Coffee, Condos and Jazz Coming to the 2900 Block of Georgia Ave, NW

Thanks to a reader for sending word of a “new coffee roaster/cafe” coming to 2904 Georgia Ave, NW. He writes:

“The owner was one of those typical super nice, optimistic Ethiopian guys and stressed that they would have their own coffee roaster. They have the tables and a coffee bar already set up, so it looks like they should be open any day now. I also heard that the same builder of the new nearby Condo, is now going to build a twin condo building on the same block where the auto mechanic currently is located. All this with the Jazz club across the street should make the tiny 2900 Blk of Georgia Ave quite the happening place!”

The Enterprise Theater and Jazz Lounge’s website says:

“Grand Opening. Event consists of 3 days of Music, Theater and Art. Official Kick off is Thursday February 2nd, 3rd and 4th. All events start at 4pm.”

2917 Georgia Ave. NW

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  • Excellent, keep the Pleasant Plains development coming. Hope the coffee is good!

  • Yes! Go Pleasant Plains!

  • I’m excited to hear about the coffee roaster/cafe. I’ll defintely check them out when they’re open, although I’m already a big fan of Sankofa’s coffee down the street.

    I stopped at the Enterprise and had a drink one night when I noticed them sort-of-open while walking home. The owners are a really nice couple. I hope its successful for them. I also hope they will be opening all of their security grates when they’re open. So far, they’ve tended to only open the one in front of the door, and it looks like a very nice jail cell.

  • Sounds great. But a note to business-owners. It’s important to have your place looking nice on the outside as well as inside. Otherwise people will think you’re another boarded up storefront.

  • Great news! So many things are finally starting to turn on GA avenue. (check out the pics of the renovated Lion Liquor/wine bar on Parview blog today). I am hopeful that GA avenue really is going to be the next H Street!

  • Great news.

  • I literally just walked by the Enterprise half an hour ago and they’re opening tonight at 5pm. Really nice guy answered the door and let me peek in. A nice size stage, and lots of sleek sitting space with a small, but well stocked bar. Looks like a nice place. Having a coffee shop just across the way will be awesome for the neighborhood.

  • Yep, I was in there Friday night with a friend and they’ve done a great job. Very nice people running it. So glad to see new developments around that intersection.

  • Yeah, looks like a cool place, but come on – spend a few bucks to make the outside look as good as the inside! It even has two little marques that could be converted to something.

    Other than that, I look forward to having a beer and listening to some real Jazz!

  • Be patient. They’ve been through a lot. I can see great things happening. I’m in here now. They just finished a stage play “1001 black inventions”. It was great, but I have a movie date and they don’t carry my favorite beer, so I must scoot my boots! Had fun though!

  • Tribe Incorporated has been selected as the band to headline on Saturdays from 9-11pm at the Enterprise. Tribe Inc. is a jazz fusion group out of the DC metro area and will be playing a mix of originals and popular tunes by other mainstream artists. The venue looks great after the reopening and its a great spot at which to relax after work or just for a nice night out.

    Listen to Tribe Inc.:

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