Good Deal or Not? “The Perfect Synergy” edition

This home is located at 322 E St, NE:

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The listing says:

“The Perfect Synergy of traditional charms & stylish function, just blks from Capitol Grounds,in an award winning school district, steps to Union Station metro & Stanton Park. You’ll want for nothing: wood flrs, granite, marble, majolica tiles, jacuzzi, gourmet kit, 2 fpl, 2 car pkg, pocket drs, glassed drs, recessed lights, surround sound, crwn molding, waines coting, skylight, balcony w/views…”

You can see more photos here.

This 4 bed/3.5 bath is going for $950,000.

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  • I’m seeing 3 bed. They are counting the basement as a BR. It’s overpriced. That back yard stinks.

    • It doesn’t look to me like they are counting the entire basement as a BR, but rather that there is a separate room in the basement, which appears to meet all of the requirements of being a legal bedroom, that they are including.

      I agree that I’d rather have a backyard I could use for entertaining, but I’m sure some people would rather have the space to use for parking, so the backyard might actually be a selling point to some.

      • A flip looking for $500k over their initial investment, yet they skimped on the back yard/driveway with concrete instead of pavers. With paving stones you could have the driveway functionality and a nice patio feel as well.

  • Well, I think it’s overpriced. It has some cool details, here and there, but given the location and the finishes, I don’t think it’s a good deal for almost 1 million. One of the bedrooms/bathrooms are in the basement level, which is not a legal apartment (only 1 exit to the outdoor (back)) and the ceilings do not appear to be even 7 feet tall (the minimum) in the basement level. The place isn’t bad but many of the rooms are decent but average. The kitchen is fine but the cabinetry looks on the cheap side (as opposed to being really nice for the near million dollar price tag) – think Home Depot or Lowes. I think my thoughts on the cabinetry are pretty confirmed since there is identical cabinetry in the basement level. If that is rented out, no way a million dollar home puts the same cabinetry in the rental apartment.

    • There are actually two entrances to the basement, but that’s neither here nor there since it’s pretty obvious that the basement is meant to be part of the house and not a separate rental aparment. Additionally, I don’t think the use of the same cabinetry in the basement confirms your thoughts at all-again, it’s pretty clear (based on the steps leading directly from the main floor into the basement) that the basement is intended to be part of the house, perhaps an in-law suite.

      • When I mentioned there is 1 exit in the basement level, I meant 1 legal exit. For an rental apartment to be legal in DC it needs to have 2 exits to the exterior (1 of the exits leads to the upstairs interior of the upper house). Often times when people look at homes such as this, they are looking to see if the basement could be a legal rental unit (or could be made legal). In-law suites are often “code” for illegal rentals in DC, though I am sure some of them are used as in-law suites.

        • There’s a picture with a caption that says “Basement has front and rear exits”, so you’re wrong about that. You’re almost certainly right that it’s not a legal unit, though, or they’d have said so.

        • The second exit can be a window – as long as it meets size requirements, is within the proper distance to the floor, etc. The requirement is NOT two traditional exits. And an apartment can have a CoO and have ceilings under 7′ if it has had the CoO for some time.

        • You are incorrect. A unit does not need 2 exits to the exterior. It needs an exit from each living space. If the basement is a studio format, it needs 1 exit. If it is a 1 BR, it needs 2 exits, which does not mean 2 doors. It could be 2 windows that meet the requirement of not being more than 4 ft above the ground and exiting to an area where the person can stand.

          • Are you sure that even studios need only 1 exit? Be it a door or a window that fits the proper specification requirements? I’m not asking to be a jerk, I’m asking because the way I’ve understood the reason that a place has 2 exits (note, I never did say doors) is because in the event of a fire, if that 1 exit is blocked, I really would like to have another way out. I think that’s why the code is to have 2 exits (emergency egresses) and one exit leading to another dwelling does not count as a legal exit/egress. I honestly want to know if I have the wrong information.


        • Well, the listing doesn’t use “in-law suite,” that was my wording and I meant it in the true sense, not as some sort of code. Regardless, I don’t think any basement with stairs leading to the main house is meant to be used as a separate basement apartment.

          I was also referring to the same picture caption as jcm when mentioning the two doors.

    • I don’t see how the location would be any sort of negative here. Incredibly convenient, Metro, amenities, pretty block, parks, grocery options improving. Still, this should probably be under 900.

