Lost Dog in LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale

My friend’s dog ran away yesterday afternoon around 1:30 PM in LeDroit Park/Bloomingdale near W & 2nd Street NW. We’ve contacted the Humane Society and everything, but I figured I would reach out to you and your readership, if possible.

Her name is Sasha and we’re not sure of her exact breed, but she looks like a Shiba Inu mix — reddish blonde-colored and about 30 lbs. I’ve attached the best two photos I have. She is very sweet but rather shy/skittish, and likely will not seek out other people or come if called. She is wearing a collar and tags that as far as I know list her veterinarian in Bowie as the contact #. The vet is aware she is missing.

Feel free to use wpindc(at)gmail.com or the contact # (202) 256-2991 if anyone has any information.

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  • She looks like a real cutie. I hope she gets home safely!

  • Aww she looks so sad…I hope she finds her home!

  • Any news about Sasha? We’re hoping!

  • Hopefully Sasha has been found already, but if not don’t forget to canvass the neighborhood with posters/signs with a picture of her on them and a contact number. Also, though unlikely, check other area shelters in case she was picked up by someone and turned in somewhere in VA or MD. Good luck!

  • I’m extremely happy and relieved to report that Sasha found her way home! Her owner opened the front door this morning to find Sasha waiting on the doorstep. Thank you, PoP, and PoPville for your concern and support!

  • I hope the dog is found safe and sound. But I have to say, how is it that these dogs “get lost” and/or “run away”? I was raised around dogs and we had 3 doberman pinschers so I get it but I often see people walking dogs without leashes like they have total control of the dog. I know you want to think that your “son” or “daughter” would never run away but it is still an animal and has its own mind. People need to be more responsible, use leashes, make sure that your fences are high enough, make sure that there are no open holes in your fence…

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