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  • ummm i think this is not H ST NE…pretty sure it is NW neighborhood between u street and logan around 9th?

  • nah it’s NE. I’ve spent a long time looking at that structure up top and still haven’t decided if it’s stairs to the roof or perhaps a kiln.

    • It was built to be a store or shop. A review of its occupants over time, via the city directories, would shed light on its history. It does sit on a separate lot from 1312 MD av.

  • Did somebody run out of money or forget to build the rest of the house?

  • muppet house.

  • It’s even smaller than it appears. The wooden portion is a garage to a house on Maryland Ave and therefore not part of this house. The structure up top holds a spiral stairwell leading to a roof deck. I saw this at an open house many moons ago; pretty smartly arranged interior for a tiny place.

  • It is tiny but very well arranged indeed. The current owner has a great sense of humour and calls it the Castlette.

  • Small-looking, but amazing. You have no idea how many books can fit inside that space. It is home to a library beyond what most can imagine and an owner with one of the biggest hearts I have known. Great spot!

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