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Dear PoPville,

My husband and I have been in our rowhouse for two years and we love it – except for our noisy and angry neighbors that have violent arguments. I expect to hear plenty of noise from neighbors since we live in a city within close proximity to other people. However, we’ve reached our limit with our neighbors’ disruptive behavior. (We’ve called 311 and 911 a few times and the situation isn’t improving.)

We are ready to install QuietRock and/or other sound-deadening materials (with thanks to you and your readers for the suggestions) and we need a reliable contractor who has experience with sound-proofing or is a sound-proofing specialist.

Can you or your readers recommend a contractor with sound-proofing experience? Can anyone comment on any success/disappointment they have had with sound-proofing materials?

I know this topic is brought up often, but we’d really appreciate suggestions!

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  • General contractors guess and figure. Acoustical engineers know and calculate. Hire an acoustical engineer.

    • Agree with the comment above, but you could also try calling Capitol Building Supply at (202) 554-9190 and asking for a list of contractors that specialize in sound. Cap Bldg Supply is a large distributor of Quietrock, Roxul, and other soundproofing materials. A good contractor will be able to explain several different systems and allow you to chose the one(s) that work best for you. having done this in my own house, i recommend using several different products/layers, as there is no magic bullet for this problem.

  • Soundproofing is incredibly hard to retrofit into an existing house, and demands very specialized skills, experience, and materials.

    You can virtually guarantee disappointing results if you don’t hire a no-kidding engineer. Disappointing as in “not even worth the trouble.” And, in all likelihood, if you hire an engineer, the answer you’ll get is “the 50dB attenuation you want will cost WAY more than you’re prepared to pay.”

    Good luck. I think you’re in a no-win situation.

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