Pitango Gelato Adding Counter Culture Coffee

It seems everybody’s expanding coffee operations these days. First came word of Italy Pizza offering Gimme! Coffee, then we learned Blind Dog Cafe opened at Darnell’s and now comes word of Pitango Gelato adding Counter Culture Coffee:

Pitango Gelato is pleased to announce the addition of Counter Culture Coffee to its hot drink line-up. All Pitango baristas go through Counter Culture’s intensive coffee education program, where they acquire in-depth knowledge of brewing techniques with classes such as “Brewing Science” and “Milk Chemistry Lab.”

Pitango’s new coffee menu includes the Italian classics: espresso, cappuccino, latte as well as affogato (espresso served with a scoop of gelato). In addition to the coffee program, Pitango will continue to offer its Italian sipping hot chocolate during the winter months and its full line of classic and seasonal gelatos and sorbets year round.

Pitango Gelato is a local private company with locations in DC’s Penn Quarter, Capitol Hill, Logan Circle.

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  • Too bad their gelato sux. I really have not found gelato anywhere around here that even comes close to the stuff in France. Never been to Italy, but I’m sure it is awesome there too.

  • Meh. I’ve never found gelato that is as good as ice cream (including in Italy). Just another brand of snobbery, along with the coffee, tea, craft beer fads that the average person really can’t tell the difference between…

  • Hey POP we are in the coffee game as well I guess, we make the best Irish Coffee in the city, with counter culture coffee!!!

  • This is particularly interesting news in light of the WCP article I read recently that discusses exactly how Counter Culture has managed to take over many of DC’s coffee programs:


    I’m a little disappointed that they copped to the Counter Culture machine but I can see why it makes sense as a business to make that choice.

  • claire

    Speaking of recent coffee upgrades, got to try out a mocha from Italy Pizza recently and it was very very tasty! Already loved them for a slice, nice to know they’re a good option for coffee now too.

  • I love Pitango, by far the best gelato in the hood. The organic all natural approach to food and their coffee make a great alternative to Starbucks and fake yogurts. Why all the snotty postings? we should be happy to have such a business around!

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