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  • FYI- They are expanding into the space vacated by Video King and Zucchabar.

  • I wish they’d open for breakfast (at least on Fridays and weekends) like their other place in Gtown does- Cafe Bonapate.

  • This looks pretty good. So glad they will still have mussels. Theirs are much better than Granville Moore’s and better than Beck’s as well. I’m kind of glad they got rid of the crepes too because they were premade and heated in the microwave. Yuck.

    • That’s your opinion, and my opinion is that your opinion is wrong.

      • Hahaha — fair enough. You can trek down to H St, NE for a mussel fix and I can walk around the corner. The first time I had them there I was surprised at how good they were. And every time I’ve been to Granville Moore’s, they’ve been big and chewy and almost inedible. GM’s sauces are good though, but when the actual mussels are horrible, there’s only so much you can do with the sauce. The manager at another place on H Street even told me back in the fall they were reworking things there after getting a lot of complaints and to wait a month or two then try it again, but I haven’t gone back to see.

  • I’m really surprised at how reasonable the prices are

  • small plates? Ugggggggh.

    Got rid of the sweetbreads… ugggggghhhhh.

  • Bye bye vegan entree…

    • Seriously — that was one of my vegan destination dishes (ie, a dish I’d leave the neighborhood for). Sad.

    • There was a vegan entree?? Nuts, never even got to try it.

      Also, this small plates trend sucks. Way less food for the money, and there are never any leftovers!

  • I won’t go back unless they change chefs. Every time I have been, the food has been mediocre, coffee cold, and the service leaves a lot to be desired. I give up.

  • Love Napolean, but this new menu blows. They deleted about 2/3 of the menu, the portions are now cut in 1/2, but the prices did not drop in half. I always enjoyed the crepe dinners. 2 crepes with a small side salad for around $10. No more. I was told that the crepes, that are still left, are a smaller portion and don’t have a salad.

    I could deal with jacking up the prices a little (they certainly did), but cutting a majority of the menu was a bad move.

  • If the place wasn’t less than 40 steps from my apartment I’d never go there.
    I will give their service credit for being consistent, consistently terrible.
    The crepes were ok, the sandwiches were good, and some of the dinners were good. But the service was terrible. Maybe with a bigger space they’ll not feel the need to ignore seating or serving you (while you stand in the way of servers and you hover over tables) .

  • I used to love the duck breast with foie gras, it was one of my favorite dishes for a reasonable price and I often went just for that meal. I will not be going back anytime soon.

    Having just gone this past sunday (the menu had already changed) I tried the duck sausage and foie gras. Not only was the sausage rubbery and not appetizing, the foie gras (if you could call it that) was a tastless blob of fried something. It was disgusting, I only ate half of my meal and my girlfriend and friends were disappointed as well (her scallops were burnt and rubbery as well). So long to a place I used to really enjoy.

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