Props to the Cops – Major Narcotics Unit

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

Based on an ongoing narcotics investigation in the Third District in the areas of Spring Road and Place, Perry Place, Meridian Place, Oak Street, Holmead Place and the 3300-3600 blocks of 14 Streets, Northwest , the Third District Vice Unit in coordination with other MPD Vice Units and the Major Narcotics Unit executed 10 search warrants in different areas in the city.

As a result, numerous arrests were made. Additionally, various narcotics, US currency, other evidence, and a firearm was recovered.

Thanks to the community for your continued support in making your neighborhoods safer.

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  • Pretty much right were I live. How do I found out more details? I mean I have some suspicions but would be interested to know which houses were searched and who was arrested.

    • If you’re on the MPD listserv for your district, it probably publishes a daily arrest report with the site of the arrest. Sometimes the locations are a little unreliable (like it could list the police station if the person is booked there) but often pretty accurate.

      I was in Petworth yesterday afternoon and saw them setting up for one of the raids. A ton of cops with some pretty heavy weaponry and other tools (like a battering ram for doors). Glad to hear they went well!

  • That little warren of streets has for years seemed on the verge of becoming an open-air drug market (if it wasn’t one already). Wonder if this will actually have an effect on that or is just merely a band-aid.

    • What is your perspective anon? I live right there and cold not disagree more. Sure there is some shady activity – usually on 14th but Holmead and Perry are pretty quiet streets east of 14th. If you are talking west of 14th maybe it is different but I have to say I can’t agree with your assessment.

  • Same area as today’s rental of the day!

  • T

    interesting timing. I found it odd that the usual crew of dealers wasn’t out on my street last night… maybe they got caught up in this bust. Then again, this bust happened pretty far south of me, so I doubt i’m that lucky.

  • Can’t find additional information. The guys that hang out at Oak and Meridian are bold to say the least. I can’t tell you how many times I walked by and they were smoking pot. If anyone finds out more info please post.

    • OH NO! Smoking the pot you say!?

      • I think Anonymous’s point was that the group of dealers are bold enough to smoke pot on the street.

        Feign outrage all you like, but I’d imagine Anonymous is dissatisfied more because of the open-air drug dealing than the open-air pot-smoking.

        Erik, would you really want groups of young men smoking pot in front of YOUR house?

      • Yeah idiot in broad daylight as they were selling. I could care less if people smoke pot but it’s illegal. Give me your address so the 15 gang bangers can block the sidewalk in front of your house instead of intimidating the resideinces in this area of Columbia Heights,

  • The carryout/grocery on 14th and Otis basically acted as the place of business for the dealers. The store was raided and several people were arrested including the owner of the store. It has been a blight on the block for a long time and I’m thrilled that the police took action last night.

    • You mean DC Fish Carryout? I find it difficult to believe Bruce was involved, he’s actually taken a great deal of steps in the past few years to make it more difficult for people to loiter outside his store. Do you have evidence that he was implicated in this?

      • OTIS: That isn’t true at all. There were always groups hanging out all day and night long, as well as hanging out inside the store. These were the same people I saw doing their deals in the alley behind my apartment.

        • dcheights–what isn’t true at all? I said the owner of that store (small Korean guy) tries to dissuade people from loitering out front of his store. You attempt to contradict that by stating that people do loiter there. You do realize that he can’t go out there and remove them from the corner, right?

          I’m actually interested if anyone has any information on whether he was implicated in this or not.

  • Hey, whatever happened to all those whiskey smugglers and bootleggers that used to cause so much violent crime around here? Haven’t heard much about them lately.

    • Ha, Ha – good one! I agree with your deeper point, but as long as it’s still illegal and the drug trade attracts anti-social people, I’m all for the Police taking action.

  • What a colossal waste of time and resources.

  • Thank God for this clean-up effort. I can’t go into Target anymore without five people asking me if I’m looking to score some pot or some meth.

  • I would definitely like to learn more about this… if anyone has info, please share.

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