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Speaking of Italian restaurants, Fiola is located at 601 Pennsylvania Ave, NW not far from the Navy-Archives Metro. Their Website says:

Fiola is Chef Fabio Trabocchi’s first owned restaurant located in the heart of DC’s Penn Quarter on Pennsylvania Avenue between 7th and 6th streets with its main entrance on Indiana Avenue.

Fiola is a modern upscale Trattoria and uses the freshest ingredients for its daily changing lunch and dinner menus. Fiola’s wine list is extensive and great variety is used to compile wines from Italy, Spain, France and The United States.

Fiola has a large bar with available seating where classic and modern cocktails are being prepared by mixologist Jeff Faile. A unique degustation menu with cocktail parings is in the works to debut in early fall.

I’m hearing that while def. pricey, the place is amazing. You can see their menus here. Has anyone checked them out yet?

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  • One of the better high-end eateries downtown. Also excellent cocktails. I wish I could afford to go more often.

  • Their lunch specials at the bar are fabulous. Not really in my budget for dinner. 🙂

  • For Pete’s sake, it’s the NATIONAL Archives and the Navy MEMORIAL that the station is next to, not the “Navy Archives”. You could at least put a slash in there.

  • Not cheap, but worth every dime. (And cheaper than Palena, which I thought was far inferior). When I think of the best meals I’ve had in D.C., Komi is at the top, but close behind in the next group are Rasika (multiple times), Fiola, and Marcel. By FAR the best Italian I’ve had in this city. And everything a fine dining experience should be: beautiful setting, impeccable service, great portions of really inventive food. The gnocchi smoked in hay with truffles and the lobster ravioli were both A plus dishes — if you are gonna pay through the nose, at least they use top-notch ingredients. But my favorite thing by far was the Burata appetizer, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Next special occasion, I’ll be back …

  • delicious lasagna – i dreamt about it, thought about it for days afterwards. only problem — too salty.

  • The food and service have been wonderful every time I have been.

  • My wife and I went recently for an anniversary. It’s that sort of place. Excellent on all levels. We started in the bar. The cocktails alone are worth visiting this place. As for the rest, great decor. Not too loud. Wonderful service. Killer food. The best thing we had – warm dates stuffed with foia gras and wrapped in prosciutto. Great desert too. We will definitely go back.

  • Nobody will have a bad time at Fiola. It’s awesome.

  • I second the lasaga–had it there on Thanksgiving. Definitely not your Italian grandmas red sauce lasagna.

  • One of the best meals I have every had. Also they are supppeerrr allergy friendly for those who care about these things!

  • Had the “Presto” lunch in the bar last week w/a friend. We shared a dessert (not on the Presto menu) and got out of there tax/tip for $26 each. Where else could I get such delicious pheasant at that price for lunch?

  • My lovely spouse treated me to a dinner at Fiola last month. The food really was amazing — an exceptional half order of papardelle with duck ragu followed by an even better main course consisting of some lamb chops, some lamb leg, and some lamb loin. Even the dinner rolls were outstanding. Prices are high but portions are very generous — I think I gained a couple of pounds from my one dinner.

  • I am sorry, but I found this place to be crap.

    To call the food Italian is a joke. It’s food with a lot os sauce on it, that’s all. Every dish I had was way over salted. None was in the slightest surprising, something one should expect when going to a place like this. DC has way better restaurants than this one.

    After my recent dinner there I will not go back. On top of the over salted dishes the staff was also overly obnoxious.

    If you want really good Italian try obelisk. Or go to new York and try scarpetta

  • Authentic in a very rustic and accessible way. I have had the full dinner experience with wine, apps, dessert (Bomboloni not to be missed, get and extra order to take home for breakfast the next morning). Loved it. Pricey but worth it. Felt transformed by the meal. Great service. What I like about Fiola is the bar area. I like grabbing a great glass of wine with a friend or two, ordering one of the MANY amazing bowls (plates) of pasta and chillin’ there. Cocktails also tops! I’ve never been, but have noticed the great lunch deals if you want to try without spending. I think they have a 3 course lunch for say a business meeting for $25. It’s the real thing.

  • Went once with some work friends and was suprised by the prices – wow, it is expensive!

    That being said, the food was exceptional. The service was so-so, which unfortunately is what I expect of all DC restaurants.

    Interesting celeb sighting while there – Terrell Owens. He is one good-looknig dude.

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