House of the Day

A lot of this house is blocked by the tree but what really struck me about it, you can still see. I’ve never seen two contrasting materials like this – with shingles in the front and stones in the back:

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  • more like prison/dungeon of the day, but cool find nonetheless!

  • Shingles in the front, Stones in the back?

    I think I saw that porno at a frat party.

  • I grew up near this house. It was designed and built by the architect who still lives in it. It’s very groovy and 60’s architecture but it’s a really sweet house. The house is built on a steep hill so the front door is actually on the top floor. While one side is up against a hill, the other is very open, full of glass and looking into a wooded valley.

  • Looks interesting. Where is this?

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