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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. But please no personal attacks. I’ll open this thread every morning at 10am.

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  • claire

    Rant: Late to work this morning.
    Rave: No one really noticed/cared. Love having a casual work environment.

    Rave: Going rock climbing for the first time in 5+ years after work!

  • Rave: Really like this new job- great location, casual work environment, and a creative industry!!

  • Rant: Thyroid biopsy today. Having needles shoved into my neck SUCKS.
    Rave: Get to go home early to snuggle and play with my pup.
    Rave: The $400 pair of shoes that I tried on a year ago and loved (before I knew they were $400) were on mega clearance. In my size. YAY!

  • Rant/Rave: Gearing up for a ton of work travel (Indonesia and Tunisia) in the next three months- I’m excited to go but stressed due to the increased workload and change in routine!! Argh!

    Rave: My husband is working out with me now- swimming and biking with him along makes it so much more enjoyable and easy to get out and be healthy!!

  • Rant: I put on too much perfume and now I have a headache.

  • rave: being appreciated at my job.

    rant: makes me feel guilty for hating it/ complaining about it all the time.

    rant: terrible night sweats and not sleeping well lately. no i’m not menopausal, i’ve never figured it out, but think it’s a side effect of the anti depressants i take.

    rave: the bus driver on the bus i take in the mornings lately. he is always on time, and super nice and friendly.

    rant: getting more cavities filled this week. on my super sensitive side of my mouth. ugh not looking forward to it.

    • are the night sweats a nightly thing? Are you thirsty often? any other symptoms? Night sweats can be a sign of a number of things. Not to freak you out or anything, but they were the first sign- of many that soon came after- I had lymphoma (which was treated and I’ve been in remission for 6+ years).

    • I wouldn’t freak out too much yet- I had night sweats when I was on anti-depressants (paxil) and have only had them happen once or twice since I stopped the meds. Might ask your doc next time you see them, but you probably don’t have any serious issues.

      • thanks. yes i noticed they stop when i went off the meds. but, i feel better on the meds, and after trying many these seem to be the best. so i guess i have to take the bad with the good on this one.

        i did get worried when i watched 50/50 and now reading the other posters comment about it being related to cancer…

        btw i am sorry about your lymphoma but glad to hear you are in remission.

  • Rant: Sick again for the fourth time since the end of November. Just a cold but ugh, so annoying.
    Rave: 9 month old slept till 7, which let me sleep till 7. I needed that.

  • Rant: Was late to work this morning but like, claire, no one seemed to notice. Could have slept for three more hours.

    Rave/Rant: P90x! Can’t wait for my workout after work today… which seems like lightyears away…

  • Rant: My forehead is extending.
    Rave: This makes the choice of haircuts much less stressful.
    Rant: I seem to have no ability to flirt, or tell when others are flirting with me. Not sure what can be done about this.
    Rave: Vacation is just around the corner. Very excited about it.

  • Rant: It’s hard to feel like a failure when you can’t get a job and you have student loans to pay, parking tickets and the lot.
    Double Rant: I can’t even get Youtube to pay me what’s due! (Channel Dmyst9. Please subscribe) You get paid if you have a certain number of views.
    Rave: No winter this year! Warm weather keeps me from suicidal thoughts!

  • Rant: The guy i’m almost certain I may fall in love with moved to Chicago today to work for Obama’s campaign.
    Rave: I’m optimistic it’ll work out in the end. Everything happens for a reason…

    • Rave: Agree, I think in the end we will be squeek out a victory and avoid the damage that any of these republican clowns would do to our country given four years in office.

      Rave: In all seriousness, totally agree, if it’s meant to be, it will be. Good luck!

  • Rave: Feeling my workout from last night. I love being sore a day after a good workout, it let’s me know that I ripped some muscle and that the fibers are trying to heal.

    Rant: Looks like I will be leaving downtown (NPC) for Fort Meade in Nov. What a lifestyle change – won’t be able to ride into work with my wife, limited food options, changing gyms, can’t leave work and take care of stuff, no happy hours…this is going to suck.

    Rave: I guess the upside is that the guys in the gym on base are serious about working out so that is good and they likely will have a pool and basketball courts.

  • Rave: This weather makes me less pissed off right now.

    Rant: Some a**holes smashed our passenger car window in yesterday in broad daylight just for the fun of it. And no, there was nothing in there to take nor any suction cup remnants on the front window. Yes, it was reported to police. Be on the lookout for: a**holes.

  • Rave: I think a smart, ambitious, gorgeous, funny girl is into me.
    Rant: I have a smart, ambitious girlfriend … who is lives very, very far away. I can’t figure out how to get back because of the awful economy.

    I can’t make either happen and it’s driving me completely nuts.

    • so your girlfriend isn’t gorgeous and funny?

