Friday Question of the Day – What’s Your Favorite Radio Station?

4000 Brandywine St NW in Tenleytown

Late last week @NeibsWBJ tweeted:

“WAMU moving to 4401 Connecticut Ave., NW…”

After getting some photos, I was writing up a post and it occurred to me that (selfishly) this would make for a great Friday Question of the Day. Since I work alone, I have the radio on all day. Though, my favorite show is actually what I call the Canadian show – As it Happens which goes on at 11pm. Anyway, during the day I find that I listen to WAMU for as long as I can before I burn out then I listen to ESPN radio for as long as I can before I burn out. I pepper in 99 Luftballons a few times and then I start the cycle over again.

With internet radio so easy these days, I realize I’m being ridiculous. So the Friday Question of the Day is an easy one – What’s your favorite radio station? I used to love The Current, 89.3, from Minnesota Public Radio.

What’s your favorite – it can be music, news, talk, sports or anything that I can find either on the radio or online?

4401 Connecticut Ave., NW in Van Ness

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  • My hometown station of B98.5. It’s an Atlanta station that plays soft rock and pop from the 80s, 90s and today.

  • 90.1, 93.9, 100.3 hd-2 (tieng viet!) are faves, but hearing WTOP makes me feel like i’m home (“from richmond to baltimore…”).

  • Locally I prefer NPR and WPFW. I also listen to Seattle’s KEXP on the internet.

  • Still love The Current from Minnesota Public Radio…but like those before me, I’m biased toward the hometown station.

    • ALL I listen to is 89.3 The Current. Yes I’m also biased from living in Minneapolis, but I’ve since lived in Cincinnati, London, San Francisco, and of course DC and it’s followed me wherever I go. I listen to it all day at work, on the weekend, at night, on the bus via the phone app. I live by it.

      For those unknown, it’s Minnesota Public Radio, so the music isn’t picked based off of what’s Popular and gets the most listeners thereby gets the most ad revenue. It’s what people really want, and great DJs that really care about good music and local music. You can go from The Roots to St Vincent to Bowie to Ottis Reading to Aesop Rock to M83. Can’t really explain exactly what type they are, indie? Sure. Underground hip-hop, folk, oldies? Yeah. You just have to check out their playlist to understand.

    • I love the Current!! I’ve never even been to Minnesota but had a friend who introduced me to it. Love.

  • As a SAHM (stay at home mom) WAMU, 88.5, keeps me sane and able to have an intelligent conversation after dealing with diapers, Caillou and Dora all the long; and As It happens is actually one of my favorite shows! I just wish The Big Broadcast aired an hour late on Sundays, so I could listen to it after the kids go to bed, and fall asleep to it instead of Soundprint, which could be a bit heavy at times. But that’s my 2 cents!

  • WWOZ, New Orleans. Hands down….

  • As a SAHM (stay at home mom) WAMU, 88.5, keeps me sane and able to have an intelligent conversation after dealing with diapers, Caillou and Dora all the long; and As It happens is actually one of my favorite shows! I just wish The Big Broadcast aired an hour later on Sundays, so I could listen to it after the kids go to bed, and fall asleep to it instead of Soundprint, which could be a bit heavy at times. But that’s my 2 cents!

  • brookland_rez

    Haven’t listened to the radio in about 12 years. It’s all iPod for me.

    • ah

      +1. Well a little radio.

      Of course, my music is now all 12+ years old.
      On the other hand, when I do listen to the radio I don’t feel badly about that.

  • XM radio, but probably only because I get it for free. 1st Wave, XMU, BBC or Backspin. WAMU for the Kojo Show if he’s got someone interesting on.

    • +1 for SiriusXM. Little Steven’s Underground Garage, Willie’s Roadhouse, Classic College Radio, CBC1, etc.

      Locally, WTOP is totally indispensable, and I always feel smarter after listening to WAMU. I’m trying to give WNEW a chance, but they have a long way to go if they’re going to catch up with WTOP.

