Is Z Burger Going to Expand into Sandwiches?

At first I thought the Tenleytown’s Z Burger was launching a new Sandwich shop at 4321 Wisconsin Ave, NW. But trying to find info on line brought up an old post from Chowhound with a reader noting back in 2008:

“there’s also a sandwich place next to that is going to open up, I believe? Sandwish or something?”

I peeked inside and it still looks set up for an expansion:

There is even a menu:

I called the store and they told me that they don’t know if the sandwiches are coming. They might still be focusing on their new SW location and their “coming soon” to Columbia Heights location. But they were told that sandwiches could still be coming.

The menu says the sandwiches are all $4.19. If they ever do launch I wonder if that price will still apply… Do you think they should expand into sandwiches or just stick with burgers?

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  • Looks just like the Potbelly menu to me, with the exception of the Italian ingredients. What they call a “Masterpiece,” Potbelly thinks of as a “Wreck.”

  • Allison

    $4.19 for a plain PB&J?? That’s what I make at home when I can’t afford to eat out… If sandwich prices go the way of rent in this city I swear…

  • I think they need to open up the Columbia Heights one already. Jesus, I’ve seen Super Wal-Marts go up quicker.

  • A new sandwich place in Tenleytown would be great, as long as the sandwiches are good.

  • It seems that Mohammad Esfahani, owner of Z Burger, is struggling to open so many stores so quickly. The real issue is the collapse of the building housing the Georgetown location ( and surrounding buildings.

    Sadly this isn’t the first time this guy has destroyed an historic building for a restaurant project. I have a wish and that is that DC fines Mr. Esfahani more than the $1000 they fined him for destroying the first building to unfortunately cross paths with him.

  • I was in that store last fall and saw what appeared to be closed area with this signage. I think is something they tried and it did not work out.

  • That Sandwish signage has been there as long as, or even before, ZBurger arrived. It is a perennial joke among AU students. I would be amazed if it ever amounted to something real.

  • The set up and signage have been in place since the place originally opened in 2008. Basically, there’s nothing new to see here.

    The big question is when is the CH location finally going to open? It’s going to be the summer of 2012 soon!

  • ZBurger has great fresh, made-in-store onion rings. Plus you can order a half and half if you can’t choose between fries and rings. Their milkshakes are creative and you can tell them to do whatever flavor you want. My favorite? Peanut butter chocolate with oreo. Dreams can come true.

    I’d also give them a lot of credit for helping out vegetarians with making their own veggie burgers, which is more than I can say about other burger chains which just serve Morningstar brand burgers or no veggie burger at all. Veggies of DC, try their Veggie Burger.

    As for SandWish, that sign has been up ever since they opened that ZBurger in Tenleytown, and I don’t really believe it’ll ever open since they’ve been so invested into ZBurger and its expansion.

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