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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • pennyworth

    rave: the game before the game (chelsea v united)

    rave: superbowl

    rave: superbowl party in bmore

    rave: i get to bring cups for that old school soda

    rave: dc united is trying to sign a real striker

    rave: edson buddle returns to mls

    rant: rent increased

    • me

      Let’s go, Blues! CELERY! CELERY!

      • +1.

        Although I have to say that rooting for Chelsea is beginning to feel like rooting for DC United… 🙁

        • except worse because it’s pitiful to lose when your team is built with that kind of blood— er, I mean, oil money.

        • me

          Yeah… but they’ve been my team for so many years now, I can’t help but to still love them. I love Frank (and am taunted by a friend who is a Man U supporter every time they play each other, calling him Fat Frank), I want Jose Mourinho back (and would love to run my fingers through that mop of his on his head), and think Roman is the shizz, even if he maaaaay be a little evil. Plus, how can you not love a guy like Terry (he is just such a great all-around guy, even off of the pitch)? I just honestly like a lot of guys on that team. The only other player I really like on another team is Stevie G, but otherwise, all I need are my Blues.

    • Rave: Nice love for the Blues on here! I will be at Lucky Bar that day reveling (hopefully) in my jersey.

      Rave: Life is relatively decent.

      Rant: Very hormonal — lazy gyno office has not picked up the phone in three days and I need my BC pills. Shady and probably TMI for this post. Whatever.

  • Kalorini

    Rant: At 14th and I Street @ 6 pm, I saw a blonde chick on her bike (I’m not going to call her a “cyclist” because I don’t want to confuse those who can follow the rules of the road and those who can’t) blow through a red light without stopping, turn without signaling, not yield to the mass of pedestrians crossing the street, and nearly clipped an old man who had the right to cross the street as the light was red. I am downright SICK of people with bikes in this city. NO, you shouldn’t ride on the sidewalk when there’s a bike lane. NO, you shouldn’t creep up behind us on a sidewalk without announcing yourself. And NO, you don’t always have the right of way! We are the 99 percent of pedestrians who are FED UP with your wrongful and dangerous sense of entitlement. I used to live with a cyclist who knows how to follow the law and you’re giving him and his law-abiding cycling buds a bad name.

    Whew, now I feel better. Thanks for letting me rant 🙂

    • I finally had to acknowledge that a lot of bikers in this city are kind of jerks on the day that I was biking home in the 15th Street cycle-track and the bikers behind me made a point of saying thank you to me for stopping at a red light. I won’t say all bikers are jerks and there are plenty of us that follow the rules, but obviously there is a noticeable group giving the rest of us a bad name.

    • Well-said.


      • LoL. My hashtag was way too long for PoP apparently. What I MEANT to say… 🙂

        #Occupy Self Absorbed Bikers That Don’t Pay Attention To Anything But Themselves And Reserve The Right To Be Devoid Of Any Responsibility When They Get Hurt Or Hurt Someone Else Even When It’s Their Fault. The end.

    • I commute to work by bike and I do stop at red lights. I have been noticing lately that cars have been going through red lights at an alarming rate lately–at least at Thomas Circle.

  • pablo .raw

    Rave: Once again, I solved a problem in my sleep, a software problem.

  • Rant: This morning on the bus I overheard a boy in a school uniform, about 12, on his cell phone going on and on about how “when he gets locked up” and “money in the bank.” Uhhh…WHAT??

    Rave: Thursdays mean a good run, a new episode of Archer, and only one more work day until the weekend.

    Rant: The office equipment never works in my office. Surprise.

    • Kalorini

      A few weeks ago on the Metro, I had to listen to a boy (who couldn’t have been older than 12) tell his friends a story about his baby sister ask him what sex was. He proceeded to tell her that sex is when boys get their d***ks s****d, and explained in detail how that’s done. The girl then apparently asked her mom about it, to which the boy laughed about it. I’ve given up on expecting any regular social behavior from these kids. Honestly, NSFPT (not suitable for public transportation!).

