Good Deal or Not? “Great potential” edition

This home is located at 809 Longfellow St, NW:

The listing says:

“Great opportunity to purchase nice 3 bedroom, 2 full bath home. Home features enclosed sun porch on 1st and 2nd level. Full basement with full bath. One car garage on rear. Great potential. Don’t miss out on this one!”

This 3 bed/2 bath is going for $275,000.

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  • most people complaining about real estate prices could probably afford this.

  • Assuming from the lack of pictures that the house needs some work I think 250,000 is a good price.

    Off topic- I’m just now noticing that the street numbers are odd on the north side of the streets in Petworth/Brightwood- this house is on the north side of Longfellow and it’s #809

    In most places the North and West sides of the street are even numbers. I’m sure there’s a good reason for this.

  • Not as good as it seems. Mold in basement. It’s a short sale. No way to access the house from the garage and a lot of steps to the front door. It’s a cute little house but needs some work to really be livable.

    • interesting. so if you parked in the garage, you’d have to walk back out the alley to the front of the house?

      if there is a fire, you can’t leave the premise through the back of the house?

  • 801 to 813 Longfellow were built beginning in December of 1922; designed by William S. Phillips

  • If the house has a working kitchen and bathrooms, then this a great deal and a great starter house. The living room and dining room look clean and nice, and the floors appear to be in really good shape. Slap some paint on it and spend money as you are able to on upgrades, and you have a sweet place to live. Love an enclosed porch.

  • Looks decent but all I care about is that all of the sh!t spilling out of the entryway closet comes with the house. 😉 Is it really that hard to throw that sh!t into a big trash bag before taking the picture? Wow, apparently so.

    I’d say the price is right if the condition of the other rooms is consistent with the ones shown. If there’s in mold in the basement though like bag it said then count me out… unless, of course, you throw in the extra sh!t we talked about…

  • The area is not great – loud, lots of trash on street… but definitely improving. I assume it will be bought and flipped as the flippers are moving North of Kennedy St now.

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