New Crime Tool on Smart Phones Launches

Thanks to a reader for sending this article from Forbes:

CrimePush, available on iTunes today, is the latest in mobile technology to provide urban populations with fast, discrete, and intelligent safety assistance. After being held at gunpoint on the streets of Washington, DC co-founder, Shayan Pahlevani thought of a way to conveniently help report and prevent crimes for the 21st century.

The company utilizes Smartphone technology to put crime reporting, literally, in the hands of users. After downloading the free iPhone or Android application, users can report an ongoing crime with the push of a button. A package of information including the location of the crime, photo, video, audio, and text description of the crime are sent to authorities immediately. The application also allows for users to report crime anonymously so that they may continue with their busy lives knowing that with a push of a button, police will know and have everything to pursue the criminal. Ordinary users become the eyes and ears of authorities.

Think this will work?

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  • According to the app store it is in beta mode and doesn’t actually notify the authorities. Ooops. I’m glad I read that so I don’t send crime reports to dissolve in the internet cloud.

  • i love this idea! there have been times (more than one) when i’ve been at a playground (ahem, girard street) with my children and there’s been open drug use and i haven’t felt comfortable making a 911 call in front of the offenders. now, getting the police to respond promptly is another issue all together! downloading app now.

    • You can also text the police at 50411 if you ever need to discreetly let them know about open drug use in front of you.

    • I love the idea. I’d love to chase drug dealers around all day, taking their photos. Problem is, how responsive will police be?

      I mean, if a uniform shows up in 5 minutes, I’d be okay using the “Drugs” button in someone’s face. But if it takes 30 minutes, that’s not going to work for me.

      Also, I don’t think I’d be as comfortable doing this in my own neighborhood — alone at least. I think retaliation might occur, if someone knew where I lived. Anyone want to swap neighborhood watches?

      The great thing is that if someone shot you, there’d at least be a GPS and time stamped jpg of them for the police to use. Huzzah.

  • Not sure how this is going to be useful after the assailant takes your smart phone…

  • The ALTERCATION button looks like two guys dancing.

  • mine has one too…9-1-1

  • There should be an app that uses GPS and plays the stabbing sound effects from the movie Psycho, if you find yourself on a particularly stabby block.

  • Brilliant! The PoP anti-crime app too….

  • ridiculous, keep your phone hidden when you’re out on the street

    call 911 and speak to a live person who can confirm details over the phone OR contact your local PSA Lt and District Commander, their numbers/emails should be in every citizens phone books to begin with so you can follow up about crimes with real live people (instead of just dumping info into cyber space)

    if you’re not going to appear in court to testify as a witness to a crime, you might as well just keep walking and/or ignore it and preserve your anonymity, most of these criminals walk and are back out on our streets the next day, week, month b/c there is very little MPD can witness once they arrive

    sometimes apps undermine basic logic

    • you have got to be kidding?! experiences with 911 have been comical at best. I mean really…

      • +1… using DC911 is so damn frustrating. I give you an example of a recent call to DC911 that I made just two weeks ago…

        Me: Hey, can you send the police to 13th and Lawrence St NE? There are a couple of guys breaking into the cars on the street.
        DC911: Where are they breaking into cars?
        Me: at 13th and Lawrence Streets NE.
        DC911: What are the cross streets?
        Me: 13th Street NE and Lawrence Street NE.
        DC911: Did you say NW?
        Me: NO. N-O-R-T-H-E-A-S-T. 13th and Lawrence Streets NE!
        DC911: I need an exact address.
        Me: You have to be fuc$ing kidding me. They are moving down the 1300 block of Lawrence NE, towards 14th Street.
        DC911: Do you have an address?
        Me: Jesus, fine. 1345 Lawrence Street NE. Now, can you just send the damn police.
        DC911: What are the men doing?
        Me: ….(hangup)…

  • Interesting idea.

    However I fail to see how this was inspired by being robbed at gunpoint? While being robbed at gunpoint, I don’t really see myself unlocking my phone, launching the app and pressing the correct button. Particularly when most street muggings seem to be aimed at obtaining smart phones if they are available along with wallets.

  • ah

    Where’s the button for reporting an iPhone theft?

  • i don’t have a smart phone. but being able to text police would be great. I have twice witnessed child abuse (once on bus, once on metro) and calling, I think, would have escalated the situation.

  • Call 911. Seriously, c’mon.

  • I like the Theft picture – those guys look like they’re having a good ol’ time!

  • And, the Forbes piece is just laffable: “CrimePush could literally revolutionize the revolutions taking place in the Middle East”

    Really? This is a fluff piece, and sounds like an advertisement written by the app developer’s friend, not an actual review of the app.

  • Is there a “never mind, those two big guys walking my way didn’t mug me after all” button on there?

  • Brilliant MPD move. It is easy to ignore a phone call, but even easier to ignore an anonymous email!

  • >to provide urban populations with fast, discrete, and intelligent safety assistance.

    Are you telling me the Forbes copy editor doesn’t know the difference between discreet and discrete? I call BS.

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