  • WXPN out of Philadelphia. There’s not even a close second for music.

    • +1 love love love XPN…. always happy when I’m in the car and in range…


        also love xpn! have you guys ever been to world cafe life?

        for my other radio station it’s 90.9 (NPR in Philly).

      • WTMD the towson public radio station broadcasts the world cafe I believe. I can get it when I drive up to visit my mom.
        I do miss Philly radio.
        I do listen to WAMU mostly but spend time with someone who HATES any talk radio.
        As for online and podcasts etc:, sound opionions podcast and all songs considered.
        I get the KCRW and KEXP songs of the day as well as World Cafe Next.

    • I LOVE XPN and their space in Philly is awesome- good food, great concerts, Free at Noon rocks…

  • wamu almost exclusively

  • Big 100.3, circa 2006

  • When I lived in Kansas it was KCUR. They only had a couple local shows, but they were solid. WAMU has The Splendid Table which I love.
    However, whenever we’re in the car it’s either 93.9 or 95.5!

  • 1st Wave on Sirius for all the New Order, Depeche Mode, the Cure I can handle. Also love the Saturday line up on WAMU with Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me, This American Life, Splendid Table, etc.

  • WAMU mostly, and sometimes WTOP. I used to listen to WHFS 99.1 and was bummed when it changed format. Growing up on Long Island I listened to WBAB 102.3, WRCN 103.9 and WLIR, and of course 1010 WINS.

  • wefunk radio of montreal!

  • WAMU. Pretty much all the time. Some internet stations, too.

  • me

    89X in Detroit (I still have their number memorized from high school).

    And when I’m commuting, I’m an XM fan that listens to either Alt Nation, Lithium, New Wave, or the 80s station.

    • PDleftMtP

      Dang – what are the odds that I would be the SECOND person to say that? WDET is also awesome, but I still miss WLBS (odds are you’re too young). Best. Radio. Ever.

      Around here, WAMU, and another shout out to As It Happens (yes, I know the name of the theme song – Curried Soul – and can sing along with it, and yes, it’s an instrumental). Most of the music radio around here is pretty dire, and I’ve replaced it with a wireless bridge to the MP3s on my computer and a mix of Pandora,, and SiriusXM. I pretty much only listen to radio in the car or in bed.

    • me

      Yeah, I’m not sure I remember that…

      I also listen to Absolute Radio (used to be Virgin Radio UK) online in the afternoon. I used to like Pete and Geoff in the morning, plus Leona Graham in the afternoons, but they’ve mixed it all up now. Now, Geoff’s Hometime Show that they start around their rush hour works perfectly for me when I listen in the early afternoon.

  • WAMU almost exclusively for me. In the rare moment when I’m streaming radio, I listen to 89.3 The Current, my hometown station.

  • 93.9 WKYS the People’s Station, duh! (If someone else says WAMU I’m gonna barf.)

    • LOL! Sorry, dude, I guess I just made you barf. You gotta admit it though – are you really shocked seeing it on this thread? 😉

  • Ditto on favorite lineup being WAMU Saturday morning.

    WAMU unless I’m trying to be productive at work then I’ll get distracted by it and be a bad employee. In that case I listen to the classical station or 94.7 because it’s the only station I can get on my radio (no access to internet radio at my job = boo).

    Love to see the respect MPR is getting!

  • KCRW in Santa Monica, home of Morning Becomes Eclectic. KTUH, the University of Hawaii station–great music variety. WBGO and KCSM if you like jazz around the clock…not just a few hours a day like on WPFW (though WPFW is awesome). WHUR, from Howard University, is my longtime favorite DC radio station for nighttime listening. Boycotting WAMU till they air RadioLab.

  • 89.3 WPFW for music, especially the Andrea Bray show!
    88.5 WAMU for news
    93.9 WKYS for music
    103.5 WTOP for news, although after 15 minutes it’s very repetitive.

