Dear PoPville – Are There Food Swaps in DC?

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Dear PoPville,

Just learned of the concept of a food swap from a friend in New Orleans. I have seen postings about a local market of homemade food businesses but this concept strictly involves bartering, no money exchanged. Do you know of anything like this in DC? With DC’s growing foodie community, seems like it’s an idea that could work here.

The Nola Food Swap explains:

Bring edibles made from scratch, by you, and trade them for other people’s homemade goods. Anything goes as long as it is made or grown by you, made from scratch, and hopefully delicious since you will be sharing your goods with others. Anything is swappable! Good choices are jams, pickles, bread, cheese, beer, wine, yogurt, granola, herbs, pestos, fresh veggies from your garden, etc. Get as creative as you’d like!

Anyone know of something like this? Think this could work in DC?

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  • claire

    Wow, seems like a really neat idea! I think this could definitely work in DC. Just need someone dedicated enough to plan it out and spread the word. I’d definitely line right up to participate!

  • I went to a food swap about a year ago while visiting a friend (unfortunately, not in DC). It was so much fun, though! We didn’t know exactly what to expect/how much to bring, but wound up trading jam and apple butter for pickles, honey, and kimchi (basically a jar for a jar). It was interesting to see all of the different things people brought. My mom loved hearing about it because it reminded her of what the members of her small community when she was growing up in the 50’s, though with not quite as wide a variety of items!

  • That would be fun. I’m still slogging through a couple jars of jam that I made last night summer, and that was a small batch. It would be nice to exchange some of these homemade condiments for other things.

  • I love this idea. I wonder if there is a bar that would host such an event during offpeak hours. The food swap wouldn’t be cutting (much) into their food sales, but more folks would be there to buy drinks…

  • How about a wife swap too?

  • burritosinstereo

    What a great idea. I would totally participate in this! Unforunately I am on a wait list for a garden plot so veggies are no go for me, but I make bread and all kinds of other treats that I could swap!

  • Why?
    …Why would you want to trade food with complete strangers?

  • I went to one in Brookland about three years ago, just organized by friends and for friends. It was pretty fun, would definitely go again.

  • “…ugh, what am I going to do with this Durian fruit.”

  • That Roman cauliflower has to be the strangest-looking vegetable known to man.

  • this sounds great, but i would be wary. there are no health codes for someone’s personal kitchen. when i’m allowing a stranger to cook for me (at a restaurant) at least i have some small sense of security knowing the joint passed inspection

  • A friend of mine is a regular at the Boston food swap, and she said she passed my name along when there was interest in spreading the word and starting a group in DC. I will have to check back with her…

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