Listed District’s Phenomenal Finds Vol. 2 – Go Big, or Go Home!

Ellen Richardson, a graphic designer and Pleasant Plains resident, recently took her Craigslist hunting skills to the next level with the launch of her blog, Listed District. Listed District offers daily DC Craigslist findings of everything from Mid-Century and Industrial furniture, to bikes and the utterly strange. Growing up in north Alabama, Ellen got plenty of flea market and antique mall scouring practice – she’s drawn to the interesting histories of the unique (and strange) so, don’t expect her to post too many IKEA leftovers. Every week Ellen is going to share a roundup of some Phenomenal Finds with PoPville.

I love Fridays. Fridays for me are like Spring-time or New Years – I make all kinds of promises to myself about all of the things that I am or am not going to do, about all of the ways that I’m going to change my life. Fridays also seem like the best day of the week to live in a fantasy world where I don’t give a hoot about the price of anything, a world where money is no object (a world where I am online shopping rather than working…). This week, I didn’t have to go to Design Within Reach to pretend to spend money – Craigslist had everything I needed!

Today’s Phenomenal Finds features some very vintage, very iconic, ‘big-name’ Mid Century pieces that aren’t as easy on the purse strings as the average Listed District finds…but who cares – it’s Friday!

Phenomenal finds after the jump.

10ft (!!) Vintage Knoll Sofa – $4,000

3 Knoll Tulip Chairs – $900 

Richard Stein for Knoll Daybed (rare!!) – $2600
Greta Grossman/Milo Baughman Bench/Dresser – $2600 

Finn Juhl Model 133 Lounge Chair

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  • the fact that i now know that this blog exists is not going to be helpful to my bank account.

  • I’ll just say it: the Mid-Century look just doesn’t work for me. Most of it looks dated, and not in a good or “classic” way. Just (dare I say it) …. cheap. These pieces don’t seem timeless to me at all, and I fear they’ll all look just as dated when this trend runs it’s course in a few years. A couple of *carefully* chosen pieces here or there for some contrast, sure, but if you’re trying to replicate a set from Mad Men you’re doing it wrong. People are going overboard with the look. Plastic furniture had it’s moment in the sun decades ago, let’s let it R.I.P.

    That dresser/bench is interesting, but would work better if the dresser and bench were separated and allowed to live their own lives! The legs are great.

    • I think the same thing when I walk into a house that looks like a Pottery Barn showroom — bleh. Traditional doesn’t do it for me.

      • Pottery Barn is traditional? Pottery Barn is Pottery Barn. It’s all styles and no style at once! I actually see more mid-century influence in their stores these days than anything else (it’s Restoration Hardware that drives me nuts).

        The choice isn’t Mid-Century or Pottery Barn; it’s all-Mid-Century-all-the-time or something that looks like some care was taken in putting it together vs. ripped from some decor mag and pawned off on people with lots of cash for others to make design decisions for them.

        I’m going to fill a warehouse with vintage pine paneling, crocheted artwork and shag carpet samples for when the inevitable 70’s rec room look comes back. Gonna make a mint!

        • We have opposite tastes. I like Restoration Hardware, although I never shop there. I would take a couple pieces from them, here and there, but it’s hard to pull the trigger based on their prices. I’m eying a leather chair from them. Someday…

          Pottery Barn — they don’t ring my bell. I could see getting a dining table from them, maybe some accessories.

          I agree that the best way to do it is to put it together yourself. MCM is cheap, which is one reason why people gravitate towards it.

      • austindc

        Pottery has no business being in a barn in the first place. One stray hoof kick, and there goes the mug your kid made you at school. A chicken coop or some sort of grain silo is a preferable storage location.

  • Please continue to limit the “finds” to expensive pieces and let those of us who can’t afford them continue to build our humble collections of mid-century furniture from craigslist without the competition. Thanks.

  • ha, wondering how “easy on the purse strings” became synonymous with “full price at Room & Board”. may as well get your own new stuff that’s in perfect condition.

  • Wow, or you could just find everything on this list cheaper. Starting with the lounge chair at the bottom, one page of google results gave me no less than a dozen places to get ones in perfect condition (or exact replicas but since Juhl is dead I don’t care if he gets the money) for hundreds less.

  • hey! that WAS my couch! the Eames sofa is in great condition. too funny.

  • I am completely in love with the Bench/Dresser

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