  • WKRP in Cincinnati

  • yes, WAMU. Constantly. Weekdays: Morning and Evening Edition. Kojo and Diane if guests are good, Tell Me More with Michelle Martin is probably the best though. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me on Saturdays can be hilarious. Sometimes I’ll flip to WTOP for traffic if I’m driving, but then I find myself drifting back to NPR.

  • Love WAMU, and “As it Happens” is my favorite at 11 pm as well. Very interesting show!

  • We are so lucky to have one of the best NPR stations in the country. Probably the best.

    WTOP is for angry hockey dads and tea partiers these days.

    I have high hopes for the new CBS Radio affiliate that opened up on 99.1 after El Zol failed…

    I wish they’d bring bad WHFS on 99.1, though.

  • WPFW Latin Sundays here in DC. The best, Jerry, the best!

  • 91X and 105.3 from San Diego. 91X destroys even the old HFS and 105.3 (best rock station I’ve heard )puts DC 101 to shame (admittedly, not a difficult thing to do).

  • Emmaleigh504

    KUOW, NPR in Seattle, Washington.

  • Howard 100/101. Baba Booey to y’all.

  • I only really listen to radio on my commute to and from work. WAMU is my favorite. I can’t stand radio commercials.

  • WAMU or WPFW locally and I’m still mourning the death of WOXY via internet radio (although not to the same extent as some other people that I know!).

  • I feel like radio died in DC a long time ago. I used to like several stations but format changes etc. have left me really only listening to sports talk radio or c-span radio. I go WJFK 106.7 and sportstalk 980. DC 101 is still holding on I guess but it is only a matter of time before it turns to the same format as 94.7 and some of the others, which used to be decent stations.

  • KEXP (Seattle) for alternative and Pig Radio (Milan, Italy) for dance/trendy. Both stream online. 🙂

  • My hometown station of 107.5 KKDM circa 1997 – back when the music was actually good and didn’t all sound the same. Don’t listen to anything much anymore, radio-wise.

  • pennyworth

    106.7 only because of the sports junkies

  • I listen to KEXP out of Seattle all day long while I’m at work. Love it. Also love The Current out of Minneapolis. Long live independent radio!!

  • I don’t really care about which radio stations people like, but I am interested in finding out more about what’s going to happen to the WAMU building in Tenleytown. I’d love to see that building either facelifted or torn down.

  • WXRT in Chicago 93 XRT. love it and you can stream it online.

    They are no longer independent but they still play an awesome mix of music and their DJs are great–they are so good at their jobs and so happy to be there. Gotta love that.

  • springroadintoaction

    WAMU’s coincidentally one of my favorite NPR stations out there (of the ones I’ve heard). Granted, I generally just listen to the NPR shows in podcast form, but if I’m stuck by a radio, that’s what I’m listening to.

  • Like many in PoPville, most of the time I listen to WAMU. WPFW on Sunday mornings for G Strings.

    I’m glad Mary Cliff found a home at WAMU, just wish her show came on earlier than 11:00 pm.

    On the Internet I listen to Folk Alley & NPR’s All Songs.

  • I am pretty down on radio. It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to music that way, since I can’t stand disc jockey banter. The old WHFS used to be perfect for me since they played long blocks of music with no chatter. I cannot listen to NPR any more; it has become more of a parody of itself than anything SNL or satirists could possibly throw at it, smugly bestowing imprimatur of the over-educated upper midle classes,.
    That pretty much leaves just WTOP to wake up to in the morning, for a micron of news and the weather.

  • KEXP, BBC 6 Music and (locally) WAMU.

  • When I work from home I listen to NPR all day too – except on Fridays. I cannot listen to Science Friday. That’s when I either run errands or turn on the tv.

  • Only WAMU. But I really miss the Public Radio line-up of Minneapolis. An all classical station, all talk station, and the Current. I wish we could have that here!!!

    • You can, they have an online stream for all the MPR stations as well as a nice app for smartphones.

      • I want to have it on my 15 year old clock radio and other non-computer based audio devices. Also, the local news and weather reports make me too home-sick (especially around the time of the Minnesota State Fair!!)

