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  • This is terrific news for a neighborhood with a lack of sit-down restaurants that used to be fire houses!

  • Once a long time ago, when that area was entirely derelict, I thought of pulling down that Firefighter helmet/shield/flag when I was passing by. It’s so cool. Even cooler to see the place rebounding and this place coming along.

  • Another old firehouse reborn. Doesn’t meet my ghostbustery dreams, but I’ll take it — grudgingly.

  • Ribs taste better when eaten in a fire house.

  • Somehow the style of this place and the lighiting in the photos reminds me of every bar scene in Law & Order and/or The Good Wife. Looks like a hang out for good cops/prosecutors/whatever who have been beaten down by the system. Perfect for DC!

  • Wow. Never would have imagined people would be so whiny about a restaurant opening just because it’s -gasp- in a firehouse or -horrors- doesn’t have superb lighting. The more restaurants in walking distance the better. I’m excited!

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