      • gf’s hilarious and pretty. but new girl is model-gorgeous. to most guys this would be an extremely easy decision i think. i’ve dated girls forever, so that sorta thing isn’t as important anymore compared to finding someone you can get along with. (reminds me of http://www.quotedb.com/quotes/35)

        so yeah, the long distance thing drags on and on and the other girl just waits around. no one’s happy and there’s no solution.

        • There was a time in my life when I would have just dated both of them. Come to think of it, that time was pretty awesome. In retrospect, though, it was not very nice. Still awesome though.

        • “no one’s happy and there’s no solution.”

          I know what you mean, I really do. But there is a solution. You choose one (or neither) and forget (romantically) about the other. Probably no one’s happy in the short term no matter what you do, but I suspect the longer you entertain both options, the greater the chance that happiness will stay away.

        • long distance… how long for? will she be moving back soon/or you moving there soon?

          • Dating threeish years; half year long distance. She can’t move here – too high up @ her job and there’s no companies like hers around DC.

            I guess I framed that original rave/rant pretty stupidly; the other girl is just a symptom of the “can’t-get-back-to-the-gf” rant. I think guys tend to find other girls for stand-ins for their gfs when things are rough, and I’m not jumping ship just yet. So yeah, I “chose” my gf, but def not happy.

            With no solutions though, it makes continuing in limboland pretty frustrating, especially since I’m turning 30 shortly and want to figure things out.

        • Ok, I’m going to be the a**hole here. I assume the ‘new girl’ knows about your girlfriend, but does the girlfriend know about the ‘new girl’? The answer matters.

          If it’s the former, then break up with your girlfriend or come clean. You’re making her look like a chump if you’re not being honest with her. She can then make a decision as to whether or not she wants to be with you and deal with all the nonsense (sorry if that sounds harsh, but I would be royally cheesed off if my boyfriend wasn’t honest with me from the start.).

          If it’s the latter, then you need to make a decision. Clearly neither girl wants to make a decision – either break up or move on – but how fair is it to string these two along?

          And I’m *really* not trying to sound mean, but, do you just like the attention of the two girls that you don’t want to give that up?

          • Yes, the girl knows about the girlfriend, but there’s no flirting. Just a couple weird questions about whether gf is moving here, etc, and totally brutally answers shutting her down. And yes, girlfriend knows I’m hanging out — in groups — with this girl. All’s cool, because just friends. There’s a whole lot of honesty with all involved, and absolutely no flirting or physical stuff or player-ish-ness. There’s no need for fawning girl-attention, and I’m sure not getting any.

            … Which is why the original post was so dumb — it’s more I’m stuck in DC without anyway back home to be with the gf and having no way out -> Makes me think I’m holding on to something that will go on forever until the gf gets sick of it, and I’ll just wonder then whatever happened to those pretty cool girls I used to hang out with.

          • Not to be harsh fam but it sounds like me you need to man up and make a decision and live with it. You may love your girlfriend but waiting it out isn’t going to do anything esp. if you know you can’t get back to her and she can’t come to you. Sometimes, it is what it is or rather maybe it is what it isn’t, if you know what I mean. What do you expect to come of you and your girlfriend in reality given the circumstances? I, by no means am telling you what to do and it sounds like you may be a nice guy that doesn’t want to hurt anyone but sometimes reality and truth hurt. People get over the hurt and hopefully in time are better for it. Do you want to let her go, let her be free to move on with her career and you will be able to move on with your life or do you want to wait it out and see what happens, for worse or for better. But hey, you are the only one who really knows what is going on. You and you alone are the one that will have to live with that decision. I just know what is like to miss out on potential great things and experiences because of holding onto something that isn’t there or is unrealistic. Regardless of what you choose, best of luck to you buddy.

    • If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

  • Rave: A much-needed happy hour after work today with great friends

    Rant: I have $24 to last me until Friday. However said happy hour should be my only expense until then.

    Rave: Today, and this week, I have the feeling that life is good, I’m making steps to move forward in life/career, and I’m motivated. A busy and productive work week and great progress in running makes me feel sunny.

    Rave: Maybe the Peanuts-style raincloud that has been stalking me the last couple years will finally go away!

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rant: I keep leaving my tea at home. I am VERY cranky without copious amounts of Earl Grey tea.

    Rave: Wrote to Grandpa about seeing Uliana Lopatkina perform and now he wants to see some ballets.

    Amazing: My grandpa has a great grand-daughter in high school.

  • Rant: The crap our News outlets are. Looking at you FOX, MSNBC, and CNN. You should all be ashamed.

    Rave: Excellent weather!

    Rant: It’s only Feb 1 so it will get cold again (i think)…

  • Rant: People who own big dogs but don’t have the strength (or obedience training) to control them. Our dog is new and is very distracted by other dogs, so we try to avoid other people with dogs when we’re out walking. Our dog saw a woman running with two dogs across the street. He stared, but was generally OK. But then one of the two dogs across the street BOLTED at our dog and the woman let go of the leash as the dog ran into the street. Our dog weighs 13 pounds, and this dog was probably 60-70 pounds and I feel would have bitten our dog if we let him get close enough. THANK GOD my husband decided to go walking with us; I held our dog while my husband grabbed the other dog’s leash. The lady was apologetic but GEEZ lady, CONTROL YOUR DOG.

