Edible Arrangements Continues to Confound Economists With Store Coming Soon to Georgetown

Edible Arrangements is coming to the corner of Wisconsin and Q St, NW in Georgetown.

Reminding me of the genius Onion article “Continued Existence Of Edible Arrangements Disproves Central Tenets Of Capitalism”

Upending more than two centuries of free-market theory, leading economists across the globe announced Thursday that the fundamental principles of capitalism had been “irrefutably disproved” by the continued existence of the designer fruit-basket company Edible Arrangements.

According to experts, the Connecticut-based franchise, which arranges skewered pieces of fruit into displays vaguely resembling floral bouquets, has defied all modern economic models, expanding continuously for the past decade despite its complete lack of any discernible consumer appeal.

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  • orderedchaos

    Man I love that Onion article. How fitting that Georgetown—itself a pocket of pseudo-reality completely unlike most of DC—is the home for Edible Arrangements’ new outpost.

  • I have often been confused about them too. I think it is a cool idea but they are EXPENSIVE. You have to take it all of the thing as soon as you get it and ziplock bag it all so it will fit in the fridge. It must work for somebody though !

    • I think they’re great for birthday parties and other special events as a healthy alternative to cake. That way you don’t really need to do the whole ziploc bag thing since it’ll be gone in one sitting.

    • I think they’re great for parties, etc., but the cost really gets to me! With just a little bit of effort, most people could make the same thing at a much lower cost. Just seems wasteful to me.

    • I’d MUCH rather someone spend the money on a small box of extremely good chocolates. The overall calorie and sugar count would probably be lower than it would with all that fruit, and I wouldn’t be stressed out trying to eat it all in time. It would also be a hell of a lot more memorable and meaningful!

  • Sad – I was hoping for something so much better – it’d be a perfect spot for Pound or Perigrine.

  • Makes me want to hit up the Edible Arrangements store on M for dessert.

  • mmmm..my boyfriend gave me some of their chocolate covered strawberries and apples for part of my birthday present and they were yum-oh!

  • Yo, they totally have a market: my office, apparently. I work with like 40 women, and at any given time about 75% of them are on diets (so cliche, I know). Whenever we have a celebration or event, people get actually angry if someone brings cookies or cupcakes or something. Like, we’ve had memos sent around about how it is rude to bring sweets to the office. The solution? Edible Arrangements ALL THE TIME.

    • I used to work in an all-female office. I think I could totally swing an edible purchase if I wasn’t currently in an all-male one.

      • Funny — I’ve always thought of Edible Arrangements as an excellent option for male recipients. When a male friend got hurt in a car accident, I sent him an EA. He said that when the delivery person rang his doorbell, he was unenthusiastic, because he thought it was flowers, which aren’t his thing. He was delighted that it was chocolate-covered fruit instead.

        I like Edible Arrangements because they’re different. While pricey, they’re worth more to me than flowers. I have neither the time nor the talent to cut fruit into shapes, dip it in chocolate, and arrange it nicely.

  • Good for them! And I am forever bewildered by how many people want to paint their own pottery. Who knew?

  • I thought the same thing about this place until I saw the one at Eastern Market on Valentine’s Day. The line looked like a new iPhone was dropping at an Apple Store. It really amazed me. I bet they make 90% of annual sales on Valentines and Mother’s Day.

  • They’re actually surprisingly good!

    • I was going to say they’re pretty bad! Whole fruits are so much more appetizing than those that have been sliced into fanciful shapes, stuck on skewers (handled by who knows how many people), and chilled without the skin so they’re less protected, not as good, and need to be eaten immediately.

      • Will have to disagree with you. I love fresh cut fruit that I don’t have to peel, slice or dice myself. I buy pre-sliced fruit from the store all the time – usually lasts a week which is what I need. I do have a problem with paying $2 per a slice of fruit dipped in chocolate so I will make my own.

  • We need more stores that sell gourmet vinegars and oils

  • I am too perplexed by their continued success. While I certainly will eat the bounty, I consider them to be a little cheesy.

  • Well, it seems like you’d need a location where there are large numbers of people throwing parties, luncheons, teas, and other get-togethers, where the host(es) has neither the time, inclination, nor culinary skills required to slice and impale fruit in an aesthetically pleasing manner, but does have the means to pay someone to do it for them.

    Frankly: it sounds perfect for DC.

  • For the cost, you could buy a very nice fruit plate from a quality retailer. Is the tacky arrangement really that appealing? As much as I prefer the healthier fruit option to rich sweets, I’d be torn about enjoying something that hokey.

  • People line up for blocks to get a cupcake, and you have a problem with this?

    • My thoughts exactly! I think I read somewhere that they make employees sign non-disclosures– that the way they cut fruit is proprietary (!!). I think they put their fruit in sugar too.

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