfume! I’m also pretty sensitive to smells (and choose not to wear perfume partly for that reason) so it’s really irritating to me.

    • bfinpetworth

      This is a very tough situation. Many years ago I had an employee that I repeatedly had to have very difficult discussions with because of other employee complaints. She had seen a doctor about it and done everything in her power to remedy, but the offensive odor just seemed to be part of her body chemistry. We never got it resolved and I eventually left that job. But it was painful to have those conversations!

  • anon. gardener

    Rave: three of the last 4 days, the escalator at the Ga Ave-Petworth metro station has been working.

    Rave: time to prune the roses!

  • We read here that several of our fellow PoPvillians are craving King Cakes, so we’re baking them! We’ll try to keep a few on hand, but if you want to make certain we don’t sell out before your Mardi Gras party, please email us so we can make one specially for you.

    • Rant: I had a reasonable 1 and a half glasses of wine last night with dinner and feel like my head is splitting open today…what’s the deal??

      Rave: Thursday! which means tomorrow is Friday and then a 3 day weekend!!

    • Emmaleigh504

      Fantastic! What flavors will you be offering???

      • So far, we’ve made pecan-coconut. But we know there are lots of regional variations and preferences, so call or email and tell us exactly what a “real” King Cake is to you.

        As for picking up this evening… probably. 🙂 That is, we’re baking them, but we don’t know how fast they will sell. Give a call to reserve one or have one baked to order.

    • Awesome! I want a King Cake. Can I come pick one up this evening?

    • saf

      That’s so excellent.

      In general, we love you already and have made you our primary bread source. I am sure the king cakes will also be excellent!

  • Rant: Banks. I loved Wachovia, but Wells Fargo is so, so bad. Yet again, one of our scheduled bill payments mysteriously didn’t get paid. My next step is a move to either Navy Federal or USAA. I’m so breaking up with Wells Fargo.

    Rant: Another after work meeting. This week is wearing me out.

    Rant: I really dislike my director’s management style. No, just because a colleague had a problem with one of her several grantees does not mean we need to create an entire structure for micro-managing all of them – and us.

    Rave: Nothing comes to mind, but I’m working on it. I don’t want to be cranky all day.

    • I left BB&T last year and went to ALLY Bank. It’s all online. NO, NONE, ZERO, ZIP ATM fees!!!, I get interest and with a little adjustment deposits are a snap. I either have people pay my via PayPal then transfer the funds and on the off occasion I get a check I can scan it to deposit it or snail mail it. To top it off the customer servive is excellent.

    • Allison

      <3 <3 <3 USAA! Switched to them after dumping Bank of America, and have never looked back.

    • You had the option for USAA and haven’t jumped yet? They are a great bank. I’ve been with them since the days of deposit by mail only (unless you were in San Antonio). I’ve love and have Navy Federal too, but like the graduated interest rates from USAA more.

      • FWIW, USAA now has a bricks-and-mortar location in Crystal City. It makes sense to place it there, considering the Pentagon is down the road.

    • I work for a certain big red and yellow bank, and my bartender was complaining to me last night about his online bill pays going astray. I can’t help, but know that you are not alone in this problem. For what it’s worth, I don’t bank with my employer.

  • Rant: Husband ordered flowers for me two weeks ago, to be delivered on Valentines Day… they have yet to be delivered!!! NEVER use Teleflora!!!! They are horrible, we’re cancelling the order now. I felt so badly for him, he tried to do something nice, thought enough to order them weeks ahead of time, and this stupid incompetent company ruins it all. The icing on the cake was when they called ME on Valentines Day asking how long I’d be at work (where they were being delivered). So, they also gave me a heads up that the flowers were coming before they even got here. Nice way to ruin a surprise, and then ruin the gift. Horribly incompetent company. NEVER AGAIN use Teleflora!!!

    • I have always used 1800flowers.com. They arrive on time, flawlessly, the flowers are beautiful, and the total cost is less than FTD. My wife loved her roses.

    • I would highly recommend Mother Virginia at Georgia and Allison, http://www.mothervirginia.com. I have used them several times and have always been happy.

      • My flowers from my boyfriend came from there, via FTD. They were a day late, but beautiful and they did upgrade the bouquet by 2 roses for the inconvenience.

    • Teleflora is the 100% worst. A friend of mine was in an accident so I sent flowers to the hospital – it took OVER A WEEK to get them to him. 100% teleflora’s fault.

      Best way to go – google a local florist, tell them how much you want to spend and what kind of flowers you prefer. Cut out the middleman.

      • + A LOT. I haven’t used a floral middleman in years. Keep the business local!

