Dear PoPville – Landscaper Recommendations?

Dear PoPville,

I recall this being discussed a little bit before, but with spring quickly approaching, we are starting to think of cookouts and backyard fun. Our yard has always been a bit of a mess, and this year we have some more money saved up we’re willing to invest in making the yard more liveable. We are interested in looking into pretty much an entire overhaul that would involve leveling, re-doing the parking pad and sidewalks, adding a patio, and re-sodding. Does anyone in PoPville have recommendations for an affordable and reliable landscaping firm?

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  • I used Gingko Gardens and they were great. I had my entire (pathetic) side yard done with a nice plan and everything.

  • The last time this was discussed I posted about my experience with an AWESOME landscaper, Cutting Edge LLC. I am repasting my comment below:

    I used Cutting Edge LLC ( in Virgina to design and install an entire patio and front walkway for my Shaw townhome. I can’t recommend these guys highly enough. When you call, ask for Kevin Schmauder. (One weekend, he drove all the way out to the exurbs just to discuss paver and plant selections with my wife and me.) Cutting Edge is much more than just a landscaper; they demolished the existing patio and walkway, built retaining walls/planters, ensured proper slopes away from the house to prevent pooling, and came up with several other creative solutions for my space. They are extremely responsive and professional. After getting a couple of quotes, I found that their prices were quite reasonable. Good luck.

  • We used Homestead Gardens out in Davisonville MD and they were awesome! We had the whole backyard leveled (we had huge hills and valleys), multiple large and small tree trunks removed, a large patio installed, and a privacy fence put in (plus old fence removed). They did a fantastic job and we always get compliments. It’s a little oasis in the middle of Petworth! They have a store too, where you can pick out plants and what not. We found it because they allow dogs and have llamas, which we wanted our dogs to meet! Anyway, we continue to go there with questions regarding plants and grass upkeep (which is very difficult with many dogs) and they have great suggestions. They also have (and recommend) many enviro-friendly products. Admittedly they are not always the cheapest, but the quality is top-notch.

    • blazing – would you mind ballparking some of your costs? i’d really appreciate it…

      • The fence was just under 10k, it’s cedar and “neighbor-friendly” (no front or back) and we have a 100 foot deep back yard. They hand-built it on site. The patio was about 12k (including product), it’s large enough for parties of 40+ ppl, with food table, grill, etc. It’s pretty large, and we picked out tumbled brick my Husband had seen in So Cal so we ordered them through the manufacturer (Husband is architect). The sod and mulch beds in the back were about 1.7k. If you go less high-end on the products it would cost considerably less, but for various reasons (one of them is many dogs) we decided to spring for higher quality. The job the guys did is fantastic! One fence post started twisting (they are pine) so we called and a guy came out and replaced within a short period of time. When we re-do the front yard and front walk we will give them a call again. They also pruned our pear tree and ornamental cherry tree (hard to believe we live in Petworth with so many trees!), but we’ve since had an arborist do it and he’s done a better job. Other than that they were great!

        • wow! not as bad as i had expected. thanks! i may be giving them a call for an estimate this spring. cheers! :o)

  • I used Cordt Gardens on the recommendation of Popville last spring. Was very happy with his work. He’s based in DC and specializes in smaller (ie rowhouse) yards.

  • We used Kyle Narsavage at Greensweep LLC and were happy with what his team did– laid a patio, laid grass, graveled our parking area, demo’d a disintegrating concrete walkway, did a bunch of contour work to fix a drainage issue. Nice guy. We’ll have him do the front, too, when we’re ready.

    • Can you give a ballpark of your costs? We’re actually meeting with Kyle next week and it sounds like we have similar needs. Just curious!

      • We were around 7k all-in for a good-sized patio, full sodding, bunch of tree trimming/landscaping/etc. The backyard was basically a vacant lot when we started– mud, rocks, broken glass.

        I think he has some kind of discount going on hardscapes right now– ask him about it.

  • I used Greenroom DC ( last spring. Bryan is the proprietor and he has a couple of helpers, a small and friendly operation. Bryan also lives in Pleasant Plains, so he knows the neighborhood. He did a great job with the design and build of a patio in my backyard. He knows his plants, too. I have since farmed Bryan out to three or four friends and everyone has been happy with his work. Highly recommend.

    • I have used Bryan as well. He’s done excellent landscaping for me in both my front and back yards. He’s great at selecting plants and is very patient with indecisive customers.

  • When a contractor thought it would be a good idea to park in my backyard, only to get stuck in the mud and totally destroy my yard, I called these guys:

    They evened out the yard again and fixed better than it was before. I plan on calling them when I need to replace my fence.

  • A contractor parked his van in my backyard after it rained all day, got stuck in the mud and tore my backyard all to hell. I called Bryan at Green Room DC and they did a good job for a good price. I plan on hiring him to replace my fence within the year.

  • That backyard looks like one that was on House Hunters recently. No?

    • Unfortunately we weren’t on House Hunters (although we do love that show). The yard actually looks a bit better now than in that picture (we now have a fence and have tamed it a bit), but it’s still a mess.

  • I am a commercial landscape contractor for a national firm and I have some recommendations:

    Do not trust a residential “landscaper” unless you have fool-proof evidence of quality work and satisfied customers over a long period of time.

    Get your hardscaping done in the next month or two and you may be able to negotiate discounted winter rates.

    Watch them. They might not like it, but I have heard countless horror stories of companies using improper base. If you’re parking on the pavers, it needs to be at LEAST 12″ deep AND EXTEND 12″ PAST THE OUTERMOST PAVERS. 90+% of your worries should be with the pavers. Plants are a cheap fix.

    If you don’t have irrigation, make sure watering responsibilities are clear. Some companies will come out and water your plants for you at an additional cost. Make it easier on yourself and get plants that don’t require a lot of water like catmint, sedum, grasses, spirea, etc.

    If you have the money and want a top-notch landscape, use Mchale Landscape Design:

  • Merrifield Garden Center is amazing!

  • I recommend Terra. Owner lives in Petworth. Top-notch company.

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