Judging Possible Pop Ups (reader request) 13th and Florida Ave, NW

Dear PoP,

I pass this on the way home from work. It’s a Pop-up right? Have you ever judged this on the site?

We’ve admired the mustache many times but I don’t think we’ve ever judged this split house at the corner of 13th and Florida Ave, NW. First, does anyone know if this is a pop up or original to the house? If it’s a pop up, do you dig it?

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  • if you have to ask…. it’s a good pop-up.

    if it is a pop-up of course.

  • My friend used to live in the house on the left.

    If it is a pop-up, it’d have to be an older-vintage one.

  • I think it is. If you look at all the other houses on the row they don’t have extended roofs. And the door that comes out of the side of the roof just looks like it is a little out of place to be original.

    But then again: My dad told me how the builders would use the money they made on houses in an area and build a fancier version for themselves on the best lot. So could this be the builder’s house?

  • If it’s a pop-up, it’s a DAMN good one!
    (I have no idea if it is one of not, but the level of detail in the trim around the windows and the roof line and such makes me think that it’s either original, or a pop-up that was done many years ago)

  • Just a mansard roof/third floor. Probably not a pop up.

  • I’ve always thought it was an original mansard roof.

  • If that is a pop-up, I will eat MY mustache. It’s either original construction or added on within a few years of the original construction.

  • I never understood this place. Is this one big house or a condo building? If a condo building, are there just 2 condos (left and right) or multiple condos?

    This building is a little out of place on this block because of its size. Not in a bad way because it really is a nice building, just different.

  • Love it. This should be The standard for all pop-ups in DC.

    Can’t tell but looks like the building has a rooftop terrace on the back. If it does I nominate it for Best Spot for a Morning Cup of Coffee and/or Mojito.

  • When I lived at 13th & T starting in 1989 the building looked much like that. So I am voting no pop-up.
    Just good architecture from back in the day. Too bad we have such a problem with it now.

    • It’s possible it was done prior to 1980’s. Just sayin’. If it had been done after 1980 it would most likely look like all the other pos pop-ups littering this town.

  • I was in one of the two houses in this pair a few years ago during an open house. My recollection from my visit is that the third floor is not original construction; the house was originally two stories like the others in the row to the south. That would seem to make it a pop-up; certainly a damn good one from the exterior. My vague recollection was that the top level of the unit I saw was more like an attic than a finished level for living.

  • I live here in the left side of the duplex.

    I don’t think the third floor is a popup. There is exposed brick on the third floor which appears to be old as hell, suggesting that the third floor is original or possibly a vintage popup.

    The third floor is finished. It is houses one bedroom, a living room, bathroom, and a small office under the dormered roof. The rooftop door leads to a desk. Its also easy to get on the roof, which is awesome for watching fourth of July fireworks.

    The house on the left (where I live, the corner side) is a group house. The landlord works out of the country and rents it out. Its a four bedroom place. The right side is owned by a family who has lived there for 20+ years.

    I’ve been living here for 3+ years and I really like it. I still remember the first time I read PoP, here in my living room. 🙂


  • There’s no way that’s a pop-up. Looking at older orthos, it appears that the roofline has been the same for decades.

  • How does one define a popup? Is it based on it not being built as part of the original structure?

    I would like to point out that it is located adjacent to Florida Avenue NW. Florida Avenue NW use to be called Boundary Street NW as it was the old boundary of DC. A developer might have built a dramatic third floor (with the rest of the house) with a balcony as this was a boundary location and would have had nice views to the rural hills to the north.

  • I vote popup. The mansard roof matches nothing. According to public records, the one on the end was built in 1890… that’s 122 years ago. It could have been added 20 years after the house was built and it would still be over a century old. A records search at MLK’s Washingtoniana collection could probably sort all this out.

    • flatsix_dc, you mentioned in your reply the “public records.” Where does one go to find those, and what records are you talking about? I own a 101-year-old row house in Petworth, and I’d love to look at some of the historical records on it. What office or location in DC keeps these? My mother has suggested I go to the tax assessor’s office.

  • Please tell me that this question was asked as a joke.

  • The reason this building stands out is because it’s much older than the houses to the right. Those houses to the right were built in the 1980’s and were designed to blend in with the surrounding architecture.

  • tterrag

    Anyone else notice the spelling error in the title of the entry?

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