      • My boyfriend used Buckingham Florist in Ballston for Valentine’s Day flowers and they were AWFUL. The white flowers were crushed and had black water spots on them, the card was soaked, and the guy who delivered them was weird as all get out. Local isn’t always better… just be sure to check Yelp first!

    • I thought everyone knew not to order flowers from Teleflora/1-800Flowers/Etc! You’ll get some old, banged up flowers if you go that route. You are always FAR better off contacting a local florist where the flowers are to be delivered. I learned this the hard way.

  • Rant: The condo we bid on ended up with 4 offers. Of course we lost it because some oldster with too much money plopped down cash and included an escalation clause that bumped the (accurately priced) listing to 11% over asking. F this.

    • Is this an unusual situation for a condo in DC? I thought there was a lot of inventory for Condos.

      Also, what is the minimum age for being an oldster? I am feeling old right now.

      • Here is my personal view about condos right now (this is specific to NW):

        According to our realtor the inventory is pretty low. There is stuff out there, but most properties tend to have (in my opinion) a fatal flaw – no parking, too small, overpriced, etc. The condo we bid on had all the stuff we wanted – W/D, large, balcony, parking, room for guests. BUT, everyone else wanted the same thing and knows that condos like this are rare, so it got bid over and beyond asking.

        In short, overall supply is low and supply of condos w/all of the things every potential buyer wants is extremely low. Some condos will sit forever on the market, but the best ones will have showings almost immediately. I think there may currently be a backlog of people like me who have been looking over the winter to no avail, so there *may* be a little but of a rush now but that may cool off once the backlog diminishes.

        Again, just my opinion.

    • call me old and jaded, but I did take an econ class once. Sounds like it went for market price.

  • Rant: Chest cold and trying to train for a half marathon. Bad combination.

  • Rant: People who are actually ON THE PHONE while simultaneously ON THE TOILET! Especially in public bathrooms! NO ONE wants to hear what you’re actually doing, nor what I’m doing in the next stall! This happens more than you think.

    Rave: Good parents! My brother has a 6 and 4 y/o and he is soooo great with them. And, when I was in aforementioned bathroom, there was a young mom with a young, mentally disabled child. She was AWESOME! Makes me happy and hope I’ll be that good someday.

    Rant: I was bored by 8:54 this morning.

    Rave: The new small group (a.k.a. bible study) I started last night, which is all about theology. It’s going to be challenging but very informative!

  • claire

    Rant: Not enough time. I feel like my to do list keeps getting longer and longer and I barely have enough time to keep up with my basic tasks (go to work, go home, eat dinner, fall asleep, repeat). Not getting enough sleep and I’m especially feeling it today. This weekend cannot come fast enough.
    Rant: Frustration with co-workers. I feel like they’re just not very careful about how they do things. And then a week or month into a project, we’ll realize an error was made at the very beginning that invalidates everything. I’m a very precise person so this just makes me want to double (or triple) check everything. Which I’m sure makes me almost equally frustrating to work with.

  • Rant: Reviewing my student loan debt and the sham that is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. Yes, I can have loans forgiven, but only at the exact moment that I will no longer have any debt to forgive. I was so excited when that program passed, but oh well.

    Rave: Being selected to participate as a reviewer for a federal agency’s grant program! Should be a great learning process and neat opportunity to see the workings of federal grants from a new perspective, all while helping to direct funds to organizations doing important work for some of our most vulnerable fellow residents! It may be a grueling process, but I can’t wait.

    • The student loan forgiveness program is such a joke. All is does is incentivize taking on HUGE amounts of debt.

      If you have a decent job and went to a state school, then you loans will mostly likely be paid off (or just about paid off) by the time your remaining debt is forgiven.

    • Thanks for your service! We can’t do what we do without the hard work of our reviewers.

      Federal Grantmaker

  • Rave: Four-day weekend is upon me.
    Rave/Rant: Three of my four days will be spent in Jersey.
    Rave: Went to bed at 10pm last night. Amazing.
    Rant: Still tired.
    Rant/Rave: Awkward first dates that make good stories.

  • Rant – Went to the wrong airport and missed my flight to California.

    Rave – Made it on the next flight and it’s beautiful in the Bay!!

  • Rave: Flying out early tomorrow morning to join my family in the Rockies for a well-deserved ski holiday.

    Rave: I will FINALLY see some substantive snow this winter!

    Rave: Latest ski conditions: 9″ of new snow yesterday, 4″ expected today, 77/77 lifts open, 6/7 lifts running. :))

  • Rave: Today is my Friday!

    Additional Rave: I’m taking tomorrow off because I have a job interview! Not super sure about how much I like the job, but it’s an exciting thing to at least have an interview!

