Fri. Afternoon Rental Option – Hill East

This rental is located at 423 17th St, SE:

The listing says:

“This beautiful top-floor apartment features a completely renovated kitchen and bath, a stackable washer and dryer, a gas range, and a huge covered porch. And — it’s only a few blocks to the Potomac Ave metro stop.”

I’m gonna assume the huge covered porch is in the back? This 1 bed/1 bath is going for $1,675/Mo.

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  • Jimminy Christmas! $1675 in that part of town? Wait! I think I just saw an elephant fly by my window.

  • Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    No. That price is insane.

  • 17th St? Overpriced by at least $400/month.

  • You could stay at the DC Jail a lot cheaper and have pretty much the same view and still get a 1bed/1 bath (maybe more like a studio). Downside: you would get a room mate whether you liked it or not.

  • At that price in this neighborhood, utilities better be included!

  • About 5 years ago I paid 1000 for a 1 bedroom with a much smaller kitchen up at 18th and Independence. This is a better location, has some sort of yard. Based on what prices have done, I would say it is maybe only 150 or so over priced. The pictures seem to show a decent sized unit.

    • You were suckered if that is the case. I paid $750 for five years at 7th and P which is infinitely better location.

  • That’s not even Hill East. Realty agents are referring to that area as PoMass Triangle now. Get with the times, kid!

  • Typical NW bias from the commenters. Have any of you actually been to Hill East? It’s pretty nice, with a decent mix of older and younger residents. Hell of a lot less dangerous than Columbia Heights or Petworth and on better Metro lines. 1 bedroom basement apartments are going for around $1600 in the Hill proper – so I bet the owners get $1650 for a non-basement where you can have a car (and maybe a dog?). Bedroom and porch look nice, living area is tiny though.

      • There isn’t enough information in the listing to say if it is overpriced or now, but generally, I think it is spot on if they allow dogs. I live 3 blocks from here and love the neighborhood. The amenities are great and reverse commuting on the orange/blue (or biking) rocks!

        If you want to pay less than $1600 for a non-basement 1 br you aren’t going to be near a metro or you aren’t going to be living in the district.

  • This will be rented in seconds. People saying otherwise have NO IDEA what they are talking about. And if this location isn’t Hill East, I have no idea what is.

  • That area is not as exciting as Dupont/Logan, but much improved over 5 years ago. Reasonable walking distance to the Safeway and the newish Harris-Teeter. Same with Wisdom and the other bar on the 1400 block of PA Ave (forget its name). Still a bit much, but they will be able to rent for close to that.

  • whoa what’s with all the “In that part of town?!” b.s.? I live a few doors down and this neighborhood is great. there are two grocery stores within walking distance, two metro stops (Stadium-Armory and Potomac Ave), bus 96 that goes over to U St/Adams-Morgan in 20 minutes, I can walk to Eastern Market in 15 minutes and do that every single weekend. it’s quiet, my neighbors rock, and maybe $1675 is a few hundred more than what I pay, but please don’t give my neighborhood so much shit.

    • Don’t take it so personally. It’s just that rental prices are generally lower in Hill East than in, say, Dupont. If this apartment were in Dupont, reactions might be, “That’s a good price for that part of town.” It doesn’t have to be construed as so insulting.

  • right on! Hill East and area around RFK are awesome, especially if one is an outdoor person. The fields of RFK, Kingman Island, the bike and running trail behind the stadium. Geographically this area is pretty sweet to good things and an easy commute downtown.

  • The renovation sucks…which makes it unqualified for 1,675.

  • I’m familiar with the area, and I’d say it’s somewhat overpriced. First, it’s a one-bedroom apartment, with a shared yard. A shared yard generally ends up functioning as no yard in my experience. Who gets the parking pad out back? That matters, too. I assume it’s not the upstairs tenant, or it would have been mentioned in the ad. Since I’ve seen 2-bedroom townhouses with yards in Hill East closer to Lincoln Park (around 13th and 14th NE) for 1800-2000 in the past year, I don’t seen how $1675 for a 1-bedroom isn’t overpriced.

    Second, it’s right next to the DC jail. I don’t think that this necessarily makes it more dangerous, but it certainly depreciates demand to live in the immediate vicinity. Even a few blocks north or west would greatly change the perceived value.

    This is not meant to cast aspersions on Hill East, which is a great neighborhood. It’s just that this property in particular isn’t a good deal in the context of the market.

    • SouthwestDC

      Those were my thoughts as well. I live nearby and work very close to here but wouldn’t pay $1675 for a 1-bedroom. It’s not insanely overpriced, and I don’t think they’ll have any trouble renting it, but it’s not a great deal either.

      That said, Hill East is a great place to live. I think a lot of commenters don’t realize that a ton of people work in this area which makes it very appealing. And it’s very accessible to NW should you feel the need to venture over there (though to be honest I hardly ever leave SE myself).

  • Seems overpriced. It is real small. Perhaps $1500

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