Dear PoPville – Power Outage in Ledroit Park

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Dear PoPville,

For the second time this week, power has inexplicably gone out in Ledroit Park, affecting my home and nearly 400 other Pepco customers. The first time this happened, it was already about 10pm and the power was restored sometime during the night. Today, the power went out this morning around 7:30am, and they are currently predicting that it won’t be restored until 8:00pm tonight (although every time I check, it gets later).

There is no explanation whatsoever on the Pepco website for this outage. I was wondering if any of my fellow residents know what could be causing these outages, so I know where to direct my anger at having to take an ice cold shower this morning while 8 months pregnant, because I really needed to be more uncomfortable than I already am.

I was also wondering whether I am still paying for electricity even though I have none? I have read elsewhere about people paying for power during blackouts.

Pregnant Lady Freezing in Ledroit Park

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  • If your power is off, I’m fairly certain you don’t pay for power you don’t use. When electricity is on and you’re consuming it, it flows through a power meter before entering your home. The meter keeps track of the amount of electricity that flows into your home (measured in kilowatt-hours), and Pepco sends a monthly bill based on what the meter says you used.

    If your power is off, no electricity flows through the meter, so you won’t be charged for the non-existent electricity.

    • Also, hot water stays hot in a standard hot water heater for several hours after the power (or gas) source is off. I assume based on your “having to take” a cold shower that you probably use a tankless hot water heater.

      You may want to consider switching to a standard tank hot water heater, or maybe gas.

      • novadancer

        give up a tankless (read unlimited hot water for my long baths) water heater for the few times the power goes out? No thanks. I will suffer like I did this am.

  • I really like that picture.

  • Did you call them?

  • what he said. and yes it was really annoying to take a cold shower this morning.

  • Happened to me and many NWers on Saturday. No explanation from Pepco.

    Pepco. You. Suck.

  • Same deal on both outages in Bloomingdale.

  • This happened to my street (12th and T) area back in December — power outages from 10 PM – 3 AM that were allegedly “scheduled”, but Pepco failed to send or post notices.

    • Yes, and this was after power failures the previous summer. Claimed it was a transformer or something and I could not understand why they couldn’t have planned the outage in the day when the majority of folks are at work. I lost some meat since it thawed and I didn’t want to take a chance on refreezing it. Pepco said fill out a claim since I cc’ed Councilmember Graham but claim was denied, so it was just a charade Pepco played.

  • No matter what company you choose as your electric supplier (and you CAN choose in DC!), Pepco will always be responsible for distribution (read maintenance and service) – but at least when you choose an alternative supplier, you aren’t giving even more $ to Pepco!

    I recently switched my home to wind power with Clean Currents and I’m actually saving money because their per kilowatt rate is LOWER than Pepco’s!

    • Cool. Good to know. I’m in the process of transferring my electricity from one roommate to another. Are there other options like this? What about the year long contract?

  • If your power is out you dont pay, whoever wrote that they were paying during an outage are either misinformed or have something against pepco…or both

  • Has anyone considered the fact that the outage may not be the result of anything Pepco did? Outages can actually be caused by things such as construction accidents…last I checked there was a good amount of construction going on around NW…im just saying.

  • Just move into Parker Flats at Gage School. We have a separate sub meter and never lose power.


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