This house is located at 1617 C St, SE:

The listing says:

“PETITE PERFECT PORCHFRONT PERCHED BY PARK! Just a Step away from 17th, Potomac Ave, Safeway, & Stadium, this Rewired/Reworked/Renovated Bi-Level Home is Ready! Open LR/DR/B’fast Bar Kit, leads thru French Doors to Private Lawnscape! Big Master BR w/ Ensuite MBath, Skip-in Closet, 2nd Big BR & Ba, Granite, Pwdr Rm, On-Demand Hot Water, CAC, & More! Great Price! Great Location! Near 2 METROS!”

You can find more info here and photos here.

This 2 bed/2.5 bath is going for $550,000.

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  • Cute enough, but good lord, who pays 550K for 2brs in this area? What’s the point? It’s not really walkable, high crime, crappy schools. Is it just so you can say you have a DC proper address? Is that the value?

    • Yes, that two-block walk to the Stadium-Armory Metro station is a bear, isn’t it?

      • Totally walkable. It’s a block from the new coffe/sandwich/crepe place, a 5 minute walk to Lincoln Park and a 12-15 minute walk to Eastern Market. And it’s a great neighborhood.

        • there is almost nowhere in dc where you can’t get to somewhere in 15 minutes walking. so by that, the whole city is walkable.

          this area is not more walkable than most

    • I am two blocks west on C and my 2 bedroom 1 and 1/2 bath house just went though a re-fi and was appraised at $540,000. I am a corner and don’t have a 1/2 bath so this house is not that far out of line. Obviously they padded it a bit for negotiation but I don’t expect they will have all that much trouble selling and while I don’t think they will get full asking I would guess that it will sell for over 500k.

  • It’s perfect. If I was in the market and could afford it – I would buy this house. Isn’t the price a little high for the area though?

    • Yes, it’s a lot of money, but this is a sweet house in a great neighborhood, and this is what houses go for in this area. Whatever it was in the past, today HillEast is family friendly, safe, totally walkable, vibrant, and home to some rapidly improving public schools. Unlike other residential areas in DC proper, Hill East is amazingly accessible to both downtown and freeways for quick trips to other parts of the city or out of town, making it a great compromise for people who are ready to have a yard of their own but don’t want to be deep on the inside of the city (hi, Petworth) or way out in the ‘burbs. I think this price reflects not just the cute house (which is on a nice block, too) but the neighborhood.

      • Just curious….how is Petworth “deep on the inside of the city” while this neighborhood isn’t? Do you mean this neighborhood is near the river?

        • I wondered the same thing. I suppose it depends on where you work. If you work near the Capitol/Union Station, this house is close by and Petworth might be far-ish.

          If you work near McPherson Sq/Farragut/Dupont, then Petworth would be closer.

      • That house is 8 metro stops from Metro Center and Petworth is 5 stops from Gallery Place. How is Petworth deeper in the city? I guess it’s all relative? It is a cute neighborhood, but still has ways to go to call for that price.

  • Teeny and `spensive.

    Where do you put the TV? Also, careful with that french door. Looks like you just fall into the yard. You better have good insurance because the steps aren’t as wide as the door.

  • How times have changed…

    13-15 years ago you could easily buy 3 story row homes on 5th or 6th and E Capitol in fine (read, perfectly livable, just not gleaming new) for $150-200K. Those same homes now start at a million for a fixer upper.

    Houses like this on C street in the same condition were under 100K.

  • Not a good deal! Would much rather pay $150k less for an equivalent house in Petworth. What am I missing here?

    • Well, for one you’re missing the fact that livable houses selling for $400,000 in Petworth do not exist.

      • Not true at all. I had friends get a perfectly liveable house for less than 400k in Petworth. You won’t get a newly renovated place for less than 400k, but sub 400k houses definitely exist there.

      • I just spent a good hour looking at houses on redfin. There are a number of houses in Petworth under $400K that are livable. Now if you mean there aren’t any w/in a 10 minute walk of the Metro station, you’d be accurate. You also would be correct if you consider garish colors and retro kitchens to be unlivable.

  • Way too expensive for that square footage in that location. Some of these prices are getting comical.

    • It’s could get something larger and with a walk-out English Basement less than a mile from here. Read Good Deal or Not Hip Chick today.

      There was a house there that went for $170 less!! and it’s still just two miles to Statuary Hall in the Capitol Bldg…why you can walk or take metro three stops!

  • that house seems really narrow. I feel like you could get a lot more house for about the same price in petworth.

  • Egads! Are the real estate brokers trying to manufacture a good seller’s market where none exists? No way no how.

    How about this: Pathetically Puny Pad for Perplexing Price.

  • I live two blocks from here (closer to the metro) and bought my house for $75k less 2.5 years ago. It has a finished basement, deck, parking, and more square footage (wider) in addition to the 2 BR 2.5 BA. Have prices really gone up this much? I guess thats good for me, but I’m shocked.

  • Probably a bit overpriced, but I imagine they’ll get over 500k for it. Prices on the hill have been going crazy recently due to limited supply…I feel like any house that isn’t a gut is going for at least 450k, and this house has an extra bath and is nice looking.

  • I’ve heard that prices have jumped a lot on the Hill so maybe this is about right? Still for no basement and a long walk to Eastern Market, this seems high.

    Just a random complaint, but they have a construction photo from 2006/2007 of Jenkins row/Teeter in the shot. You’d think they could do a little better considering it has been completed since 2007.

  • This house was purchased for just under $300K less than year ago (April 2011). What justifies the $250K (80+%) price increase over a 10 month period? I don’t see that the reno was super high end.

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