Dulcinea Bar and Grill Soft Opens at 2618 Georgia Ave, NW

Back in mid-Jan. we learned that Dulcinea Bar and Grill was coming to Pleasant Plains at 2618 Georgia Ave, NW. I’m happy to report that they’ve soft opened. There is a small seating area on the first floor and a much bigger area upstairs. Unfortunately upstairs wasn’t set up when I stopped by but you can get an idea from this photo:

More importantly is the menu:

Ed. Note. This is only a rough draft soft opening menu it will be expanded

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  • Very well-priced menu! It’s actually smart to keep it simple too. Too many restaurants go for overly large menus that they can’t afford to stock ingredients for. Hopefully over time they will add a few new ones, though.

    (And note to restaurants: take down your bars- it makes it look uninviting to passers by. Even if you are on GA Ave)

  • ledroittiger

    While the menu is affordable, I can’t see myself going out of my way to eat here. Maybe I would go here if I was a Howard student and it was on the way home.

  • It looks really nice in side. But I wish they would’ve done something a little better with their signage! it’s impossible to read from the street and looks really unprofessional. Definitely doesn’t go along with what looks to be a very pleasant place. I wonder if there are small PR firms that take on branding projects for new restaurants at a reasonable price? seems like it would make a big difference.

    • Just ate here for the first time. It has been very nicely renovated and the owner is still working on outdoor seating and a back patio. He said the liquor license was expected the first week of April. It is very affordable and he told me he was planning $3 margaritas once he gets his license. The food is good but nothing spectacular. I’m hopeful Dulcinea is successful. The owner was nice as can be and has put a ton of sweat equity into this place.

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