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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • Rant: Saw a dude open his car door and throw his trash on the street this morning. I really don’t understand the mindset of somebody with so little respect. Too bad I am surrounded by this mindset.

  • Rave: It’s hump day, I have a job, I have friends and I still love my digs.
    Rant: I have a Schwab bank account and not a Schwab brokerage account which means my Schwab webportal is inferior.

  • Rave: Those Potbelly hot peppers are seriously addictive.

  • Rant: Tried to install a new operating system on my ancient MacBook last night, and it just stonewalled me at some step, telling me I had to “partition” something. Now I can’t access my computer at all, and the install disk won’t come out. Crap. Definitely can’t afford a new laptop right now.

    Rant: It’s only Wednesday and I feel burned out by work.

    Rave: I got to write a work email in Russian today. Small things…

    Rave: Getting appreciated for my work, even if it’s by someone in a remote office I’ve never actually met.

    • pablo .raw

      Maybe you should visit the Apple store. I was supposed to partition my hd when I bought mine (ended up not doing it) but apparently that is something easy to do with Macs.

      • If I can’t end up getting a friend of mine who works in IT to help me out before the weekend, I’ll have to do that. It’s definitely cheaper than shelling out for a new laptop.

    • Can you boot from a usb iso? Were you trying to overwrite the old Mac OS, or install alongside?

      • I have no idea what an iso is. I’m quite computer illiterate. What I thought I was doing was just installing Snow Leopard (I know, I know, way behind) to override Tiger, but it just flipped out on me. I’m clearly not tech savvy enough to solve the problem myself if I don’t even understand what I’m doing. I thought it would be a simple matter of hitting “install” but I guess nothing with technology is ever that simple.

        • Oh, I see. Sorry, I don’t know that much about Macs. I thought you were maybe trying to install some version of Linux from the way you said “new operating system.”

          That’s pretty common to do to regain usefulness from older machines.

          I think the Apple store is likely your best bet.

    • what do you do that lets you write in Russian for work? You’re the one stuck “opting out” of all the eastern European spam your office email gets?

      • Ha, I wish. It’s actually sort of optional…I book a lot of travel, in particular for one guy who is in Moscow frequently. We do our hotel booking by email, so I just choose to email them in Russian instead of English. My grammar probably isn’t totally right, but it’s some practice rather than none.

    • totally why I never update anything ever in life.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Last night I went to visit a couple that hired me for their wedding, and they gave me an album with the photos. It made me feel that my work was appreciated :D.
    Rave: First day of P90X, feeling good!

  • Rant: Have not gotten out on the slopes yet this season.
    Rave: My knee is ready to go after surgery and I’m allowed to snowboard. I just need to get out there! Anyone been skiing/snowboarding locally recently? How’s Wisp, Ski Liberty, White Tail…?

    • Rode Wisp a few days ago. Pretty typical mid-Atlantic skiing, morning was ok but slopes were a mess by midday. Couple of the chairs were not running. With the snow today and tonight though it may be much better this weekend (same for Liberty and Whitetail, too, I’d imagine).

    • Timberline and Canaan Valley are a lot better than Wisp if you’re going in that direction.

  • rant: so TIRED of being tired. all. the. time.

    rant: microsoft word. oh how i loathe you so.

    rave: pay day tomorrow.

    • me

      I am no doctor, so please take what I have to say with a grain of salt, but I felt like this about a year ago and went to my Primary Care doctor and got a blood test. Turned out I was pretty anemic. Was put on some iron supplements, Vitamin D, and had one iron IV transfusion, and was SO much better about a week later. If you feel tired and it’s not because of excess work or exertion, I would suggest that you have it checked out.

      • Thanks me. I just had my physical yesterday so I should find the results of my blood work in the next couple weeks.

        • me

          Good. I know that this time of year, it’s easy to get really tired. The stress of the holidays are over, people are still getting back into the swing of things. I wish you the best of luck and health.

    • I stopped being so tired during the work day when I stopped drinking coffee every morning (wasn’t a big coffee drinker to begin with but I used to consume a ton of caffeine through soda) and started drinking a ton of water. Maybe give that a shot, if you haven’t already

    • I went through a long period of extreme fatigue a couple years ago and was finally diagnosed with acute cytomegalovirus. If your doctor can’t diagnose your fatigue, don’t let him/her make you feel like a hypochondriac.

      • interesting. I have never heard of that. Are there other symptoms I should look out for that are associated with that?

        • Other symptoms include fever, rash, muscle aches. I only had the fatigue, and it got worse throughout the day so that by late afternoon, I could only lie down. Here is a good website: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000568.htm. CMV is very common–most people get it at some point, with no symptoms. Acute symptoms occur most commonly in people with compromised immune systems. The really odd thing is that I normally have a kick-ass immune system. I don’t get many colds and, when I do, I kick them faster than most people. But CMV, for whatever reason, knocked me down. BTW, there’s no treatment. You just have to get through it.

