Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Whole House in Cleveland Park

This rental is located at 3711 Warren St, NW:

The listing says:

“Renovated from top to bottom in 2011!! A gem in Cleveland park!! Quick access to Tennly & Vanness METRO!!!!!! Beautiful spaces w/gleaming HW floors & high ceilings!! New windows!! GORGEOUS KIT.w/maple cabinets, granite tops & S.S appliances!! Breakfast bar open to Din R., Den w/ big windows overlooking private & fenced yard!! AMAZING designers bathrooms!! Master BR w/ sitting room!! GARAGE!! 10+++”

This 3 bed/3.5 bath is going for $4,500/Mo.

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  • I’d consider that Tenleytown, not Cleveland Park.

    • Funny, though on google maps it says “north cleveland park”. Curious what people who live around here think. As somebody who lives in CP near the metro, it’s strange for me to think my neighborhood extends to a mile and a half away… especially considering the relative small boundaries of other hoods in the city.

      • is CP a popular shorthand for cleveland park? i’ve only ever it heard it used for college park.

        • It probably is for people who aren’t from the DC area or didn’t go to UMD. For them, College Park is just some random metro stop.

    • Agreed.

      The agent is being very generous with her definition of Cleveland Park. North Cleveland Park is a completely different (and less desireable in my opinion) neighborhood. Most people I talk to just call North Cleveland Park “Van Ness” because of the metro stop.

  • Most of the photos appear to have been taken at night, at at least one was blurry.

    The agent should have spent less time on exclamation marks and more time on photos.

  • Most of the photos appear to have been taken at night, and at least one was blurry.

    The agent should have spent less time on exclamation marks and more time on photos.

    • Oops, sorry for the inadvertent double posting — I thought I had caught the original in time to correct “at at” to “and at,” but instead both versions went online.

  • Looks like a nice house, but I’m assuming the $4,500 rent is to compensate for the 12 or so AU students who’ll likely end up renting this place.

  • Geez, last night (House of the Day) it was T’town, today it’s CP. I lived a couple blocks from here from 1998 to 2007, and this is definitely NCP. Really nice neighborhood. Great block.

  • If 3 housemates got together, they’d pay $1,500 each. For that amount of cash, you’d be easily able to get your own place in a very nice neighborhood. They must be going for families with enough cash to buy a nice place, I suppose.

    • Where can you get a nice place for $1500? A studio is what you have for $1500 in any place remotely nice. Sad but true.

      Regardless, back on track. Seems semi-reasonable I suppose? If it is nice, still seems a bit high for a group house, even in this neighborhood. I think a family winds up taking it though. Either that or the aformentioned 5 AU students, with the one random dude who can only pay $500 a month who sleeps on a matress in the basement.

  • Man, how do families afford these places? Do your 5 and 8-year-olds get after school jobs to help out? It’s one thing when it’s a bunch of young professionals that each has their own income, but I seriously don’t know how a family can afford rent in this city…

    • This is play money at NYC prices. Lets not forget the DC area has six of the top 10 highest average median income counties in the country.

    • I feel the same way, but clearly you and I are not in the DC 1% who could easily afford this place. What I don’t understand is why they wouldn’t just buy a place. Maybe someone who moves a lot for their job?

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