      I really wish I could have invested in this part of the Hill ten years ago.

  • I’d be interested in seeing that percentage of GDoN in which commenters actually think there is a good deal. It seems that commentators almost uniformly jump on the “overpriced” bandwagon. It can’t be that that PoP always picks the overpriced rentals and for sale properties to highlight.

  • Love it. I think that this is priced to sell with that location.

  • I’d say it’s priced about right. I love this location (which is, of course, a subjective thing). I also like a lot of details about the house-the wood floors, the tile flooring in the entryway, the pocket doors, the size of the bedrooms, the mantels. Of course, a lot of these things are personal preferences/objective as well, but I don’t think my tastes are that far out of the norm. I’d be curious to know what finishes people think look cheap.

  • I actually think for that location, it probably could fetch that price. The house is awesome. The attention to detail really shows. I’m thinking, for example, that wonderful staircase and the french doors with glass panels. Those were not cheap and were probably custom-made. Also, how many fireplaces? I know some are fake, but still. Great house.

  • I really like the house. It has some really gorgeous details. Is it really 2700 square feet? That seems high, but if it’s accurate, $340 a foot seems reasonable for that area.

    It’s way out of my range, though, so clearly it’s wildly overpriced. 🙂

  • jcm,

    Thanks for pointing out that there might be 2 legal entrances; I hope that’s right and I just missed it. Sometimes people include the one leading upstairs to the main house as an entrance but maybe I am wrong about that point.

    I think the rooms are nice size but it looks like a box with a window and nicely (newly) painted ceiling and walls. There’s nothing wrong with the rooms but no special details that really make this sing, for me at least. I said that the place has some cool details and I will stand by what I said, for example, I love the hardwood floors; they look beautiful. What’s really great about the place is that it is obviously move-in ready and really comfortable at that. I did notice that the radiators in the rooms, so that could be a drawback for some people. The heating (and possibly) the cooling systems are not updated. Radiators take up space in rooms and some people think they are plain ugly. The finishes that look on the cheap side to me are the tiling (hate the tiling in the kitchen, some of the bathroom tiles) and the light fixtures throughout (not including the recessed). These are cosmetic and not necessarily deal breakers but I’m just sharing how this strikes me. I’m on the fence about the doors and closets, they look nice in the photos (it was one of the cool details I thought of when I first saw the photos). I’d have to see them in person, though, to know if they are cheap or really amazing. It seemed like it was overpriced for the area because when you see some places for 1 million in Dupont or Logan, part of those million-dollar price tags are also buying a piece of the neighborhoods.

    • My cats and I think radiator heat is the best in the world. They should charge more for houses that have it.

      • SouthwestDC

        Yeah, I think the general consensus among homebuyers (or at least those in the market for an old Victorian in the city) is that radiant heat is preferable.

        • It’s also more energy efficient and doesn’t dry out your skin. And put a little blankey on top, and you have the purrfect cat bed!

          • anon. gardener

            Everything you said. And it doesn’t collect dust and blow it all over your house. Radiators rock – wouldn’t trade mine for anything.

          • HaHa…we have a blanket on almost every radiator in our house for our 2 kitties. In the summer months I’ve caught myself singing “On the rad again, just can’t wait to get back on the rad again” to the tune of “on the road again”

    • I would never buy a house with forced air heat, I love radiators! There are many upsides to them, you can quickly dry off shoes and gloves in Winter, heat your butt toasty warm in a jiffy, and for those with allergies these will not blow out allergens that make your life miserable. Most people I know who live in old houses in this city love radiator heating! For those who like forced air there is always the option of buying a gutted and flipped home.

  • I have new questions about this place. I think it’s interesting that it was last renovated in 1975 (interesting and I was surprised=hard to believe!). It was also bought a year ago for 440k, so the profit if it sells for the asking price is 1/2 million. Finally, it says finished sq/ft is 1875, which would make the cost/sq ft more than 340.00. Prices for that area seem to be a little all over the map as far as recent sales show.

  • Love this home, love the details (doors, functioning fireplaces, floors, 2nd floor porch, staircase railing, doorknobs, and front facade). I think the price is decent for the reno/area.

    The backyard was a cheap cop-out but I’d still happily park my car there if I owned this place. Hell, if I had enough money to buy this place I would likely have enough money to also redo the backyard. It won’t happen though so in the meantime I’ll stay happy with my little condo. 🙂

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