Props to the Cops – Armed Carjacker Arrested

Photo by PoPville flickr user KJinDC

From MPD:

Shortly before 8:30 this morning a women was confronted by a gunman as she exited her vehicle in the 100 block of G St SW. The assailant demanded the victim’s car keys, she complied and the suspect fled in the victim’s vehicle. Thankfully the victim was not injured. The first MPD unit arrived on the scene quickly and broadcasted a lookout for the vehicle. The vehicle was almost immediately spotted and a pursuit was initiated. There was a lengthy pursuit of the vehicle through DC and PG County that involved units from US Capital PD, PG County PD, MPD and the US Park Police helicopter. This chase culminated in the apprehension of a suspect in the Sixth District.

The apprehension of this dangerous felon was possible due to the cooperative efforts of multiple agencies and outstanding police work by multiple officers. The teamwork of these officers resulted in the recovery of the victim’s vehicle and arrest of a suspect, all accomplished without injury to anyone. I particularly want to recognize the work of the Sixth District officers who assisted in this apprehension.

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  • Why don’t they ever report on the firearms used in these crimes? Make model and source please.

    • In a country with over 250 million firearms in private hands, spotlighting certain stores or manufacturers as “bad” is about as useful as blaming a particular gallon of seawater for an open-ocean drowning death.

  • Well, that’s right outside of my apartment building. I’m glad the carjacker was apprehended.

    Honestly, I don’t feel safe in that neighborhood anymore.

  • i was a victim of an UNarmed carjacker last summer. i have to say: MPD rocks the house!! those guys spotted the car, gave chase, and apprehended the thief within 20 minutes. too bad the jerk totalled my car. but MPD were studs. i love those guys/gals.

  • That is one stupid carjacker, as it is almost impossible to make an easy getaway from the unit block of G Southwest. Must be a nutcase.

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