DGS Delicatessen Applies for Liquor License at 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW

Back in mid-Dec. we learned a new Jewish delicatessen was coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont Circle.

The liquor license application says DGS will be a:

“Traditional Jewish delicatessen serving house-cured meats, fish, bread, bagels, and bialys with a seating capacity of 90 and total occupancy load of 127. Applicant requests a summer garden with 12 seats.”

I just keep reading the description over and over again. In my mind I’m dreaming of a Russ and Daughters. I can’t wait for the “late Spring/early Summer launch”.

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  • Huh. When did the Madhatter move up there?

  • I was just going to ask the same thing!

  • While I am glad to see a “real” deli come to DC — and I wish this new enterprise all good luck, I am very disappointed at the location. The space is very small; there is no parking; and this is not the type of neighborhood to attract a Sunday morning “take the kids down to the deli” crowd. Indeed, it is not clear if this place will be open for dinner or on the weekends — and if it is not, then I don’t care what they are serving, it is not a real deli. So many better locations could have been chosen. What were they thinking? What demographic are they hoping to attract?

    • I have to suppose they were thinking that this is an extremely busy area of town Monday through Friday and they could probably make a killing selling sandwiches to people at lunch. Also, they can probably get a lot of late night traffic if they choose to stay open on weekends.

      Besides, Luna is a small space right next door that seems to do fine serving breakfast/brunch on the weekends. Why couldn’t this place?

    • All the deli’s in Silver Spring are “take tyhe kids to the deli on Sunday and let them run crazy”… so maybe this one is catering to the disposable income crowd.

  • Can’t wait for this to open! Hope they will offer sweet and sour stuffed cabbage akin to that once offered at the now defunct Rascal House or the currently existing 3Gs Deli (which makes its own delicious rye bread!) near Bubbe’s house in Florida. Outside of NYC, Florida has been the only place to get decent Jewish deli food. Hope Barry Koslow will change that!

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