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: I remembered to bring tea to work.

    Rant: Have to keep tea covered because office flies love to commit suicide in it.

    Rave: I’ve allowed casual Friday (aka you can wear jeans day) to creep into Thursday and no one has said anything.

  • claire

    Rant: So tired. Slept very restlessly last night.
    Rave: Only two more days of work, then I get to sleep in and bake cookies on Saturday. Any recipe suggestions?

  • GiantSquid

    Rave: Westies! This could be my house. It’s not my house but you know what I mean. My Westie does the “big dog” bark when folks come to the door but then you see this 20lb shaggy white dog and it’s comical.

    Rant: I think I broke a spoke on my back wheel biking to work today. It’s a newly rebuilt wheel.

    Rave: had a lovely birthday thanks to family and friends.

    Rant: Cramps. You know what I’m talking about ladies. Teh suck.

  • Rave 1: It’s my FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Raves two through a billion: See rave 1.
    Rant/Rave: Lots to do this weekend but at least it’ll be productive.

    Rant: Cranky myofascial tissue makes for constant back pain.
    Rave: Myofscial release massage tomorrow.

  • Rave: Clean Bill of health from the doc yesterday.

    Rant: Cannot for the life of me find out what my blood type is!! I’m not allowed to donate blood and I’ve had blood drawn countless times this year and two surgeries but NO ONE will tell me what my blood type is or run the test to figure it out. I travel a lot internationally, I am involved in contact sports, it’d be good to know my blood type!!

    Rave: Haven’t had any emergency situations yet where I need to know my blood type yet… 😀

    • It is good to know your blood type, but I think in any emergency situation, they would just give you O negative, rather than have to trust your memory/information. And if it was a non-emergency situation, they’d run a test to find out the type for sure. So, it’s annoying, but probably not an essential bit of knowledge.

      • What Anonymous 11:02 said.

        For entertainment purposes only, you could try figuring out your supposed blood type based on your personality:

        There is no actual correlation between blood type and personality, but people in Japan take the idea very seriously.

      • It is annoying- I feel like there is certain knowledge you should be able to access about your own body and hospitals, doctors, insurance, etc. won’t let me unless I pay a bunch of money- even though they’re already drawing my blood for the umpteenth time! It bothers me.

        Also, I sometimes travel for work to places that are severely underdeveloped medically. Knowing my blood type and having it on my passport/medical ids would be helpful.

      • saf

        Even in an emergency they run the test. It’s too easy to kill someone with a transfusion reaction otherwise.

        • This is what I’ve heard, too. An ER doc of my acquaintance told me that in 30 years he’s never seen a trauma so urgent that they had to call for O-neg to save time. There’s always time to type the patient’s blood.

          That said, you should have a full blood panel if you’re ever pregnant. RH incompatibility and all that.

          • saf

            When I had to be transfused after a car accident, they certainly ran tests, and yes, I was bleeding a LOT. I was curious, so I asked about it after.

            Yeah, if you’re pg, that’s an important thing to find out.

    • Uh, pretty sure all you have to do is say, “listen, doc, I don’t know my blood type. Since we’re drawing blood for these tests, can you please add that to the list?” Nobody’s trying to withhold it from you, it just requires an extra test.

    • Uh, pretty sure all you have to do is say, “listen, doc, I don’t know my blood type. Since we’re drawing blood for these tests, can you please add that to the list?” Nobody’s trying to withhold it from you, it just requires an extra test. It’s like getting blood test results back and then asking “am I HIV positive or not?” when the test was never ordered.

      • Actually that’s what I’m saying- I’ve had my blood drawn maybe thirty times in the past 6 months due to some medical issues and surgery and I’ve asked EVERYONE – doctors, nurses, lab tech – and no one has been able to “authorize” the test, saying insurance may not cover it, they don’t know how much it costs, and once they had the information from a different test and didn’t reveal my type to me.
        All in all, not a major problem, but frustrating nonetheless!!

