Good Deal or Not? “Featured on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” in 2007!” edition

This house is located at 415 R St, NW:

The listing says:

“Featured on HGTV’s “Curb Appeal” in 2007! This is a beautiful, huge and classic DC row house w/ master suite plus sitting room on whole 3rd level. High ceilings, large & sun-drenched bedrooms, 2-car secure parking, private back deck & front stone patio. Major renovation done in 2003; new On Demand hot water heater in 2011, new AC 2010, & new heating system 2009. Just 4 blocks to Metro!”

You can see more photos here.

We’ve previously featured this home as a House of the Day and wondered if it was an “original pop up”. This 4 bed/2.5 bath is going for $688,000.

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  • Those two front photos appear to have been taken at different times. Looks like the owner did not keep up with the “curb appeal” a la the first photo. $688K for that area? You can live in a much nicer part of town for that price or a bit more.

  • I am really curious to find out if it sells for this much. I think that the price is reasonable for the size of the house and location, but the kitchen and bathroom are a bit dated. And the carpet in the master suite is a bit of a bummer.

  • I love the size/light of the master bathroom. Don’t think I’d pay the price for that neighborhood though.

  • My wife and I almost made an offer on this house in 2004. It sold for $585 after sitting at that price for a fair amount of time (measued in 2004 housing market units of time). At least 8 years ago, it was one of the better renovations we had seen in terms of the finishes and quality etc. It does not look as good today but it is possible it is just not being photographed/presented that well. It is a pretty big row house, although a real standout on that block of R. Nothing too comparable to it. I think 688 is a fair price/good deal but you are running up against the fact that you have the most expensive house on the block/area which is not the best position to be in.

  • This is also not a fresh listing. This house has been on the market within the past year and presumably did not sell. Maybe they took it off and put it back on but it certainly has been on within the last 12 months and did not sell. Depending on what they were asking, you can learn a little bit about whether 688 is a good deal or not.

  • $688k looks like a big number for the area, but the per square foot price ($265, according to Redfin) is actually not bad for what has sold here recently, I think.

    This house is 3 blocks to the metro, which is pretty close, in my book.

  • I wouldn’t be suprised if it sells at this price. Comparables in the neighborhood may have sold for $50k less recently, but with the complete lack of supply and soaring rental rates, I wouldn’t be suprised if somebody capitulates and pays up for this unit.

    Being in the market for a rowhouse is frustrating because it’s very rare for a decent 3 story house or top unit of a split level to come on line. Condo’s and suburban developments are a dime a dozen, but each rowhouse is very unique in character, size, and interior style.

    • I concur. I think the only drag on this property are the new limits on FHA borrowing. I think I remember they were about to be rolled back — not sure. But the cutoff for DC was something like $615k. If only hipchick were here!

      Price movement on the Truxton side lags what’s going on in B’dale. I think this is a very fair price on the right block in B’dale. This is a pretty good block of Truxton. It’s pretty and certainly convenient to metro, driving, walking — unlike parts of Bloomingdale, which aren’t as good for non-drivers. Someone who’d buy here is looking to benefit from the metro proximity.

      I predict a 4 – 5% price drop. 🙂

  • I think its a pretty fair price for this size house that has been remodeled.

  • pros: great location. huge house. 3 blocks to metro. parking. a small amount of outdoor space. 1 block to beau thai. easy walk to u street, downtown, great park in ledroit park. bike path. bus lines. a fucking labyrinth in your front yard. one of those expensive rolling gate things. bulgogi for 6.99.

    cons: shit ton of money. crime.

    if it was 500,000 i’d jump on it. but i guess so would a lot of you.

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