Italian gastro-pub and wine bar Coming to Former HR-57 Space in Logan Circle

Back in Nov. 2010, we learned that HR-57 was moving from 1610 14th St, NW to H Street, NE. The Logan Circle space, located next to Pearl Dive, remained vacant ever since. It was only a matter of time before someone scooped up this prime location. A recent liquor license application says it will be a:

“New full service Italian gastro-pub and wine bar with DJ or live music, no more than five piece bands. Dancing with no designated dance floor, and occasional cover change.”

Like the idea of an Italian gastro-pub and wine bar here? Stay tuned for more info when it becomes available.

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  • It sounds like a continental name for what the area already has. HR-57 was a more unique contribution to the area.

    • I have heard that what they are doing is actually trying to bring an art space similar to HR back to this location. They had originally planned to do something more like their neighbors (Pearl Dive, etc. ) but figured there was enough of that type of thing on the block and that bringing an art space back would make more sense. I guess we shall see.

  • not much live music + good food in the immediate area. should be interesting. I just hope they have glasses of wine for under $11. seems like a weird move, though, considering Cork and Posto are already wine bars. somebody should open up a good Indian restaurant in the hood.

  • Anything that bills itself as a “gastro-pub” is a no-go for me.

    • +1

      Seems like the single most douchy phrase for “restaurant” out there.

      • +1 this is a (half-) honest question – what actually IS a gastro-pub? whenever i hear that i think i’m going to walk away with a bad case of gas.

        • As far as I can tell, a gastropub is basically a pub-style place — burgers, etc. — except somewhat fancier and definitely more expensive.

        • ‘Gastropub’ is a British term for a place that wanted (now pretty antiquated) to designate itself as a full service restaurant as well as being a bar. Many pubs in the UK used to serve a limited lunch and no dinner.

          • Thanks! So, knowing British food, I guess my assumption of my personal take-away wasn’t so far off… 😉

          • I guess that makes this venture a trattoria rather than an osteria, since it’s supposed to be an Italian restaurant.

            Still no cause to go with the douchy “gastro-pub” other than an attempt to sound cool.

      • The use of the word “douchy” is, well, douchy.

  • Yum, sounds very gastrointestinal!

  • On the placard, the trade name for the restaurant was specified as “To Be Determined.” I hope TBD works better as a dining/entertaining concept than it did as a local news website.

  • We would all love an art gallery or something a bit more creative but I’ll take another restaurant. It’s ridiculous how successful even the mediocre places in Logan are every night of the week. Last night we walked down P st and up 14th and found everywhere to be very crowded. Even Caribu Coffee was full at 9pm on a Monday. The one exception was Tortilla Coast. I give that place another 2 months before they shutter.

    Competition is always good. Maybe we’ll finally be able to get a decent meal for under $50 per person in the neighborhood in the near future…

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