  • Rave: It’s my birthday!
    Rave: My adorable and sentimental father, who sent me a birthday card I made for him over 20 years ago that he had saved all this time. Made me cry like a baby.
    Rave: Happy Hour with my friend after work.

    Note: Everyone should go vote for PoP for Best Blog in City Paper’s Best of DC…

  • Rave: Snow today!

    Rant: No desire to go to classes on a snow day. Or trek over to campus.

  • Rant: I’ve been out of work for months and somehow fail to qualify for unemployment. At least it hasn’t been bitterly cold this winter.

    • me

      Please enlighten me- I thankfully have not had to be unemployed for very long at any given time, and so I’m not aware of what the ins and outs are as far as unemployment goes. How can one be ineligible for unemployment when they are unemployed? Income from other sources?

      • anonymouse_dianne

        Not eligible if you did not pay into unemployment insurance pool, or were fired for cause.

      • Or you could be independently employed- which is tough! I worked on my own consulting for a year and paid tons of taxes but could not collect unemployment when I tried to switch careers… so 6 months of living off of stretched consulting work payments and still paying quarterly taxes… ugh.

    • Definitely appeal that decision. DOES is a really difficult agency to work with, but keep calling and find out *exactly why* you were denied. When I went through this, someone had apparently changed my record to say that I hadn’t worked during a period of time that I definitely did. I ended up having to get on the phone with someone from the mayor’s office who then connected me to my case worker who had never returned my daily calls. A week later I got the $1000 in back unemployment I was owed. So don’t give up, and don’t be afraid to escalate.

    • I am EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to my former employer! While I was technically “fired”, they made sure that all of the paperwork stated that I qualified for unemployment.

  • Rant: I managed to kill my back last night when I turned over in my sleep. Ow.

    Rant: The gloves I bought in November ripped this morning. Really, LL Bean?

    Rave: LL Bean has a good replacement/refund policy.

    Rave: My mom just called to say that king cake is arriving Friday!!!!

  • Rave: Taxes! I know that people look at me funny when I say it, but I love doing taxes.

    Extra Rave: After taxes were done, we sat down last night to take a realistic (and sometimes uncomfortable) look at our household debt. The good news is that we made it through the panicky moments and now have a workable plan in place to get completely out of credit card debt by the end of the year! Why on earth didn’t we just bite the bullet and do that years ago?

    Rant: Tired now and tired basically all the time. I need to find a decent primary care doctor who is actually interested in figuring out what’s wrong.

    • For all the tired people (especially you since you mentioned doctors not caring about finding out what’s wrong), I highly recommend going to a nutritionist. I had all kinds of weird little things bothering me (allergies, headaches, infections, tired all the time) that my doctor kept wanting to give me medicine for. I went and saw a nutritionist and through diet changes we figured out that I have a gluten intolerance. Four days of not eating gluten and everything went away. Sometimes doctors are more focused on treating the symptoms rather than preventing the problem.

      • Thanks megan, I had been thinking about being tested for food allergies (my primary care docs have been mostly unhelpful when it comes to any complaints about fatigue, allergies, etc.) Do you have any recommendations on who/where to go to for this kind of thing?

        • The nutritionist I went to is way out in Reston, but I liked her a lot and thought it was worth the trip. Her name is Teri Cochrane, you can check out her website at healingpathsva.com.

        • I HIGHLY recommend Dr Safayan who practices with a naturopath, Dr Threlkel.

          The problem is that doing challenge diets (or whatever they’re called), having allergy test for things other than the basic tests, or seeing a nutritionist are generally not covered by insurance.

          • Thanks for the recommendation! I don’t have a car, but Tenleytown would be fairly easy for me to get to. I really need to do something — my allergies/sinuses have gotten significantly worse over the past year and I’ve felt pretty miserable lately.

          • he also does acupuncture (which I don’t believe in, but maybe it’s your thing) and insurance often does cover that. just be prepared for both of them to be thorough. I’ve heard it frustrates some people that they are this way, but I find it just means they care and are committed to getting a very clear picture of your health. they are a quick walk down the hill from the tenleytown metro.

    • my primary care doc is dr. hansen and allison glaser. I think they are both absolutely wonderful.

      • I’m in the market for a new dr, are you in the Signature MD program then?

        • no I am not, which is why I went to see Allison Glaser instead (had been seeing Dr hansen before she went to concierge). I was a little nervous about it BUT allison was awesome. took her time with me, and was just really nice. good experience.

          • I obviously need to do more research on this, but how does the concierge concept interact with regular insurance? Do you pay the annual fee for the concierge plan separately of your insurance plan (and the doctors get both)?

