Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Restaurant edition

This is home to the former Brightwood Bistro located at 5832 Georgia Ave, NW.

The listing says:

“3,000 SF Retail in Brightwood (previously operated as the Brightwood Bistro). Beautifully designed with modern finishes throughout. Located at the signalized intersection of Georgia and Missouri Ave, near newly proposed Walmart development. Available also as turn-key restaurant/bar with liquor license. Fully-equipped kitchen with hood system in place.”

This space is going for $7,000/Mo.

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  • Is there any parking behind the building? That is a crazy intersection, I have often passed by in the car thinking I would stop at that bistro if only they had easy parking.

    • Worst “Bistro” ever. Check them out on Yelp.. Seriously, we tried to like them, but it was awful. Literally one of the worst restaurants I have ever been to. Thank goodness they closed, and hopefully we can get someone real in there that actually wants to try and turn it into something.

  • brookland_rez

    That intersection needs to be redesigned. It’s absolutely horrible and dangerous. I can’t imagine what traffic from a Walmart there is going to be like.

    • the intersection sucks, but do a lot of accidents happen there?

      • brookland_rez

        Not sure, but I’ve seen people do some dumb things at that intersection. Like heading east onto Missouri and being in the right lane and having some clown from the left lane try to turn right onto GA ave. And the way it goes right then left, people seem to have a hard time staying in their lanes mid turn.

        I don’t understand why they don’t straighten out the turn and just make it a regular intersection. Would be a lot less confusing for people.

        • “I don’t understand why they don’t straighten out the turn and just make it a regular intersection.”

          I’m not sure what you had in mind, but the reason is probably that it would entail major construction work involving (I would guess) reconfiguring or relocating not just the road, but also utilities and some buildings too. All this at the intersection of two fairly heavily trafficked crosstown roads. I don’t think anyone will support such an expense and major disruption just to eliminate a bit of confusion.

          • brookland_rez

            With the impending Walmart arrival, now would be a good time to fix that intersection. They could shift Missouri Ave just a little bit north to align the intersection. Those buildings on the north side of Missouri will be razed anyways. They could bundle this into the infrastructure improvements package that a Walmart will necessitate, which Walmart will end up paying for anyways.

  • That corner is cursed. The Ibex nightclub used to be there. That’s where Officer Gibson got shot and numerous other instances of reported and unreported fights, stabbings, etc. They closed that place back in 1997 and that corner hasn’t been right since.

  • 7k rent? Good luck..

  • We tried to eat there, showed up an hour before closing on Sunday afternoon, and were told the kitchen had closed. There was one person in there. They also had a loud TV at the bar, which doesn’t exactly say “bistro.” Looks like they had similar crowds every time we drove by. The place lived a few more weeks, then died a deserving death.

    Not sure how razing the great-looking old bank building on the north side of Missouri would improve a neighborhood full of otherwise ratty looking storefronts. Let’s keep the little bit of good architecture the neighborhood has.

  • I haven’t been there in a few years, but I ate there not long after it opened, and had a great meal.

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