Good Deal or Not? “Second largest model in the building” edition

This condo is located at 414 Seward Square SE:

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The listing says:

“Superior Capitol Hill location! Steps to 2 Metros, Eastern Market, shops, & parks. Second largest model in the building–hardwood floors, granite counters, stainless app.,ceiling fans, extra closet space, & sep. storage in basement. Utilities included in condo fee & cat friendly.”

This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $269,900.

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  • No thanks. There really isn’t anything appealing about it.

  • the email contact doesn’t work anyway…

  • Just a few hundred “steps” to the Metro.

  • thats super cheap for that location, which makes me wonder what the condo fee is (although I am thinking its actually a coop if utilities are included and in that case the monthly could be very high).

  • This place is prolly 3-5% overpriced, however…

    It really suprises me sometimes how many folks who post here will rave up and down about some shiny 450K 1 br built next to a housing project in a pretty shady area of Shaw (insert “transitional neighborhood here) with a 400 dollar a month condo fee that doesn’t cover anything is an AWESOME deal, yet this place which is a 6 minute walk to Eastern Market (and the EM Metro) and a 5 minute walk to Cap South Metro isn’t?

    Do a check with the MPD’s crime map. There is virtually zero crime in a 1000 foot radius of this place due to the overlaping jurisdictions of Cap Hill Police and MPD. How many places in Petworth, CHeights, Ustreet, Eckington can say the same? Zero, and in fact if you crimemapped any condo building in the above mentioned areas you’d probably find that there has been more property and violent crime in the past 2 weeks than this place saw all last year.

    Trash on the sidewalks and streets, which everyone complains about here in their neighborhoods is unheard of here.

    There are tons of bars/restaurants within easy walking distance.

    Assuming you had 5% to put down (~13K) your combined mortgage/insurance/property tax and condo fee would be ~1,600 a month which is screaming affordable for DC, let alone for being in one of the safest most walkable neighborhoods in the entire city.

    Oh, and the condo fee includes ALL utilities.

    Is the place the latest in retro loft design, of course not but you could gut the kitchen and bathroom in that place for a total of 10K.

    People looking to live the urbanist creed in a safe and affordable manner would be insane not to look at this place.

  • It looks very small–all the rooms are small. Perhaps the floor plans are ok, small, and claustrophobic. It’s tough to tell, but it may be a 1st floor unit.. The utilities may be included because it has steam heat (which is great, btw, as long as the boiler isn’t ancient) and gas for cooking. If it’s a coop, you’ll find most coop fees are roughly comparable to average condo fees plus property taxes, and include property tax. The building doesn’t look fancy and may have been a rental that went coop in the 80s and then went condo in the ’00s. All things considered, it wouldn’t be a bad starter and the price is probably fairly competitive if it’s a well run building.

  • This one will go just over asking. It is an incredibly close to Metro and is a great neighborhood. It will get at or above askig – despite its bit of a run down appearance.

    Good deal.

  • Location is awesome. I think condo fees are too high in general in DC for what you get, but if I were interested in a 1 BR this would be a good option.

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