          • I used to be one of Dr. Hansen’s patients, and I believe what you described is correct — the “concierge” fee is paid out of pocket on top of whatever a person pays for insurance premiums. To me, paying the fee for a concierge doctor makes the most sense for older people or those with chronic health problems. The rationale for concierge care is that it allows the doc to see fewer patients and that she can provide more services/better care as a result.

    • I agree with, Megan on this one. I want to a naturopath and found out several things that a regular doctor never checked for… one being I was severely Vitamin D deficient. Once, I started taking a supplement it helped so much.

      • I’ve been taking vit d3 supplements too. The blood work they did will check for that as well as vit B, iron, etc. so sounds like they did some thorough blood work. Just gotta wait for results now.

  • binpetworth

    Rant: Managers who, like seagulls, fly in every few days, squawk a lot, and sh** all over everything before flying out again (thanks to long-suffering coworker who got that analogy from a Playboy article)

    Rave: I’m one level below those who get sh** on the most.

  • Rave: I went to the Caps game last night, where they creamed the Panthers 4-0. Now if only they would play that aggressively all of the time!

    Rave: I decided just this morning that I am going to Montgomery College to get my Certificate in American Sign Language. So excited!

    Rant(ish): Working on a crafty project with a co-worker and having artistic differences. I should probably just let it go as it doesn’t matter that much…

    Rave: Videos from The Weather Channel, especially Boy Surfing with Dolphins and What Happens to Boling Water at -22.

  • Bear

    Rant: Colleagues who send passive aggressive emails to an entire team instead of just asking me for something directly.
    Rant: Colleagues who schedule skype calls for noon and then don’t show.
    Rant: Colleagues who demand things from you that create a serious conflict of interest with other work.
    Rave: Awesome former colleague that I’m going to happy hour with tonight, provided the weather doesn’t get too terrible.
    Rave: Despite the fact that my colleagues are really trying my patience today, I’m in a pretty good mood.

  • me

    Rant: My habitually-annoying coworker who just does not have a grasp on how to say certain things correctly. We can be in a client meeting, and she adds in non-sequitors to sound smart, but they really make no sense. Or, my favorite, simple things such as “I met with Mr. Bean on yesterday.” She always says “on yesterday” or “on tomorrow”, and it drives me nuts. Today, she used the words “not withstanding”, but it had absolutely nothing to do with what she was saying and just made her sound like she really doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

    Rave: Making my way through a box of absolutely delicious shortbread cookies at my desk and not even caring about how many calories I’m eating.

    • Is she a native speaker of English?

      If so, that’s pretty bad.

      • me

        Yup. Born and raised in Virginia. And claims to have 3 Master’s Degrees, though, forgive me for saying so, if they are all done online and you get 3 within less than 2 years total, then they are not actual Master’s Degrees.

    • omg. Yes. I have a co-worker that does the same thing. It drives me totally bonkers. (And yes, I just typed ‘omg’ which, I realize, takes away some if not all credibility 🙂 )

    • I think ‘on tomorrow’ and ‘on yesterday’ is a regional thing. I’d never heard it before working in DC.

      • I know ‘waiting on line’ is a NY thing but I’ve never heard the ‘on tomorrow’ or ‘on yesterday’ in DC. Huh. Interesting.

      • Like how people from Jersey say “on line” instead of “in line” as in “I waited on line for 7 hours for the new iPhone.” Bizarre.

  • me

    One more rant/question for the ladies out there- so, I started using a new retinoid-based eye cream for wrinkles, and because I have somewhat sensitive skin, the skin under my eyes is kind of dry. If it were anywhere else on my face or body, exfoliation wouldn’t be a problem. But how do I get rid of a bit of dry skin under my eyes? Do I just have to wait it out while piling on moisturizer?

    • I used to use retin a and just had to slather on the cream and exfoliate a lot. not much you can do. but if you scrub the area a lot, you’re likely undoing all the retin a’s magic. I used to wait until summer to use it since my skin isn’t so dry then.

    • I just had this happen to my entire face from using Philosophy’s retinol cream. Use lots of moisturizer and wait a few days before using any retinoid-based creams. When you start using it again, try just a little every other day for a few weeks until your skin gets used to it, then go every day. Also, you probably don’t want to exfoliate the skin around your eyes regardless of how dry it gets.

  • Rave: Just got floor seats to the Wizards and Knicks game tonight.

    Rant: The Wizards

  • Rant: So exhausted. Any chance to rest seems lightyears away.
    Rave: Grateful to be employed even though I don’t always find fulfillment in my work.

  • Rave: I have no plans to go out tonight! I’m excited to just stay at home and chill!!

  • Rant: It feels like nap time… too bad i’m at work.

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