PoP Proper Preview – Coffy Cafe – Opening Thursday March 1st

Back on Jan. 5th we took a pre-preview of Coffy Cafe coming to 3310 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights. The opening date has been pushed back a few times but owner Philecia tells me that she has picked up her business license and will open this Thursday at 7am. You can see their menus here and hours will be:

Mon – Fri: 7am-9pm • Sat: 8am-10pm • Sun: 8am-8pm

And here’s a look at the inside:

Like the way it turned out?

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  • I like it! Seems trendy but retro at the same time.

  • Yes, so long as they keep those fluorescent lights off.

  • It’s a different look for the neighborhood. I wouldn’t like it as a lounge but as a coffee shop I think it could be a great addition.

  • White leather + coffee = brilliant.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth… pretty ballsy. If that couch is cloth – hello coffee and people grime. I call dibs on a chair at one of the tables…less likely to be full of coffee and/or cooties.

      • Hoping it’s vinyl or something unstainable. And it’s sad but I seriously hope there’s no wifi. That corner has a ton of homeless people and youth on it.

        • I’m so sick of homeless people and teens on their laptops for 5 hours having only bought a single coffee. Yes, this is the real problem.

        • Those aren’t homeless people – they live in the low-income assisted living senior center that sits above this block. The bus stop at 14th & Park probably has something to do with the number of people on that corner as well.

        • Yeah, those homeless people using the wifi are a real problem.

          • I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t found a seat in a coffee shop because it’s been dominated by homeless people on their macbooks day trading and editing wiki articles. Wake up to this problem Mayor Gray.

  • I also love the menu! Going for the Mod Squad and the Basic w/ Apple Butter. Seems like the names are well thought out and fit with the 60s theme. At first I thought this place and the bakery under Allegro would be rivals but there’s a good amount of variance between their menus and ambiance.

  • Looks cool. A welcome addition to the neighborhood.

  • Ugh, it’s not thathard to decorate a space. Why are most coffee shops so uncomfortable and awkward?

    • Because they want you to spend some time there, but not all day.

    • what’s your idea of a well decorated space?

      • Not that these places are/were well decorated, but they at least don’t look like some cheesy, low budget, euro cafe: tryst, mid city (tear), and peregrine are all at least comfortable… well, peregrine isn’t really comfortable, but that’s the layout, not the furniture and materials. I understand that it’s expensive to decorate a place, but the tiles with fluorescent lights? the knockoff wassily chairs (so uncomfortable)? glass tables?

    • LisaT

      I think the show Friends was the worst thing that ever happened to the coffee shop. It made people believe a coffee shop is an extension of your living room–both in terms of decor and customer habit–not the money-making business it actually is.

      Glad to see this place finally opening! It looks great.

  • It looks fantastic. The owner should be very proud of herself!

  • Hideous. Looks like my teenage niece decorated the place.

    • Your teenage niece’s sensibilities are inspired by mod aesthetics and Blaxploitation films? That’s actually pretty impressive.

  • I like the new french bakery but their seating options are poor, this looks more like a place I would sit and read a book for a while. Also a fan of them now closing the shutters every night, not sure why every other store on that block feels the need to keep doing that at this point.

    • I was just saying that as I walked past it last night. Hopefully the other stores will follow the lead and stop using the riot gates. If the wine store down the street doesn’t need them, I find it highly unlikely that the Subway sandwich shop is in danger of mass cold cut looting.

  • Ugh. This looks like a bad ikea commercial. No warmth, no personality, this looks just like every other “loungy” cafe that’s trying to be hip when really it looks tacky and tasteless. Not a fan at all.

  • I’m excited to have this in the neighborhood! In the end it’s all about he products and service, not what color the rug is.

  • I think the plastic chairs look somewhat cafeteria-like and not all that inviting. However! I think the theme and vibe of this place are so random and weird that I can’t not like it. I love any weird, unique place in DC, as rare as they are here.

  • I think it looks nice!

  • The sea of white doesn’t do it for me. Boring. I don’t like the pinkish red. Feels kind of out of step with what we’re used to seeing in new hangouts spots: industrial and natural materials. I think they could still use a lot of white if they brought in more rustic elements — play up the contrast between synthetic and natural. It’s too simple to me as is.

    Foxy Brown, however, does do it for me. I’d spend time here, regardless of my feelings about the decor.

    • Please explain how something “kind of out of step with what we’re used to seeing” comes across as “boring” to you?

  • WOW! I now understand why there are so freakin many cookie-cutter gawd awful boring stupid franchises EVERYWHERE! This is an independent business with a great idea and I think the place looks bright inviting, comfortable and fun. I’m also really glad that I will be patronizing a place where people “get” it. I’d appreciate it a lot if those of you that prefer an industrial less-amaturish space that doesn’t cater to the local elderly population, go hang out ANYWHERE else.

  • It looks great! Can’t wait to get some good coffe, relax and soak up the atmosphere. Great job. Good idea to bring a cafe to the neighborhood.

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