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  • Re: Soundproofing walls

    I think it’s really difficult to completely and/or satisfactorily to do retro soundproofing. One advantage, I think, is that if the nursery does not share any common walls, that would be an advantage. Soundproofing needs to be done on both sides of the wall to do anything (and to get your neighbor to soundproof his/her wall could prove to be challenging, as it is costly, not to mention a disturbance of opening the wall to retrofit soundproofing materials. It also sounds as if one of the walls is an exterior wall, as it faces an alley. There’s not much you can do about an exterior wall, except for the interior part of the wall. I think the process will be costly and not produce the “miracle” results that you want. You might also want to check/seal your windows because noise leaks through ill-fitting windows or see about getting better-quality windows to keep noise from the outside from coming in. I know the OP doesn’t want suggestions on how to quiet a room other than soundproofing but because retro soundproofing is such a challenge, I think it’s worth saying things like carpeting the room, drapes for the windows will help to absorb sound and it’s worth considering these ideas, too. Maybe other PoP contributors will have additional information.

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