First New Window Goes into Matchbox Building Coming to 14th and T St, NW

Dear PoP,

I was walking by the construction at 14th and T NW yesterday and the foreman was holding up his plans and they had Matchbox written all over them. Looked a lot like the logo for the pizza place. I suppose it could also be the name of the construction contractor? Have you heard anything about what’s going in there?

Yup, we’ve been tracking the progress of the Matchbox coming to 14th and T St, NW. And yesterday was a big day for the former Arena Stage building:

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  • That place used to be a really cool nightclub in the 1940s called Club Bali. It’s probably not likely they’re going to draw upon that history when the do the decor, which is a shame.

  • This has been (and continues to be) one serious build out! Hate to guess what their budget is for this one!

  • so happy this will be filled! even if it is with a mediocre local chain.

  • I looked inside the place yesterday, still a long way to go.

  • This building has been a horse’s ass candidate for years. Clearly Arena Stage didn’t take very good care of it. Glad to see it will be occupied again soon!

  • I hope they are not allowed to keep that window since it does not completely fill the window opening. That does not seem to be in compliance with historic standards. I know I would be required to put in full sized windows in my house if I wanted to replace them. A building like this with notable historical importance should not be allowed to have a lower standard.

  • So there we have it–some signs of progress at the future home of Matchbox 14th Street, our newest location in DC. Thanks POP–a new window install is a big step for us, the transition from demolition and prep to the building phase. What you are also seeing in the photo is the completely stripped south side of the building along T Street. Next steps will be to finish tuck pointing the brick to smooth it out and then adding fresh coats of paint.

    What did we start with? Well a very old building with a lot of great history.

    A lot of folks already know the building–since 1910 it has been a Duryee and Williams Billiards and Bowling, The Columbia School of Drafting, Taylor’s used car dealership and most famously Club Bali where Billie Holliday and Sarah Vaughn once headlined.

    We didn’t uncover any Club Bali artifacts but were able to secure a section of an ash bowling lane we estimate to be at least 100 years old that will be used in our construction–maybe as an inlay in the bar or for trim on the back bar. BTW, it is a tradition of ours to incorporate old features into our new spaces–always good karma.

    Thanks again, folks and we will keep you posted on our progress.

    The Matchbox Crew

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