  • WFUV from Fordham University. The weekend is mostly Irish music (not my cup of tea) but during the week it’s great rock and blues.

    • Exactly. WFUV is awesome. As is WXPN and KCRW. Like the Current, but w/ a much better chance of hearing on the actual radio on road trips.

  • The Current
    Y-NOT (former XPN people, Internet-only)
    WNRN (Charlottesville)

    • yes! i love wnrn in charlottesville (i listen to the online feed while at work).

      and like everybody else commenting here – i like wamu, too.

  • KEXP. DC radio sucks.

  • For music, SOMA-FM (specifically Pop Rocks). I love it long time.

  • It is either WAMU, Hot 99.5 or 97.1 WASHFM in our house. My son loves to show off his moves like Jagger and Delilah puts him to sleep at night.

  • Listen to KEXP and WBUR mostly. Always through Tune In Radio[1] (via internet or phone).


  • KUNC in Northern Colorado has a great eclectic mix of music from 9 am-3 pm mountain time on weekdays. I love hearing it!

  • – I have a pretty long commute DC to Rockville (with drop off at two different schools) and I like still like radio.

    Favorites – WHUR, NPR, Sports Talk 980, Alarm is set to WTOP, WFAN (I listen to the Junkies a little too)

    WPGC / WKYS driving home from work on Fridays for party music. 99.5 sometimes the kids want pop. DC 101 (first place I heard Silversun Pickups), I even listen to the ‘right’ on the radio sometimes, I listen to everything except the country western stations.

  • WFMU in Jersey City, via the Internet. In DC, it’s Radio CPR and WPFW.

  • SouthwestDC

    I usually listen to podcasts these days, but on the occasions where I’m listening to actual radio and don’t like what’s on WAMU I’ll go to Classical WETA. Most of the time I really like their selections.

  • Cork’s Red FM! Pop and Rock music from County Cork, Ireland. Great Music, Irish news, sport and happenings. Runner up: 95.5 WBRU from Providence, RI. I grew up on that radio station and they’re still playing the coolest music.

  • WAMU, duh.

    While everyone is talking about how much they love WAMU, you should call in starting tomorrow to support the station. Tomorrow is the begining of the Winter Membership campaign.

  • WAMU and WPFW locally. Lightning 100, a GREAT indy station in Nashville over the internet. Except for its public stations, DC has the worst radio choices of any place I have ever lived. Just awful.

  • WXPN when I am out on the eastern shore and can get it in.

  • def WAMU. Growing up in MD I loved WHFS, and I wish I could get reception for WRNR b/c a couple of the old HFS DJs are on it now. Even though Pandora isn’t technically a radio station, I’ve discovered a ton of good music through it.

  • WAMU, WTOP, 106.7The Fan, podcast and Spotify…

    I miss the days of the old HFS (early 90’s)…one of the best stations ever.

  • 98 rock Baltimore for music
    Wmal for talk

  • novadancer

    another for KEXP. Also WYEP out of Pittsburgh.

  • 93XRT from Chicago is a good mix. My fav is their Breakfast with the Beatles. I think that a few other stations have a similar/same show – Philly maybe?

  • My favorite is KCRW (Santa Monica). Totally the best!

    I also love KINK (Portland).

    Check ’em out online.

  • 88.1 when i can get it.

    or pandora

  • If it’s 1994, WHFS. If it’s today,

  • WAMU is about as mediocre as an NPR talk station can be. But it’s all there is here, so we’re a captive audience.

  • 105.5 FM. All of the great bluegrass, country and roots music WAMU used to play, with out all of the liberal NPR bullshit.

  • Anything on WAMU, except when Diane Rehm comes on. That. Voice.

  • The music I like doesn’t really play on regular radio, so NPR is my only listened-to radio station.

  • WHUR. Quiet Storm always makes my night!

  • WAMU is the obvious winner.

    DC 101 is the WORST radio station I have ever heard in my entire life, anywhere, at any time.

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