Good Deal or Not? “balcony w/ view” edition

This condo is located at 2100 11th St, NW:

The listing says:

“Rare find in magnificent building. Contemporary flare with all the bells and whistles. This 2bedroom 2 full bath plus den is ready for you. Features include pkg, W/D in unit, concrete counters, island in kitchen, balcony w/ view, rooftop, concierge, workout room, game room and pet friendly!!! Convenient location just blocks to metro, dining and shops.”

You can find more info here and a virtual tour here.

This 2 bed/2 bath is going for $729,000.

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  • Great location, very nice condo but uuch, for $729k I think I’d buy a house. But that’s just me.

  • Great location, very nice condo but ouch, for $729k I think I’d buy a house. But that’s just me.

  • It’s nice but not 700K nice. Maybe 650? Locations nice but the bedrooms are tiny.

  • Hmm I can’t find the condo fee listed in the info. If that’s low enough, the price might be decent.

    I like that building.

  • this isn’t NYC… this is too much for a condo. a condo with closet bedrooms. sorry.

  • I know I’m living in la la land, but those are 2007 prices.

  • Hmmm….looks nice in a generic sort of way.

    I’m not a fan of the “small bedroom/huge bathroom with lay-z-boy” combination. Sorry, but I just don’t like lounging next to the toilet.

  • If I had this kind of money and wanted a condo, I’d probably take this one instead:

    Price is $70k higher but the condo fee is $300 lower so that basically cancels out. And it’s much nicer and more spacious.

  • Looks attractive and all, but (as others have noted) the bedrooms are small, the master bath is unnecessarily big, and that’s one hell of a condo fee ($718/month). At least with the building’s gym, you wouldn’t need a gym membership.

    Not only would $729K buy you a whole house in [fill in transitional neighborhood name here], couldn’t it even buy you a whole house in the U Street area?? What are the Harrison Square townhouses going for these days?

  • A view of what?! I refuse to believe a 2 bedroom condo at 11th and T is worth $729,000 plus $720/month in condo fees.

  • i think i’ll stick to renting for now.

  • I love this building. I have a feeling it is overpriced, but I do know that things that go for sale in this building seem to sell pretty fast. I’ll be curious to see what the final price is. Prices in U Street tend to be surprisingly high, both for rental and real estate sales.

  • Dear PoP, please stop posting these outrageous condo and rental properties. Just makes me want to move far away from this city and I can’t.

    Thank you

    • Recently PoP has been posting his own listings for GDoN… it’s possible that they tend to skew overpriced as the better priced listings wouldn’t need the extra advertising.

      • Prince Of Petworth

        These GDoN posts are not PoP advertisers. You’ll find featured listings on the Real Estate page but they are unaffiliated with the GDoN. Also people thought yesterday’s GDoN will go for over asking price.

        • I’m confused then. Because here it says that you need to pay to have your property listed.

          Is that not necessarily always the case?

          • Prince Of Petworth

            The regular listing are through MRIS. Feel free to email me directly with questions. Princeofpetworth(at)gmail

          • So the regular listings are drawn from MRIS, and it’s just the “Featured Real Estate Listings” in the right-hand sidebar are ones where real estate agents pay extra for their property to be featured?

            (Like A, I had assumed that *all* PoP real estate listings were basically advertisements. So this is good info to know.)

          • Prince Of Petworth

            That is correct textdoc. The regular listings are almost all through MRIS datafeed. If someone wants to sell their house and are not affiliated with MRIS, they can self list it themselves but there are small costs to self list – $25/mo. for sales and rental listings that are self listed are $10/mo.

            I’m not affiliated with sales anymore. I pick GDoN posts just on what interests me and what I think will be of interest to others.

  • If this is what condos in this town are going for, I guess I should finally settle into my apartment because I won’t be buying any time soon. And here I was thinking I made a good living.

  • outrageous. but someone with no taste, too much money and a tiny weiner will scoop this up pretty quickly. there are tons of newly reno’d houses within 1/2 mile for less than $700k. this is for chumps.

  • Not a chance..Not bad looking and not a horrible location but that looks more like 450 to 500k and with condo fees that high you should just buy a house.

  • Man, that’s a lot of money to drop on someplace and not get any actual land (but that’s just me). I guess one could host sexy 4th of July parties on the deck.

  • good god that seems high given the condo fee…houses on the 1400 block of S and T go in the mid 700s

  • They simply can’t be serious. If you’ve got 20% to put down, and can get a 4% interest rate, it’s still more than $4000/month.

    If anyone is seriously considering purchasing this place at this price, please call me. I’ll sell you my condo, for $30,000 less. Maybe $50,000. Two levels, extra half bath, den/third bedroom, more than 400 more square feet, outside space, parking spot, less than a block from the Columbia Heights Metro, bigger and nicer kitchen, bigger outside space – hell, bigger everything, except bathrooms. If you can live without double sinks, a game room and a fitness room, it’s a no brainer. With the money you save you can join WSC in DCUSA, less than 2 blocks away.

    • +1 This is insane. I can’t get over the condo fee either. If you’re ready to spend thatkind of money on a condo in the city why not fork over a couple hundred thousand more and buy yourself a beautiful home with your own roofdeck. This GDoN just blew my mind.

  • This is great! I hope they get this price. I want to see people who can pay $729,000 for a condo in these places.

    Condos and homes in major cities should not be low-rent ghetto homes for Bohemians, college students and the poor. U Street is hot and happening, and prices should reflect it.

    • “hot and happening” = dull and safe.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • are you serious? “goddamn poor people, driving down property values, holding back new condo development by being alive and taking up all that valuable space! price’em out so they’ll move to the suburbs where they belong!”

      i’m pretty glad i don’t feel your pain, but a little pissed i have to live in the same city as you, Bloomingdouche.

    • What a joke. $729,000 for a 2 bedroom condo in that neighborhood is a joke. U Street is certainly not “hot and happening” enough to warrant that price. If being close to over-hyped and underwhelming places like American Ice Company puts a condo in the $750,000 range, despite the fact that that ‘hood is only marginally safe, it’s hard to believe that anyone but the developer will see a good ROI.

    • I’d argue that U Street is “hip and happening”… but no matter what one thinks of U Street, the consensus here seems to be that this unit is not a good deal in comparison to similar properties in the area (like the condo on Belmont that A linked to, or actual houses in the neighborhood).

      I think U Street prices in general reflect the perception of the area a desirable place to live, but the price for this unit isn’t in line with those of others in the neighborhood.

  • man oh man! wouldn’t it be great to get some affordable housing up in this joint?

  • OMG! I posted a last week about the crazy prices in this town, and that was for a measly 400k! So if you want to live really close into the city and have a condo, this is what it cost? 730k for a very mediocre place with small bedrooms. I’m sorry to step on toes here, but the housing prices in this city are a joke! How on earth can anyone not making 200k+ / year afford that? And if you’re making that kind of money, why on earth would you want a mediocre condo? This is seriously one of the most absurd things I’ve ever seen (regarding real estate).

    • To be fair, this is not a mediocre place. This building is one of the nicest in the area. You can get cheaper condos at different buildings.

  • I’d say there’s an unusual consensus here that this is *NOT* a good deal.

  • Place sold in 2009 for $624,999. Someone would have us believe that it’s appreciated, in less than 3 years, in an only so-so market, by $104,000. Ain’t no way.

  • Tiny rooms (although you could at least turn around in the master) and parking for more than 200K less a few blocks west.

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