Dear PoPville – Why the new Security Station at Dupont Circle Metro?

Dear PoPville,

I wanted to see if you knew what the security detail/cordoned off area at the North side of the Dupont upper platform is. There is also a new-ish security booth at the top of the North escalator. My coworker and I thought it might be in anticipation of the increased foot traffic now that the South entrance is closed, but weren’t sure.

Your hunch was correct. I spoke with an officer who said the detail will be there for about 9 months while the Dupont south metro entrance is closed for repairs.

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  • What’s the point? To keep people from rioting when they are queued a block deep to get on the escalator? It’s not like increased foot traffic at that location is going to make it less safe.
    9 months is about the total amount of time in the 6 years I’ve lived in Petworth that both escalators at the Ga Ave-Petworth Station have been in working order.

  • I don’t want to jinx anything but… I’m happy to see metro taking proactive steps to have this area staffed in the event of an emergency. It’s not everyday metro gets applauded but this is an example of something that I think they deserve some props.

    • This is a farce – DuPont is one of the last placed in DC that needs a permanent security fixture.

      Why not put the money into an area that is actually in need?

  • I am pretty sure the security issue is not street crime in Dupont, but is more to do with being ready for whatever may happen in the station or on the escalators, as long as the Q St entrance is the only one open. According to the Examiner (and Greater Greater Washington), access into the station has been halted twice recently due to platform crowding. I would imagine too that if any of the Q St escalators go out of service, the police presence will be usefull too.

  • Uh, can we get one or two of those outside the Shaw metro station?

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