    Rant: Just tried on all of my suits, and none of them fit anymore. I’ve been working on losing the extra weight, but that won’t happen before tomorrow. Went shopping in Friendship Heights last night, but couldn’t for the life of me find a reasonable, non-crazy suit jacket (although I’m sure the tiger-striped jacket would’ve made a splash at the Gov’t Agency I’m interviewing with!).

    Going to try out Macy’s today… I don’t want an “investment” suit, as once I get back to my regular size (I’m about 10 lbs away), I’ll be back into my regular suits… but I would really like to avoid cheapy, tiger striped suits as well!

    • I was at Macy’s earlier this week. They had suits for $89 (women’s). They also had a huge clearance sale – up to %65 off! I found a few professional pieces for my closet – I’m sure you’ll find something to “suit” your needs! 🙂

      Good luck on your interview!

      • Thanks! That’s really great news, because I was hoping to stay around the $100 mark, and anything under that would be extra awesome.

        Here’s hoping I can get down there right after work, get what I need and then get the heck out of there!

    • Congratulations on your job interview. My experience with interviewing for Federal positions that are not at a very high level (say GS-13) and lower is that the only interest your interviewers put into your appearance are the basics: That you’re middle of the road in every way. Keep this in mind, to many hiring managers, a really expensive-looking suit may say to them, “this guy is high maintenance and fussy in a bad way”. You are not interviewing with a silk-stocking law firm on K Street, it’s the department of whatever. I work for a Federal agency and you should see what people wear around here day-to-day (really, stretch-pants are business appropriate??), and this is an agency that has historically had a famously strict dress code. IMO, as a man going into a job interview, a shined pair of shoes says more positively about you (attention to details, etc.) without actually saying anything, and that will cost you only $7-10. The shoe shine guy in the Hyatt at 11th & H NW is fantastic, btw.
      Just find a basic black or navy suit that fits.

  • Rave: Homeward Trails Animal Rescue. They allowed me to foster a cat before making the official commitment to adopt. This was especially important because I needed to make sure my resident cat would get along with the foster (now adopted) cat. I recommend them for adopting and for fostering.

    • I also adopted from Homeward Trails and they are great. My kitten had medical issues when I adopted him, and they were great in providing advice and giving me all of their information about his original liter.

  • pennyworth

    rant: $850 in speeding camera tickets from the same downhill camera … all going the same speed. all over the course of ten days FML

    • Well, as was discussed yesterday, perhaps you shouldn’t have been going twice the speed limit.

      Your tickets were ~210 a piece which according to the MPD chart is 21-25 mph over the speed limit. The District speed limit (max in all but a couple places) is 25 mph. You are lucky a cop didn’t catch you with a radar gun because twice the speed limit is an automatic wreckless driving charge, loss of license followed by thousands in fines, driving school and auto insurance increases.

      In summary, you got off lucky and slow down before you kill someone. Yes, I know…every exceeds the speed limit but twice the speed limit is always excessive

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I’m with you Pennyworth. Cameras at the bottom of hills are brutal. Total pain in the ass. Driving 25mph is absolutely ridiculous especially going down hill.

      • Slowing to 25 mph at the end of a hill is a great way to get rear-ended, too. What a crock

        • Isn’t that the point though. He wasn’t going 25 mph, he was going ~50 mph, which is ridiculous.

          As I said, everyone is guilty of 5-10 mph above the speed limit and I am not pretending I follow speed limits to the letter, but twice the speed limit all the time (which is apparently what you do) is lazy and dangerous.

        • Sorry but this is all wrong. First of all, you can’t control the drivers behind so don’t worry about that. Second, you shouldn’t be slowing to 25 at the bottom of the hill, you should be going 25 the whole way down. I wish people would stop pretending that’s such a difficult thing to do because it’s not.

          • What’s wrong is raising tolls on bridges that are already paid for and where the government which had previously committed to using the excess revenue generated before retiring the toll decided to not only not honor the deal but decided to also raise the toll for general revenue. Lame.

      • With all due respect PoP, I want to flip out when I hear people say stuff like this. All modern cars are equipped with both an accelerator and a braking system, with which the driver can adjust the traveling speed of the vehicle. So if you’re going down a hill and you notice you’re speeding up, then you use the brakes to slow yourself down. I don’t see why this should be a problem.