    • claire

      I can’t figure out my blood type either! I donate blood through an organization that comes to my work and they keep telling me it’s in their system and they can check it next time, but every time they come by, their system is down. One day…

    • That’s crazy that they won’t/can’t tell you. Any relatives who might know? I don’t know my type either, and my parents are not around any more… I’ve been meaning to ask my doctor, but I wonder if I will run into the same wall as you….

  • Seriously considering some kitty xanax. Little bastard had me awake more than asleep last night. At first I thought he had a mouse, but no. Just practicing his super mario moves on the bed and every other surface. Then, my semi-sleeping brain remembered that animals freak out before an earthquake, so I became convinced for a time that The Big One was imminent. THEN, I got so pissed off at the non-stop frantic activity (18 pound cat jumping on and off bed, claws on hardwood as he ran back and forth, knocking things off tables, attacking small items of clothing, and so on) that I started to HOPE there would be an earthquake, kind of like when you’ve been sitting in traffic for a while and you start to hope there’s a really bad accident ahead, just so that you’ll have an explanation for why you’re going through what you’re going through. No? Just me? Anyway, cat needs to chill the fuck out. srsly.

    • Your rant made my rave. By the by, the same is true of Chihuahuas.

    • I know it can be tough, but whatever you do, don’t take your cat’s xanax.

    • claire

      Have you tried feeding him a snack at bedtime (this works for my cat; now she knows that when she gets her third meal of the day, it’s time not to bother me, at least until breakfast time at 7am)? You may also want to do some vigorous playtime half an hour or so before going to bed to wear him out (didn’t work for my cat, she just gets super excited and can play forever).

      When I was first training my cat out of jumping on the bed and playing with my feet when I was trying to fall asleep, I would throw the covers over her and give her a really hard time when she jumped on the bed (you can also spray water or shake a jar of coins), and in the early morning when she was bugging me before her breakfast time, I put her outside the room and closed the door (but her litter box is in my bedroom so I only did this when I’d be waking up in an hour or two).

    • The only thing I would add to Claire’s advice is to use a squirt bottle – but don’t just squirt it in the cat’s direction when they run across the bed – pursue them and continue squirting as they run behind furniture/under the bed/etc trying to avoid you until they flee the room because they think you’re crazy. Works with my cats, anyway!

      rant/rave: one of my cats needed 4 teeth pulled today, but she was a trooper in the car this morning and apparently dental surgery went well!

  • Rant: Standing outside my house in Petworth enjoying a beer and warm weather last night and hear pop pop, pop pop. Then minutes later sirens. Another freakin’ shooting. This time, at Butternut. I hate DC and its citizen’s obsession with guns and bullets and violence between young black men.

    Rant: My aunt passed away last night at 1am. Life is so short, cherish all of it.

  • RANT: My colleagues think it’s cute to add hashtags to everything, including verbal hashtags in conversations. “OMG, lunch was so good. Hashtag delicious!”

  • Rave: Family is coming in town tomorrow for my nieces baptism, very excited to see them all.

    Rant: After 3 weeks of attempting to train my dog not to pull on a leash, I don’t think we’ve made any progress and I’m beginning to feel defeated. I stop walking every time he pulls and wait for the leash to go slack to keep walking (and praising him when the leash is loose), but this only lasts about 4 steps forward. It literally takes 30 minutes just to walk around the block and my arms can’t handle much more than that (he’s a strong little man).
    Any advice is well appreciated! i get envious when I see other dogs walking nicely next to their owners…

    Rave: I couldn’t ask for a better dog when he is not on a leash.

    • A couple of things that have worked with my dog: I’ve had a lot of success using a no-pull harness rather than just walking her on a collar; instead of just stopping when she pulled, I actually turned around and walked the other way so she understood that she didn’t get to go where she wanted if she was pulling; and (probably the most effective) I always carry a ton of little treats in my pocket on walks and she gets rewarded when she’s next to me.

    • claire

      Even people take about a month to form habits. Keep it up! And I’ve seen recommendations for dog trainers in the area from others on here before.

