New Justice Park and Columbia Heights Garden Almost Completed

Dear PoPville,

Just wanted to draw your attention to the Columbia Heights Garden on 14th & Euclid St, NW. It’s almost finished – the garden plots are in and the shed that holds the water faucets has been completed. Also, the pavement, benches and cool, old style street lights have been installed. Looks really nice. I can’t wait to see my neighbors planting their tomatoes.

More good park news for Columbia Heights following the opening of Trolley Park at 11th and Monroe St, NW. You can see what this lot at 14th and Euclid St, NW (across from the gas station) looked like in Oct. 2009 here. Does anyone know the process for applying for a lot to garden?

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  • have the drunks returned to trolley park?

    • I was there twice with my kid this weekend, and I didn’t see a single drunk. Just lots of children and their parents.

  • It’s great to see such optomistic planning, but I’m not so sure that the 14 & Euclid spot is going to turn into a pleasant urban garden. That’s still an intersection that makes me walk a lot faster.

    • Well, I’m excited about it. Except maybe for parking issues that might come as a result. Much better looking than the chain-link fence and fallow land filled with trash and alley cats!

  • Does anyone know when the dedication for Justice Park will be held? For those who don’t know, it is to be dedicated in honor of former Atlanta Braves star David Justice. Mr. Justice is expected to be there.

  • so this is where the drug dealers and prostitutes that usually hang out at the gas station will be peddling their wares…

  • No, this is where the residents of lower Columbia Heights can come together to have a garden space outside.

    These same residents, who now have a space outside their home that they will care for, will assist MPD in ensuring this space is used for the purpose of gardening.

  • They’ve used a lot of bum-proofing technology in this park. There aren’t a lot of places to take a nap or sit for hours.

    • There are several benches. A few with chairs/table. These are outside of the high fence of the garden. Maybe it would have been more wise to construct the fence around the entire perimeter?

  • Give me a break people! Over 70 people have signed up on the informal list of those interested in getting a plot. It is not just a scary corner – lots of people live around there, in houses and apartments, not on benches. I for one am very excited about, as I live right down the street.

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