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Dear PoPville,

A conversation with some friends before attending a show at DC Improv turned into a challenge to see which one of us would fare better doing stand-up comedy in front of a crowd. I’d love to set up a night where each one of us can get a chance to try out a routine in front of other friends. Any thoughts on bars or other venues that would be good to host something ridiculous like this for a couple hours at night? We’re looking to do this cheap, and I’m hoping that the promise of having at least 25 people attend (not all of them willing to embarrass themselves though) might entice a bar to host this.

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  • Agree with Blue Banana, the guys who run this place are cool dudes, and assuming their isn’t a band scheduled, or a Caps playoff game (I can dream right, haha) etc, you should be good to go. I e-mailed with an earlier request and they responded quickly

  • I drive by this place every day:

    Riot Act Comedy Theater‎
    801 E St NW
    Washington, DC 20004
    (202) 697-4900‎

    What place better suited than a comedy club?

    • Seconded. Riot Act has a great vibe actually, despite its stark white walls. Good beer, friendly staff, good prices, and more than adequate food.

  • Are you looking for an actual open mic? Or just a back room to joke around with your friends. There are several dozen open mics around the area…

  • gotryit

    The place formerly known as G II or G II lounge on Georgia Ave has a rather big open 2nd floor with a bar that might be suited well to a private or semi-private event.
    With all the changes going on there, it sure seems like they ought to be able to offer the space up cheap rather than let it sit empty.

  • You could ask at Bloombars as well.

  • I would try Big Bear Cafe…

  • Top floor of Wonderland or Molly Malone’s?

  • The Big Board on H Street btwn 4th and 5th has a 2nd floor and has hosted some events for a very low cost, if any, to the groups.

  • Try Millie & Al’s in Adams Morgan. They have a room in the back with it’s own bar that is usually only open on Friday and Saturday nights. 25 people could probably entice them to open it up for you.

  • BloomBars is a great place, but they have a pretty strict no cursing policy since they are a community/family place. Check out DCAC in Adams Morgan, great little theater that holds about 50 people and it’s not too expensive to rent out for a night.

  • I know you can rent the Basement of Larry’s Lounge across from Lauriol Plaaza pretty cheap. If you have a combined bar tab over a certain amount you dont have to pay the rental fee. Its not a very fancy space but fun for a group of friends to goof around in for a night

  • Since you saw the show at The DC Improv that spawned this idea, what about hosting your contest in our Lounge space? I’m happy to talk with you about making this happen.

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