  • Rave: This weather makes waking up every day less difficult.

    Rant: Only Wednesday. Also rent was due today.

  • Rave: Finally caught my parents at home for a chat. (My parents make the parents in the Toyota Venza commercials look like wallflowers)

    Rave: We made all kinds of plans for my cousin’s destination wedding.

    Rant: I’ve been trying to schedule my daughter’s surgery for a week now, and no one will get back to me.

  • Rant: My 18 week old is running a 101 temp and is in the midst of her first major cold (thanks big brother). I feel so bad for the little thing.

    Rave: Our doctor’s office is Johnny on the Spot. On call doc even gave me her cell phone # if we needed her over night. Doc also called me in the morning the check in and let me know when during her schedule that day we could get right in without waiting.

  • rave: that photo is hilarious.

  • me

    Rant: While I am happy that I’ve lost the weight I wanted to and can basically see my ribs and my hipbones are really sticking out, I cannot get any sort of change in my flat, flabby @ss, no matter what I do.

    Rave: It is GORGEOUS outside. It’s getting me psyched for spring already.

    Rant: Had plans for lunch with an old friend whom I haven’t seen in awhile, but she had to cancel at the last minute. 🙁

    • If you haven’t tried, heavy squats and lunges. Just make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing to show you how to squat properly. Sounds scary, but every woman I know who’s gotten past the fear and done it loves the results.

    • Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones work out DVD. It’s wonderful. I do it just about every night.

    • I dunno, dude. the best thing for whatever problems you think your “flat and flabby ass” causes is probably you just getting outside and running around and hanging with friends more and not caring. this advice is from the heart. caring about that s*** is dull and tiresome. reading a book, taking a class, etc. THAT is what makes you more interesting and desirable. obsessing about anything beyond being reasonably healthy is unhealthy.

      • me

        I appreciate that. It’s not that I want to be more “desirable” or care what others think- it’s just one final thing that I’d like to do to feel better about the way I look personally. I know my husband doesn’t care if it’s flat/flabby. It’s just one of those things that I wish came with the rest of my toning that I’ve accomplished. I’ll try others’ suggestions, too- thanks!

    • I was mesmerized by this infomercial the other day where the guy refers to himself as the buttmaster. He had me sold that if I bought his videos I could get a great a$$. I hesitate to suggest that you google buttmaster, however.

  • Another rant: my coworker pounding on his keyboard g-chatting with his soon to be ex wife.

  • Rant: Inconsiderate people. Really, if you can’t park your car without leaving your bumper literally touching the bumper of the car in front of you, don’t do it! Take a minute and find a different spot. I still feel like I should have left a note on their windshield, but I was too annoyed to think of anything a) appropriate or b) that would create any change in behavior. Why are some people like that? Is not being an asshole not the obvious winner when you have a choice?

    Rave: Sunshine. Spring. Indoor flowering blubs.

    • I take it you didn’t read Weingarten’s chat yesterday. HAHA

      Go check it out, it will either get you ranting more or laughing about your parking rant.

      • Because parking spaces are hard to find and the city LOVES giving out parking tickets! I would park on top of other cars if I could.

  • RAVE: Biked to work.

    RANT: Hmmmm, not in very good shape. Tiny hills were HARD!

    RAVE: still doing the workout thing at home and enjoy reading everyone’s posts on what they are doing to get in/stay in shape. Very helpful.

  • Rant: Planning a hospital-wide fundraiser with four other departments = new boss testing my event planning skills = stressful!

    Rave: I work with a woman named Julie Andrews, who is British. I LOVELOVELOVE talking to her on the phone. “Hello, this is Julie Andrews…”

    Rave: Ordering and receiving supplies for the office. I never remember what I ordered so every box is like Christmas…full of labels and paper. (It’s the little things that count).

    Rant: In a long distance relationship with the boyfriend, even though he lives in Alexandria and I live in Bethesda, as he has now worked the PAST 14 DAYS STRAIGHT.

    • It’s funny you call that long distance. I dated a guy that was deployed in Iraq for 16 months and upon arrival home was still 4 hours away.

      I totally understand though. I live in DC and my current boyfriend lives only 30 miles away but we still see each other only one day a week. It’s one wonderful day though!

  • RAVE: Scientists are nearly through 13,000 feet of ICE to reach unexplored Lake Vostok in Antarctica!
    RANT: this probably means we are unleashing Cthulhu on the world.

  • springroadintoaction

    Rant: The Lawson’s at 18th + I st closed today, which makes today the saddest day in history.

    Rave: I mean, come on, it’s 60+ degrees on February 1.

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