      • Hey here’s an idea… if you don’t jaywalk it doesn’t matter how fast someone is going. I kno9w people shouldn’t be speeding, but as someone who walks, rides, drives and lives in the city I think I see more pedestrian doing stupid stuff all the time. If I see one more person walk out in the street 100 feet from a just turned green light while texting Im going to scream… and they are always self involved and dont give a crap about anyone else. Like some of the commentators no POP 🙂

        • As someone who very, very rarely jaywalks and has almost been hit by speeding cars too many times to count, I can say that it absolutely does matter how quickly a car is going, even if pedestrians don’t jaywalk. As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there are a lot of legal street crossing where they are no stop signs. Obviously smart pedestrians look both ways to be sure there are no cars coming-there are countless times when I have looked both ways, seen a car pretty far down the road, known that the car won’t even come close to hitting me if it is travelling at/near the speed limit and almost been hit because the car is speeding. Cars are also supposed to stop for pedestrians already in a crosswalk-speed limits are often designed to ensure they have plenty of time to do so.

  • rant: life. just frustrated and angry lately. tired of dc, TIRED of my job, tired of so many things. i feel like i don’t even want to spend time with my friends because it just takes too much effort.

    i need a nap.

  • Rant: I feel financially unstable. I’m falling behind on student loan payments, I don’t have a savings account (not even an emergency stash!), I often live from paycheck to paycheck. It all just feels overwhelming. Are there any good sites out there that help you create/manage a budget or stay on track?

    • I’ve never used it, but I’ve heard good things about mint.com.

    • PDleftMtP

      My girlfriend (now wife) really liked Mint.com.

    • janie4

      Mint.com is a good way to track, but you sound like you need a bit more help than that. I recommend reading Dave Ramsey and I think he has a website. Also, Craig’s list discussion threads can be a good place for emotional support the first few weeks of getting it under control. Good luck – I ended up living in a very cheap depressing rental for a year to get my finances back on track.

      • similar to mint.com is pearbudget.com – only $30/year and it’s great for letting us keep track of our income & spending habits. entering everything in is a little bit of a pain, but I’m sketched out by attaching something to my credit card, etc to pull it automatically for me. I just go through my credit card & bank statements each month or two to enter everything in – great excuse to sit in front of the tv 🙂

    • I don’t know if you’ve done this yet, but you might want to start with a simpler exercise. Get some paper and a pencil, and write down how much money you make each month and how much you spend. Literally write down everything you can think of: money coming in might be easy, for a lot of us that’s just the paycheck. Money going out is harder and you need to be brutally honest and thorough: rent, loan payments (student, car, etc), bills (utilities, internet, cellphone), food for home, transportation & parking, treats (Starbucks, snacks, beer money, knick knacks from Target, gum, candy, cigarettes, everything you can think of), food out (lunch, dinner), gym membership. If you don’t know exactly how much, then estimate: 1 Grand Latte ($3.50) * 1 every work day * 4 weeks = $70 bucks a month.

      It can be a little depressing to see this if you haven’t done it before but you will have a much easier time budgeting and saving if you have a clear and honest picture of how you spend your money.

  • Rave: Kept my schedule clear this weekend (a rare feat) in order to hang out with my boyfriend

    Rant: So many tech problems are plaguing me right now, and I don’t have the know-how or time to fix them myself. Had to make another appointment at the Apple store, but as per my rave, it has to wait until Monday.

  • burritosinstereo

    Rant: woke up to the sound of cats wailing, Smartrip card stopped working for no reason, NOTHING is going right at work.

    Rave: off tomorrow, going to spend the weekend with my dad and plan on doing nothing but eating and drinking wine and playing video games for the next 3 days.

  • Rave: After today, a four-day weekend, including my birthday!
    Rant: First endure another night in the Sleep Center, in the next step toward getting a CPAP machine due to sleep apnea. Sleeping in the Sleep Center is a miserable experience – tons of electrodes and wires attached, very uncomfortable – but I am told the machine will improve sleep noticeably, so this rant may lead to a rave, eventually.

    • Hi Anon20009, I believe you that it’s uncomfortable and miserable for you but it’s WORTH IT. As my loved one had to do this to get his CPAP machine, what you’re doing is going to keep you healthier! You can do it.

  • Rave – my dog never wakes up early, (in fact I have to physically drag her out of bed in the morning) and is perfectly content to sleep away a rainy day (without peeing on the entry rug any more!)

    Rant – discovered Iceland’s Penis museum isn’t in Reykjavik, and kind of far.

    Rave – leaving for Iceland in one week – and discovered some cool scuba-diving spots there!

  • Rant: I got an email from my downstairs neighbor, whom I have never met, complaining that my vibrator has been waking him up every morning at 6AM.

    Rave: My Rose Petal Rabbit Vibrator

  • rave: I just found out about Iceland’s Penis Museum

    rant: I’m afraid to Google it while at work.

  • Rant: 65% of my income goes to my rent + utilities
    Rave: I LOVE my apartment and I’m single with no major bills or complications so I can do that.
    Rant: I’m going to have to leave DC to save money while living comfortably

  • Rant: Hungover at work!! It was tough getting out of bed on this rainy day

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