    • Have you tried the Gentle Leader–the head harness thing? It doesn’t fix the problem in that he’ll probably go back to pulling if you immediately switch back to the leash, but you could try using it for a while, then put it on but hook the leash to his collar instead, and if that goes well, try leaving off the Gentle Leader and going back to just a leash and collar.

      Another thing we’ve tried is teaching our dog the “beside” command (for some reason neither of liked “heel” but we basically use the same concept). We started by catching her already walking next to whoever was walking her, then saying beside, and offering a treat for a couple of steps. Keep repeating until you’re up to a block or more of “beside” before you actually give the treat. And we’ve had good results with clicker training as a general method.

      • This treat technique works well in my experience too. Also, change directions a lot — you want to dog to understand that you lead it, not the other way around. As soon as he pulls, turn around and go the other way (yes, your neighbors may point and laugh).

        I know for some dogs that with the gentle leader muzzle harness, they spend more time on the ground trying to get it off than walking. But don’t despair, they also make a front-clip harness (opposed to the back clip ones, which make controlling a pulling dog even harder!)

    • Thanks for all the suggestions! I have tried the gentle leader but he just goes nuts, cries, and scratches at his face trying to pull it off instead of walking. I just bought a harness type with hopes that it will work better.

      I will definitely try teaching him the besides command with treats and changing direction often (although I have a feeling we will end up turning around every few steps leading to lots of laughing neighbors…you’re welcome for the entertainment). And we will absolutely be participating in training classes very soon.

      • I’ve had good luck with the harness type of gentle leader and turning around & going the other way when she starts to pull on the leash.

        She still pulls, just not as often.

    • Pinch chain. It works. You and your dog will be happy to be in harmony, but of course, the over-sensitive busybodies may chide you. You need to jerk the leash, not pull it, whatever you’re using.

  • Rant: Lots of creepy stuff happening at work…resignations etc….any recommendations for a good headhunter for project/program managers/directors?

    Rave: Just one more day this week

    • me

      A PM for what industry? Need more info. Do you have a clearance? Are you non-profit? Govvie, commercial, environmental…. more info please!

  • Rant: Inefficient reporting systems. If we’re paying for customized, web-based data management, why on earth can’t we just get something that actually works?! So frustrating and so unnecessary.

    Rave: Nathan Fillion. Giggling my way through any of his shows at the end of the day generally makes me a happier person.

  • me

    Rave: There’s a guy who works on another floor of my building that brings his Cavalier King Charles into work, and it is so friggin’ cute. I wish I could bring my cat in. I can imagine it now, him running around, meowing his butt off, and laying on my keyboard when he wears himself out.

  • rant: i am giving up on petco.

    rave: found dog food cheaper elsewhere!

    rant: dc is really starting to depress me.

    rant: i don’t know where else to go.

    • claire

      As with many things, I’ve found the best prices for pet food can be found online… the site I order through (petfooddirect.com) even offers a 15% discount for recurring orders (like Amazon’s “subscribe and save”). Just a thought!

    • Second the online thing. I use heartypet.com and get 50% off shipping for setting up auto-delivery. And you can change the contents of your auto-delivery without losing the discount, if you like to change flavors of food, etc.

      • Thanks Claire and beerdude! I found dog.com to be incredibly cheap for the kind i buy, but will check out the ones you mention as well!

        • Any recommendations for dog food? I need to switch my dog, she eats Purina Senior but doesn’t like the large chunks in it, I’m looking for a senior dog food that I can order online that is only smaller kibble bits.

  • Rave: Department pics are located outside of the office and people will actually take time to find my picture and greet me by name!

    Rant: Tights. Tights, tights, tights. Yet another run at only 9 a.m.! Makes me think of the Ramona Quimby series, when her teacher’s pantyhose were wrinkled and she thought the teacher had legs like an elephant.

    Rant: Two hour meeting this morning

    Rave: Usually have TWO two hours meetings on Thursdays!

    Rave: Working in a gossip-free and work environment where no one is out to get me makes coming to work a lot more enjoyable!

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