Good Deal or Not? “Connected to Major Transportation Arteries” edition

This home is located at 133 Rhode Island Ave, NE:

The listing says:

“Coming Soon – 3 bedroom 2 1/2 baths; Spacious Floor Plan; Beautiful Hardwood Flooring throughout; Newly Painted; New Carpet on Finished Full Day Basement (Stairs Only); Home Warranty; Large MSTR Bedroom: Sitting Room, Double Closets, Jetted Tub, Separate Shower w/Dual Shower Heads; Gated Backyard, Connected to Major Transportation Arteries, Metro, Shops, and Restaurants; Total Renovo in 2004”

This 3 bed/2.5 bath is going for $499,900.

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  • PoP, forgot to mention the price! For 500k, that’s pretty good for DC home prices. But with the lack of photos it’s tough to tell of the quality interior (there’s 1 shot, but it’s overexposed and blurry, at least there isn’t a family eating dinner in the room).

  • That tax seems high to me. Is it right or is it being taxed at the vacant rate. I pay less than that now on a place assessed at a higher value.

  • Not sure I’d call that “Capitol Hill,” but it seems like a pretty good price for that location.

    • That’s an understatement. This place isn’t remotely near Capitol Hill. Lies like that undermine any trust in the seller’s realtor.

    • who called it Capitol Hill? This is Eckington and it’s probably a good deal considering what’s coming up near Rhode Island and first… throw in a pharmacy and it’s a done deal. 2 pizza places, a neighborhood public house (FANTASTIC watering hole) a to be thai/japanese spot, a yoga studio, Field to City, several cafe’s and 2 dry cleaners… not too shabby….. now, let’s see the inside!

  • What does Finished Full Day Basement (stairs only) mean?

  • PoP, how come the map is now just an image instead of the old Google Maps embed? That was very useful!

  • I’ll give it a thumbs down. Connected to transportation? Other than some bus lines, what else? Red Line 8 blocks away? And your on the wrong side of the Bloomingdale boom, so forget that. Reno 2004 pretty much guarantees it was a flip hack job and will need tons of work.

  • Seems like this place might be good if you were driving to work… but being directly on Rhode Island Avenue, I imagine it would be NOISY.

    It’s not all that close to any Metro station, which I’d perceive as a disadvantage.

    What is a “full day basement”?

    • green line, not too far…. y’all are acting like this is way down RI Ave… it’s just past North Capitol…

    • it’s a 10 minute walk to the red line. and rhode island avenue isn’t very loud. at least not on top of the hill there.

      the problems with this area are gangs and drugs. that’s it. big problems, sure, but the other things mentioned are incorrect.

  • brookland_rez

    Seems kinda high to me. Most renovated front porch row houses in Eckington, Edgewood, Brookland, etc. go for aroun $400k.

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